Obama’s Reelection Campaign

Morale in President Obama’s reelection campaign is said to be soaring since Muslim mobs have attacked US embassies in the Middle East.

“Anything that gets the dismal economic news off the front page has got to be a plus for the president,” said a campaign official who declined to be identified. “Add to this the premise that we all should be rallying around the president in a show of unity and it’s clearly a big boost for his reelection campaign.”

Obama wasted no time in an effort to exploit this perceived “lucky break” as he lambasted rival Mitt Romney’s “shoot first, aim later” response to the crisis. “Voters don’t want a president who hastily condemns actions before hearing both sides of the story,” the president asserted. “They want to be reassured that their government will take a measured approach.”

Major media spokesmen favorably contrasted the Obama Administration’s “measured” approach with Romney’s “irresponsible” and “ham-fisted” remarks. “Romney was quick to point the finger of blame at protesters, but took his sweet time before he criticized the blasphemous video for its role in the events,” said NBC’s Chuck Todd. “Compare this to President Obama’s immediate recognition of the root cause of the outbreak: disrespect for Islam. I think that when voters consider which of two candidates is more likely to take the steps needed to address the root cause of Muslim violence we’ll see a major swing in favor of reelecting the president.”

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