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New York Rep. Weiner Admits  Sending Lewd Pictures Via Twitter

Weiner exposes the truth about Twitter pics. New York Democratic congressman admits to "inappropriate" exchanges with six women. 

Congressman Anthony Weiner of New York is having a hard time. Weiner has recently claimed that he got internet shafted by some hacker, and Weiner never posted a naked photo of himself. 

It was hard for Rep. Weiner to admit he made a huge mistake. He made a soft-headed decision by lying and really shafted his supporters.
Is Weiner a stand up guy? Was this a hard moment for him? He certainly with certitude stood erect at the podium. I presume you saw or have heard about the Congressman Anthony Weiner throwing himself on the mercy of the press. He went from stiff resistance to limp.
This Weiner will not come completely clean. He is a smarmy pervert, intent on hustling on the internet.
Anthony Weiner's "hard stance" on not discussing the private parts twitter photo issue anymore makes him look guilty of something...
Will He announce he’s accepting a position in the Obama administration as tube-steak czar.
Barney Frank said “Stand up for yourself!”...  I mean “Don’t go limp now!”... er, um, “Stick it to ‘em!”... wait, that’s not right... “Give it your best shot!” Weiner has been working under Rep.Barney Franks(D) who has 'got his back'

Weiner's Wiener Problem Hard To Forget, Harder To Let Go.
You have to admit the real irony here is that Weiners weener got him in trouble
Will Weiner announce that he is teaming up with OJ Simpson to find the real hackers.
It looks like the whole Weiner thing is about to come to a head. Stick a fork in that weiner 'cause it's done.
Erections have consequences if the little prick had any integrity he would already resigned.
Always practice safe text.

Weiner’s in hot water. He’s being grilled incessantly.
He can’t cut the mustard.
We’ve seen his buns and now he must resign..................


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