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Crazy Images This site will test your sense of flying, warning: Don't try drunk...
Cave of Magic Venture into this cave where your mind will be read like a cheap paperback. I'm not sure how this works but I like it!
Freaky Dreams Anaylze your worst nightmares or your favorite wet ones.
Video Parodies Funny music video parodies of Britney Spears, Eminem, Metallica, Backstreet Boys and more. A database of amusing bloopers or mistakes in movies or tv shows that weren't caught, and made their way to the viewing public.
Online Pranks Play practical jokes on your friends and family on the Web.
Oxymoron List A funny list of life's unanswered questionsThe largest list of oxymorons (contradictory words) ever collected online. Setup an online lemonade stand and see how much lemonade you can sell. Based on the weather forcast for each day, you decide how much to charge per cup and how much inventory to buy.
How Stuff Works Have you ever wanted to know: how chocolate is made, how toilets work, how light sabers work, how silencers work, how root beer is made, what cause farts, and other important questions?
Brain of Brian Useless facts, funny philosophies, silly games, comical quotes, trivia contests, top 10 lists, madlibs, and more!
News of the Weird News of the Weird is the longest-running, most widely-read bizarre-but-all-true news feature in the United States. A weekly column based upon this site appears in more than 250 newspapers in the U.S..
Crazy Thoughts A funny list of life's unanswered questions. Teaches you how to do all the things nobody taught you in school: how to avoid getting a traffic ticket, how to fake being a wine expert, how to talk with the dead, how to be a movie extra, and much more.
Kazaa.Com I figured after Napster bit the dust i'd never be able to download another free song again, boy was I wrong. Kazaa allows you to share mp3's, avi's, jpg's, software, just about anything you can imagine... download it today!!!
Convert text to Speech Type in some words on this page and hear a computer generated voice say them back to you.
MIDI Songs Listen online to MIDI versions of pop hits from artists such as the Backstreet Boys, Madonna, Korn, Eminem, TLC, Britney Spears, Ricky Martin, Limp Bizkit, and others.
Nutrition Calculator Enter a food such as "Big Mac" or "Chocolate Chip Cookie" and find out the exact nutrition content such as calories, fat, protein, carbohydrates, etc. The calculator knows over 20,000 foods, including products you buy at the supermarket and fast food chains: Burger King, Wendy's, McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and more.
Riddle Nut Over 500 riddles for you to ponder. Make your own animated movie for free online. Choose a background scene, characters, animated actions, dialog, introduction, and ending credits. Put your name as the director and email the movie to your friends.
Jigsaw Puzzles Try your hand at an on-line jigsaw puzzle quick, fast and fustrating as hell.
REAL Court Transcripts Recently reported in the Massachusetts Bar Association Lawyers Journal, the following are 21 questions asked of witnesses by attorneys during trials, and on certain cases, the responses given by the insightful witnesses. The last one is particularly deserving of honorable mention.
McDonald's Employee Simulator If you've never spent a high school summer working in one of America's greatest sweat shops try this simulator to test your resolve in the face of the ultimate boring job. Save your favorite TV shows from being cancelled by voting for them online. Each month the results of the vote will be mailed to TV Network Executives, Producers, TV Studios, Newspapers, Radio Stations, and other media outlets.
Create A Fart Set a few different attributes and create your very own custom fart.

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