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    This free online version of Microsoft's encyclopedia contains search engines and browsable indexes to help users learn and perform online research. Research tools include the encyclopedia, a dictionary, and an atlas.  • Today's Thought:  "First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do." - Epictetus
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 • Current Events Fact:  "All U.S. carriers are under Federal Communications Commission orders to make it possible for police to locate cell phones calling 911, something police can't do now. Carriers plan to use the same systems to sell services like helping stranded motorists even if they don't know their location, or finding the closest restaurant. Because people with cell phone generally always carry their phone with them, the FCC regulations give the thriving market for personal information something its never had a chance to get: the exact locations at all times of more than 140 million people." - Source
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