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Teenie Beanie Checklist
Chocolate the Moose Chops the Lamb Goldie the goldfish
Lizz the lizard Quacks the duck Patti the platypus
Pinky the flamingo 1999 Seamore the seal Snort the bull
Speedy the turtle Bongo the monkey Bones the dog
Doby the doberman Happy the hippo Inch the inchworm
Mel the koala Peanut the elephant Pinchers the lobster
Scoop the pelican Twigs the giraffe Waddle the penguin
Zip the cat Antsy the anteater Freckles the lepord
Smoochy the frog Spunky the cocker spanial Iggy the iguana
Rocket the blue jay Strut the rooster Nuts the squirrel
Claude the crab Strechy the ostrich Chip the calico
Nook the Husky