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Tyler & Allison's Behind the Scenes Page

Tyler And Allison's Behind The Scenes Page

Hi everybody! Thanks for coming to our Behind The Scenes Page! We have a pic for now, since some of the pics haven't arrived yet to our webring. The pic we have now is of Tyler and I hanging out before a baseball game. We hope to get some more pics up very shortly, but we're not sure how soon. Well, we have some more info down at the bottom, so read on!!! We're really sorry about the picture. We know that it doesn't look all that great, but we did what we could!!!

If you can believe it, only 2 people maintain this page. For as big as it is, it even surprises ourselves. For those of you that are newbies, this page is updated weekly by Tyler and I. We handle all the affairs regarding The Beanie Baby Bazarre, and spend about 2 or 3 hours a week going over the page, you know, revising the spelling errors, broken links and images, ect. We want to make sure that this page is in tip-top shape for you all, because you know we love to please you. The following individual information was written by both of us. Tyler wrote about Allie, and vise versa. Hope you have fun learning about our crazy lives, and our beanie babies!!!

Tyler and Allison's Beanie Baby Bazare

Allison, is a very nice person. She is devoted to the Beanie Baby Bazarre page and will do anything for anyone!!! Tyler and Allison have been best friends for at least 9 years and they are 12 years old. Allison is 11 at the moment, but will be turning 12 in March. Allison had to move to Spain for three years because of her dad's work. She only has about a year left, then will be moving back, and we will be updating it together, not e-mailing what we've done. Allison has about 50 beanies at the moment, but will be adding a few more when Tyler goes shopping with another of our beanie companions. Allison recently got Halo for Christmas, and and 3 from me. She went to London and went crazy over them and bought 15 or so. She is one big spender!!!

Tyler is a very serious beanie lover also!!! He stands in lines about twice a month looking for the best Beanies to buy. He and I go shopping for Beanie Babies whenever she comes to the United States, and usually over-buy. Tyler says, "Two Beanie lovers are a great match as friends especially when they have been for practicly forever." Tyler has around 80 or 90 beanies at the moment, but surely will be adding more to his collection, forcing me to catch up. Tyler enjoys going beanie shopping anytime, rain or shine.

~Sorry for only having one picture of us but we are in the process of scanning more pictures.~

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