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Beanie Baby Daily- Current Beanie Babies Checklist

Current Beanie Babies Checklist
(as of November 1st, 1999)
Scaly the Lizard Slowpoke the Sloth Sheets the Ghost
Honks the Goose Wallace the Bear Groovy the Bear
Ty 2k Bear 1999 Holiday Teddy Bear The end the Black Bear
Halo the angel bear Roam the buffalo
Almond the bear Hope the bear Rocket the blue jay
Amber the gold tabby Jabber the parrot Sammy the bear
B.B. Bear the birthday bear Jake the duck Scat the cat
Beak the kiwi bird Kicks the bear Schweetheart the orangutan
Britannia the bear Knuckles the pig Scorch the dragon
Butch the dog KuKu the cockatoo Silver the grey tabby
Canyon the cougar Lips the fish Slippery the seal
Cheeks the baboon Chipper the Chipmunk Spangle the bear
Early the robin Luke the dog Swirly the snail
Eggbert the chick Mac the cardinal Tiny the chihuahua
Maple the bear Tiptoe the mouse
Ewey the lamb Millennium the bear Tracker the dog
Flitter the butterfly Mooch the monkey Valentina the bear
Fortune the panda Neon the seahorse Whisper the deer
Fuzz the bear Nibbly the rabbit Wiser the owl
Germania the bear Osito the Mexican bear
GiGi the poodle Paul the walrus
Goatee the goat Pecan the gold bear
Goochy the jellyfish Prickles the hedgehog