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Hi, my name is Becky Pion, I am the newest employee of Beanie Baby Daily. I have known Tyler and Allison for nine years, and we have been best friends ever since. I am the new BBD Monthly news reporter, I will be bringing you all the latest Bean Bag News. In different ways, I will be part of Beanie Baby Daily like I will be joining Tyler and Allison in the Beanie Baby Daily Chat room every weekend. I have been a Beanie Baby fan for three years, and have 66 Beanie Babies, and two Buddies. I donít have any favorite Beanie Baby at this time, but the ones I enjoy the most are Fuzz, Clubby II, and Osito. The first Beanie I received was Bessie the Cow, which I got for my ninth Birthday from my friend Katie. I am looking forward to bringing you the latest Bean Bag news. I will search the Internet and other sources that we have, to bring you the most accurate news. Visit Beanie Baby Daily and see my article every month. I am looking forward in telling you the latest Bean Bag news. Thanks-Becky