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Susannah Lee & John Wilson Patrick

Susannah Lee b. 9 Oct 1801 Hawkins Co., TN d. San Jose, CA Buried: First King Cemetery, Johnson Co., AR south of Ludwig Lake. Married: 1821 St. Clair, AL Father: Cader Lee Mother: Sarah Ann Lee

Husband: John Wilson Patrick b. 7 Mar 1800 Edgefield District, S. C. d. 24 Jul 1879 Buried: First King Cemetery, Johnson Co., AR Father: George Lewis Patrick Mother: Hannah Lee


George Lewis Patrick b. 2 Jul 1827/31 Hardemon Co., TN d. 30 Mar 1865 Richmond, VA Buried: Confederate POW Cemetery, Appomattox, Appomattox Co., VA Married: 1854 AR

Wife: Charity Elizabeth Pearson b. 1833 d. aft 1910 Peter Wesley Pearson Mother: Jane E. Prewitt

Sarah Ann Patrick b. 1822 AL d. 1903 Lone Pine, Johnson Co., AR Buried: Lone Pine Cemetery, Harmony, Johnson Co., AR Married: 7 Sep 1841 Johnson Co., AR

Husband: James Hance Laster b. 6 Jun 1820 Wilson Co., TN d. 23 Jun 1899 Johnson Co., AR Buried: Lone Pine Cemetery, Harmony, Johnson Co., AR Father: Frederick Laster Mother: Nancy Smith

John Wilson Patrick, Jr. b. 14 Oct 1822 Perry Co., KY or 1824 Hardeman Co., TN d. Arthur City, Lamar Co., TX (was Red River Co., TX)

Martha Patrick b. 24 Apr 1825 d. 26 Jul 1912 Clarksville, Johnson Co., AR Buried: Oakland Cemetery, Johnson Co., AR Married: 1842

Husband: Oliver Basham b. 12 Apr 1819 Tazewell Co., VA d. 9 Sep 1864 Battle of Pilot Knob, MO Buried: Ft. Davidson, Libertyville, Iron Co., MO, Rebel's Cemetery Father: Jonathan Basham Mother: Delilah Payne

Hannah Caroline Patrick b. 2 Jul 1830 Clarksville, Johnson Co., AR d. 8 Aug 1917 Hillcrest, Johnson Co., AR Married: 1830 Johnson Co., AR Buried: First King Cemetery, Johnson Co., AR Married: 1845 Johnson Co., AR

Husband: Thomas King III b. 28 Apr 1824 Springville, St. Clair Co., AL d. 25 Aug 1861 wounds at Battle of Wilson's Creek Buried: Springfield National Cemetery, Springfield, Greene Co., MO Father: Thomas King, Jr. Mother: Nancy Wood Capehart

Mary Lee Patrick b. 10 Sep 1849 Johnson Co., AR d. 1931 Solano Co., CA Married: Tulare Co., CA Buried: Saratoga IOOF Cemetery, Saratoga, Santa Clara Co., CA

Husband: Samuel Gray Creighton b. 1840-1 PA d. Solano Co., California Father: Ireland Mother: Pennsylvania

=====Patrick Family History=====

John W. Patrick's Father: George L. Patrick b. 17 Feb 1767 d. 30 Mar 1865 Mother: Hannah Lee b. 24 Apr 1775

1880 USFC, Visalia, Tulare Co., CA: Samuel G. Creighton b. abt 1841, age 39, PA. Occupation: Schoolteacher Wife: Mary L. 1900 USFC: Solano Co., CA: Samuel Creighton

1890 Poll Tax, Johnson Co., AR, page 19, John H. Laster recorded in book receipt.

The Herald Democrat, dated 28 Sep 1933, "John W. Patrick, died: 1879".

George Lewis Patrick was a twin, who married Hannah Lee. His twin brother was Lewis Patrick. Hannah Lee's grandfather was Cader Lee. Hannah Lee's Father: Andrew Lee Mother: Nancy Wilson from Abbeville District, S. C. George Patrick's Father: Henry Patrick was a Revolutionary patriot from Orangeburg District, S. C. Mother: Mary.

John Wilson Patrick enlisted in the South Carolina Militia on 11 Feb 1815 in Austin's Regiment under Captain Jeptha Norton's Company of Infantry. His war record states that he mustered out of the Army on 24 Mar 1815, he was paid $11.35 for 41 days of duty.

George Patrick moved into Alabama, St. Clair Co., in 1817. He is listed in 1820 with 5 sons and 4 daughters.

John Wilson Patrick went to Texas in 1831. He took his 6 year old son John Wilson Patrick, Jr. along. During this time, he acquired the rank of major either in the Army or the Texas Rangers. A land grant of 320 acres under the title of Patrick and Company $1476-5 means land in acres under the survey based on a grant but without a final title confirmed by the General Land Office.

John Jr. stayed 3 years in the Republic of Texas and received the deed for the land on the west bank of the Trinity River in present day Leon County. 1850 USFC: Leon, Leon Co., TX: John Patrick b. abt 1825 KY The town of Franklin was in Red River County, Texas now Lamar County, Texas located 1/2 mile west of Arthur City, TX. It was a trading post called the US Factory, later made a post office in 1842. While John W. Patrick was in Texas the rest of the family lived with Cader Lee.

George came to Spadra Township, Johnson Co., AR in 1844.

In 1846, George Washington Patrick (Captain), and Lieutenant John Patrick, George L. Patrick and Thomas King rode to Rio Grande to fight Santa Anna and the Mexican Army from crossing over into Texas. They rode to Washington, Hempstead Co., AR to be mustered in. Lt. Patrick was in charge of Company C from Washington, AR because the Captain was ill. George Patrick (Captain) took command on 24 Aug 1846 at Camp Santa Anna. J. W. Patrick was discharged on 13 Feb 1847 at Saltillo, Mexico by order of General Zachary Taylor due to ill health. Olinver Basham served as a Quartermaster Sergeant in the Mexican War.

The Patrick's, King's and Basham went to California to the gold fields, but without results. They drove cattle to California and sold the cattle. On the trip back, they headed to the Panama Canal and walked across the thirteen miles and caught a steamboat back home.

Olinver Basham assisted John F. Hill to organize Company C, First Mounted Rifles before the Civil War. He began as a Captain at the Battle of Wilson's Creek (Oak Hill) in Missouri. Afterward, he returned to work as the state treasurer.

Lt. Col. Olinver Basham after wounded at Mark's Mill while in Company C First Mounted Rifles. While serving in the 7th Cavalry, Olinver Basham was mortally wounded on Aug 10th 1864 and died 15 days later at Pilot Knob, MO. He was buried in a mass grave at Rebel Cemetery, Ft. Davidson.

Basham's and the King's lived on Lone Pine, King's Canyon, which is now Stillwell Road, Johnson Co., AR.

1850 Federal Census, Spadra Township, Johnson Co., AR:

Basham, Olinver, 30, farmer, $2000, VA

Martha, 24, AR

Susan B., 7, AR

Vica Jane, 4, AR

George C., 2, AR

Pulham, Hickenbottom, 35, Laborer, TN

Hanley, Henry, 12, IL

1850 Federal Census, Perry Township, Johnson Co., AR:

Patrick, George Washington, 40, SC

Margarette, 39, TN

Isabella, 17, AL

Helen, 14, AL

George, 12, AL

Richard, 11, AL

Hannah, 8, AL

Charles, 6, AR

Ann Eliza, 4, AR

Solon B., 4/12, AR

James Hugh Basham & Emily Virginia Moffitt's children:

Oliver Maffitt Basham b. ? d. young

Denver Maffitt Basham b. 12 Apr 1885 d. 19 Apr 1885 buried: Oakland Cemetery, Clarksville, Johnson Co., AR

Hugh Mitchell Basham (single) b. 27 Apr 1887 d. 8 Jul 1910 buried: Oakland Cemetery, Clarksville, Johnson Co., AR

John Leftridge Basham b. 21 Dec 1888 d. 7 Apr 1891 buried: Oakland Cemetery, Clarksville, Johnson Co., AR

Katie Wilson Basham b. 10 Jul 1890 d. 7 Jul 1891 buried: Oakland Cemetery, Clarksville, Johnson Co., AR

Martha Emily Basham b. 4 Dec 1894 d. 5 May 1980 buried: Oakland Cemetery, Clarksville, Johnson Co., AR (school teacher)

Harold Basham b. 3 Nov 1896 d. 4 Jun 1898 buried: Oakland Cemetery, Clarksville, Johnson Co., AR

1860 Federal Census, Clarksville, Johnson Co., AR:

Basham, Oliver, 44, VA $4000-6000

Martha Lucinda, 35, schoolteacher, AR

Susan, 17

Lucia, 15

George, 12

Frank, 7

Hugh, 5

Hannah, 3

Oliver Basham & Martha Patrick's children:

Susan Delilah "Dilla" b. 1843 AR

1st Husband: Van Jackson, medical doctor

2nd Husband: Charles O. Kimball, Little Rock, AR

Louisa Jane Basham b. 1846 AR

Husband: A. N. Martin

George Calvin Leftridge b. 24 Mar 1848 Johnson Co., AR d. ? Married: 1 Oct 1879 lawyer

Wife: Julia Parma Beall Father: Milton Beal, MS

Franklin Pierce Basham b. 1853 AR Lone Pine, AR

Wife: Goulia Bean

Colonel Oliver Basham & Martha Patrick's child:

James Hugh Basham (Judge) b. 25 Jul 1855 Johnson Co., AR d. 16 Jan 1942 married: 17 Jan 1883 Clarksville

Wife: Emily Virginia Maffitt b. 6 Apr 1858 Johnson Co., AR d. 23 Jan 1951 Father: Richard Maffitt (M. D.) Mother: Emily V. Cox

Hannah Elizabeth Walton Basham McAlester, OK

Husband: Archibald Smith McKennon b. 7 Feb 1841 TN Father: Archibald McKennon Mother: Sarah Smith

1st Wife: Virginia A. Berry b. 15 Sep 1843 Jackson Co., AR d. 8 Jun 1874 Clarksville, Johnson Co., AR

John Patrick Basham b. Oct 1860 AR medical doctor

Wife: Amelia "Milky/Milke" from Argentina

Oliver Basham b. 1863 AR

1st Wife: Rebecca Riddle b. Jan 1865 S.C. divorced

2nd Wife: Laura Dillingham divorced

Child Basham

Some information provided Ila Gatone Eckstadt, Kilgore, TX

Charity Pearson in 1880 census, Eureka Springs, AR. 1900 census with Coffey family. 1910 McIntosh Co., OK with G. W. Barnes family.

Archibald S. McKennon was a Captain in the Civil War. His father: Archibald was a medical doctor. Archie & Sarah migrated from S. C. to TN to Carroll Co., AR before the Civil War. After the war, they moved to Clarksville, AR. Archibald McKennon attained rank of Captain at age 20. After the war, A. S. McKennon built a general merchandise store and studied law. He served in the Arkansas Senate 1877-1879. In 1900, he was appointed to the Dawes Indian Commission & moved to McAlester, OK. In early 1800's, he fought to abolish all saloons. He and his friend, Lorenzo Swaggert built a home on Central Avenue, a few hundred feet from the B. F. Hershey Brink Plant. All shingles were made by hand and hauled by ox cart by Mike Bean. In 1933, David & Edward Basham bought the property from Laser Estate. Information provided by Lillian Mickel in The Historical Journal County of Johnson County, AR, Volume One, page 276.

Virigina A. Berry was from Carroll Co., AR

George Calvin Basham & Julia Parma Beall's children:

Pearl Reed Basham b. ? d. age 5-6 years old

George Leftridge Basham

Wife: Louisa X

---child: Parma Basham

Martha Parma Basham b. ? d. age 5-6 years old

Nuberry L. Basham

Franklin Pierce Basham & Goulia Bean's children:

Martha "Mattie" Basham b. 1879 d. young

Loudilla Basham

Archie Basham

Roy Basham b. ? d. young

Charles Basham

Julia Parma Basham

John Basham

Lizzie Basham

Husband: Sam Baskin?

---children: Eugene, Pierce, David, Lettie, Theda Rose, & Robert

Drew "Drury" Basham b. 6 Apr 1900

Wife: Beulah Jones

Lillie Basham

John Patrick Basham & Amelia Milky/Milke's children:

Jessie Dilla Basham b. Feb 1889 AR

Marge Verite Basham b. Aug 1895 AR

Eulaie Basham

1900 Federal Census:

Theodore Milke b. Aug 1881 brother-in-law

Omer Milke b. Mar 1894

Julia Milke b. Mar 1888 sister-in-law

Oliver Basham & Rebecca Riddle & Laura Dillingham's children:

Myrtle Basham

Harold Basham

Doris Basham

Husband: X Duty 1959, lived in Clarksville, AR

Martha M. Basham b. Jul 1886 AR

John H. Basham b. Oct 1889 AR

James Basham & Lamar/Lemira Shelton's children:

William Jonathan Basham b. 1859 AR

Wife: Lucy Ragon Father: E. C. Ragon

James O. Basham b. 1863 AR

Wife: Clara King

---daughter: Bertha

Martha Ann Elizabeth "Mattie" Basham b. 13 Aug 1860 Ludwig, Johnson Co., AR d. 11 Jan 1937 Clarksville, Johnson Co., AR Buried: Lee Cemetery, Clarksville, Johnson Co., AR

Husband: Wilson Buchanan "Buck" Lee b. 10/12 Oct 1844/55 Clarksville, Johnson Co., AR d. 1 Feb 1938 Clarksville, Johnson Co., AR Buried: Lee Cemetery, Clarksville, Johnson Co., AR Married: 15 Jul 1880 Clarksville, Johnson Co., AR Father: Benjamin Franklin Lee Mother: Julia Ann Edwards

Hannah Basham b. 1873 AR

Della Basham b. Dec 1871/3 AR

Husband: Reese P. Horricks Little Rock, AR

Minnie Basham b. 1870

Cora Basham b. 1866 AR

Husband: N. L. Greene

Julia L. Basham b. Jun 1874-6 AR

Josephine "Josie" Basham b. Aug 1876-7 AR

Mahlon Basham

Wife: Mamie Edward(s)

--sons: Edward, David

John W. Basham b. Oct 1880 AR

Reece Calvin Basham b. 1829 d. 1864 AR Confederate Captain

Wife: Morticia/Matilda Pryor

--two sons

1860 Federal Census, Spadra Township, Johnson Co., AR:

King, Thomas, 36, AL $1000-$2010

Hannah, 30, AR

Susan, 13, AR

George, 11, AR

Franklin, 7, AR

James, 4, AR

Julia, 2, AR

Laster, James L. A., AR Calvalry, W, 1865, minor, Union Pension Application.

1870 Federal Census, Spadra Township, Johnson Co., AR:

Laster, James H., 50, TN

Sarah, 48, AL

Penelope, 15, AL

Seth P., 13, AL

Seldon L., 10

James D., 8

Liza, 4

Louwoffa, 4, female

Abram, 27

Amanda, 17, MS

Sarah Ann Patrick Laster and James Hance Laster's twin daughters: Lou Laster, married: William Ruben King. Belle Laster, married: Thomas Sewell King.

1870 Federal Census, Perry Township, Johnson Co., AR:

Patrick, Charity, 37

Mary, 16

Sarah, 14

James, B., 12

Charles B., 10

Hannah, 7

John W. Patrick died at the home of James H. Laster on 24 Jul 1879.

1870 Federal Census, Spadra Township, Johnson Co., AR:

King, Hannah, 40

James S., 15

Julia A., 11

Thomas, 9

1870 Federal Census, Spadra Township, Johnson Co., AR:

King, Thomas, 20

Julia A., 21

1880 Federal Census, Spadra Township, Johnson Co., AR:

Wilson, John H., 21, AR GA AR

Lasater, James H., 60, TN NC NC

Sarah, 57, AL SC TN

Seldon, 19, AR TN AL

Drew, 17, AR TN AL

Lizy Bell, 13, AR TN AL

Lou Orpha, 13, AR TN AL

The Herald Democrat, dated 8 Apr 1915, "Mrs. Thomas King, "Aunt Hannah" was born in Johnson County 85 years ago, married 1830, and moved to the homestead she lived on till nine years ago. In 1949, she made the trip to California with an ox team & returned crossing the Isthmus of Panama with teams. Her husband was killed in battle at the outset of the war, leaving her to raise young children. Her house was burned down by bush-whackers, while she and her children hid in the woods. For days at a time, hominy was the only food they had. She dwells on the good times of life now, and forgets the trails and hardships of life".

Information on the Patrick's, and King's from the book, The Patricks and Spadra Creek, The Census and Statehood by Heartsill Patrick King. The book is in the Clarksville, Johnson County, AR library.

The Herald Democrat, dated 22 July 1941, "Research Discloses Facts About Coming of Pioneer Family to Johnson County. Article present pictures of the King Brothers. Begins with Thomas King & Nancy Capehart, in South Carolina, in 1815. They loaded their belongings in an oxcart and headed west. They settle in Springville, a short distance from Birmingham, Alabama."


William King

James King

Alfred King

Reubin King

Suell King

Thomas King

Marion King

Nancy King

Betty King

"Seven of the children headed west in 1844. James and Thomas came to Johnson County, AR with the Patrick family. Six years later, two married brothers, Alfred and Reuben King. Suell King and wife separated from the rest of the family at Little Rock and went to Calhoun County, where his wife had relatives. Marion King, started to Arkansas but became ill and returned to Alabama. He died in his thirties. In 1860, one sister, Nancy King, who had married Pleasant Self, came to Johnson County. William and Betty remained in Alabama".

"Suell King and Alfred King visited each other once or twice. James King of Alabama visited once or twice his Arkansas relatives. He had been traveling in Texas and bought a western pony to ride home".

"In 1936 Mr. & Mrs. Luster King, Mr. & Mrs. Gus King and Freda Lee King made a reunion trip to Springville. Uncle George King is the only relative of William King, and he is 83 at this writing (1941). Mattie King Rowland, living in Dumas, AR is the next only relative. W. R. King of Harmony, son of Rueben, is 79 (1941); Robert King, Stillwell, son of James is now 70 (1940); Clara King Basham, 71; Jesse King, 69, & Richard King, 62 are the surviving children of pioneer, Alfred King. Thomas King was killed in the Civil War and buried near Springfield, MO".

"Milard King, in 1890, left Arkansas to Texas. In 1911, he moved to Charleston, AR".

"Roy King, son of Joe King, grandson of James King, came here in 1895, then settled in Midland, AR. Some of his children live in California".

"In 1900, Oscar O. King of Harmony went to Oklahoma & went into the mercantile business. He later taught school in many districts. He lived in Eufaula, OK (1940)".

"In 1905 Aud L. King, son of Thomas King, who once elected to legislature, went to Texas. He lived at Lubbock, TX".

"In 1908, Scott King of Harmony went west, and worked with the Santa Fe railroad. He lived in Albequerque, New Mexico".

"In 1905, Lella King Collier move to Charleston. Raymond King, son of Gilbert King, lived in Colorado. He has lived away from Johnson County, AR since 1911".

"Rev. Robert L. King from Harmony was a Presbyterian minister at Albert Lea, Minnesota. He has been gone since 1913".

"T. Sewell King, son of Reuben King, left the county in 1913. He moved to Arizona, later to Texas, and then to Oklahoma. His son, Lee King, lived in Arizona".

"Elmer King, son of the deceased Gus King, lived in Detroit, MI since 1921. He was a contractor. Milton King lived in Detroit, MI".

"Estell King Locke, daughter of George King, lived in Kansas over 12 years. Her sister lived in Mt. Vernon, WA".

"Irma King Jennings, daughter of Jesse King lived in Sacremento, CA. Mrs. Newton King two daughters; Mrs. John Johnson & Mrs. Jack Werta".

"Lane King, son of Drew King of Harmony, lived in California. Van King, of Harmony was stationed on the U. S. S. Southard, San Diego, CA".

"Tommy King Porter, from Harmony, lived in Farmington, AR.

"Ruth King Taff lived in Johnson County in 1933, and lived in Daisetta, TX. She is a beauty operator. Her ister, Minnie King Welch left here in 1920 and lived in Louisiana".

"Alfred King left for Texas and settled in Waco, where he died in 1938. He left Alabama in 1894. His two sons; Burt & Joe King".

"Lucille King Lumpkins, daughter of Mitchell King, Coal Hill, moved to Overton, TX and left AR in 1934".

"Alice King Bean lived in Tulsa, OK. She left Johnson County, AR in 1908".

"Hugh King, policeman; Earnest King, fire department; Thomas King street car conductor; Roy King, carpenter; Rueben King, barber; Joe Bill King, Mail clerk; Wiley King, railroad maintenance; Nanley King, dentist; Elsie May King, cashier-clerk; Lois King, housekeeper; Ed King, dentist; George King, farmer".

The Graphic, dated 5 Jul 1989, "Hidden beneath trees and underbrush in the woods south of the spillway at Lake Ludwig is a cemetery in Johnson Co., AR. It became a project of summer Youth Employment and Training Program to clear the cemetery started in 1856 when Tom and Hannah Patrick King's six year old son, William Marion died of a fever and buried him on a hill above their farm."

"The marriage of Hannah Patrick and Tom King in 1845 was a union of the two oldest pioneer families. Hannah's parents: John W. Patrick and Hannah Lee, daughther of Cader Lee. Sarah King married James Hance Laster, Martha married Oliver Basham."

"Tom King was on of the four brothers who came to Johnson County before/after 1850. Other brothers: Alfred, James, and Ruben. Not all graves have been identified but through family records and engravings on tombstones".

George Lewis Patrick & Charity Elizabeth Pearson's children:

Mary "Molly" Ann Patrick b. 20 Feb 1855 Johnson Co., AR Clarksville d. aft. 1910 OK Buried: Summerfield, OK 1st Marriage: 31 Mar 1873 2nd Marriage: 15 MAR 1908 OK

1st Husband: Thomas C. Wasson b. 14 Jun 1840 Saline Co., MO

2nd Husband: G.W. Barnes Census: 1910 McIntosh Co., OK Burial: Summerfield, OK

Sarah A. Patrick b. Abt. 1856

James B. Patrick b. Abt. 1858

Charles B. Patrick b. Abt. 1860 Johnson Co., AR

Hannah B. Patrick b. Abt. 1863

William H. Patrick b. 4 Jan 1866 Johnson Co. AR

Mary Ann Patrick & Thomas C. Wasson's Children:

George Claborne Wasson b. 8 Mar 1874

Mary Elizabeth Wasson b. 18 Apr 1875

Fannie Belle Wasson b. 2 Mar 1877 MO

Charlie William Wasson b. 22 Mar 1878

Emma Maye Wasson b. 27 Jul 1881 Possibly Clifty, AR

Sarah Irene Wasson b. 10 Nov 1883 Clifty, Madison, Co., AR

Claude Andrew Wasson b. 14 Jun 1887

John Thomas Wasson b. 12 Jul 1891

Callie Dove Wasson b. 20 Feb 1895

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George D. W. Lee & Mary Alice Patrick
Cader Lee & Sarah Ann Lee
Wilson Buchanan Lee & Martha Ann Elizabeth Basham
Basham obits
Lassiter-Lasater-Laster (Frederick Lassiter & Nancy Smith)
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