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Richard Denton & Gennette Bansyter

Richard Denton b. 1517 Halifax, Yorkshire, England Wife: Gennett Banyster b. 1527 Halifax, Yorkshire, England


Sir Richard Denton b. 1557 Worley, Yorkshire, England Wife: Susan Sibella b. 1563


Reverend Richard Denton b. 1603 Yorkshire, England Wife: Helen Windlbank


Samuel Denton, Sr. b. 1632-1634 Wife: Mary Rock Smith


Jonas Denton b. 1658-77 Hemstead, Long Island, NY Wife: Jane Seaman b. 1679 NY


Robert Denton b. 1698-1714 Jamaica, Long Island, NY d. 1778 Hampshire Co., VA (Hardy Co., WVA)

Married: 1737 Burlington, NJ

Wife: Jane Moon b. 1714 d. 1787 Hampshire Co., VA (WVA)


Thomas Denton b. 1743-46 Hampshire Co., VA (now WVA) d. 1 May 1807 ?Washington Co., TN Married: 1765 Father: Robert Denton Mother: Jane Moon

Wife: Elizabeth Osborne b. 1750 d. 1807


George Denton b. 1781 Lost Creek, Hampshire Co., VA d. 1840 Johnson Co., AR Buried: Chickalah Cemetery, Yell Co., AR Married: 1800

Hester Laymon b. 1781 VA d. 1840 Johnson Co., AR Buried: Chickalah Cemetery, Yell Co., AR Father: Joseph Laymon Mother: Anna X

Jane Denton b. Tennessee

David Denton b. 1778 Hampshire Co., VA (WVA) d. 1860 goes to Orange Co., Indiana

Wife: Elizabeth Gwin b. 1787 TN d. 1858 Orange Co., TN

Josiah Denton b. 1779 VA d. 8 Sep 1866 Jefferson Co., TN Buried: near Sehorn Cemetery, outside of Dandridge, Jefferson Co., TN Married: 24 Dec 1802 Sehorn Ferry, TN

Wife: Catherine Seahorn b. 11 May 1782 VA

Rebecca Denton b. 22 Dec 1782 Tn d. 2 Dec 1859 Hinds Co., MS Married: 16 Apr 1804

Husband: Andrew Liveley

Joel Denton Major b. 1792 Shenandoah, VA d. 27 Jan 1863 Scott Co., AR Married: 28 Jan 1812 Jefferson Co., TN

Wife: Jane Armstrong

William Denton b. 1794

Wife: Sally Hance

Cornelius “Neeley” Denton b. 1796 TN d. 26 Sep 1879 1st marriage ? 2nd Marriage: 18 Feb 1831 Jefferson Co., TN 3rd marriage: 1 Mar 1856

1st Wife: Hannah Smith b. 1805 in Pickens County, South Carolina

2nd Wife: Jane Burdein b. 1810

3rd Wife: Rosannah Huffman

John Denton b 1765 d. Dec 1817 Married: 15 Jul 1799 Jefferson Co., TN

Wife: Mary "Polly" Denton b. 1769

Robert Denton b. 1695 in Jamaica, Long Island, Queens, New York Mother: Jane Moon b. 1714

Thomas' will dated May 1, 1807, pro. 8-25-1809: "I then give and bequeath my whole estate real and personal to be sold, land and movables, except the horses. They are to remain in the care of my beloved son, George Denton, until such time as they all come to perfection and then sale to be made. And my whole estate to be equally divided between my loving wife and children except my beloved son Joel is only to have six dollars for his part of my whole estate and my two youngest sons, William and Cornelius Denton, to have fifty dollars each one over their equal partand William one colt now sucking the Shandy mare and Cornelius is to have the next colt this said mare has. My beloved daughter Jane has received thirty-three dollars of her part. I do will unto my beloved grandson Thomas Denton, the son of George Denton thirty dollars of myestate." Extrs., sons George and David Denton Signed in the presence of James Nails, Ben Nails, Elizabeth Nails.

Executor's Settlement: Among the items listed are:

Rec'd in favor of George Denton 15.00 Rec'd in favor of David Denton 1.73 Rec'd in favor of Joel Denton 6.00 Rec'd in favor of Josiah Denton 76.00 Rec'd in favor of Andrew Liveley 76.00 Rec'd in favor of Elizabeth Denton 76.00 One rect. of Elizabeth Denton as guardian to William and Neeley Denton, Minors, $185.87

David Denton is listed in the 1820 census of Harrison Co., Indiana.

Joel Denton was commissioned a Captain in the 6th Regiment of the Tennnessee Militia on May 30, 1807 and on October 4, 1811 he was promoted to a Major while in Jefferson CO, TN. He participated in the war of 1812.

Will of Cornelius Denton: "I, Cornelius Denton, do make and publish this as my last will and testament hereby revoking and making void all others by me at any time made. Firstly, I direct that my funeral expenses and all my debts be paid as soon after my death as possible out of any monies that I die possessed of or may first come into the hands of my executor.

Secondly, I will and bequeath to my two sons, I. A. Denton and Cathey S. Denton, one dollar each. Thirdly, I give a bequeath the remainder of my estate to my wife, Rossannah Denton during her natural life or remains a widow. Fourthly, at her death, if any part of my estate remains, I give and bequeath it to heirs of George W. Shelton and Dorcas Shelton, his wife, in consequence of kind attention and aid rendered to me in my old age and affliction by said George and Dorcas Shelton. Lastly, I do hereby nominate and appoint John B. Denton my executor in witness where of I do to this my last will and testament set my hand and seal this 8th day of June 1876. witness: Aaron Lewis, Calvin Hance".

George Shelton was probably the child of Rossannah by a previous marriage.

George Denton & Hester Laymon
Robert Denton & Jane Moon
Reverend Richard Denton 1603-1662

Yell County, Arkansas Denton's