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Furbys and Fun

~Furby Names
~stories, tips and easter eggs
~What is a Furby?
~The Furby Story
~Links to other Furby sites
~Message board
~My Furby
~Frequently Asked Questions
~Furbys and Colors
~Your Home Pics

Furbies are a animatronic plush toy that are rated as the hottest toy this year. It has also been rated as the most advanced toy this year. Well this page is a place to read about furbies and to tell about furbies. I decided to make this page because I think Furbys are so cute and I like to know what you think about Furbys! Enjoy! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *WHATS NEW HERE AT FURBYS AND FUN!* I have added a page that is where I note my research on all the new Furbys colors that are coming out and all the ones that are already here! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *GOOD NEWS* Well I know I told everyone that I was going to retire from the construction of this page but I've reconsidered! Well I figured with all the mail I got, begging me not to retire I decided to keep it up. Thanx to all who made me change my mind!!! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *LAST UPDATED* Feb/8/99 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________