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Tina O'Brien joined Corrie as Sarah-Louise Platt on the 31st of October 1999. She is the third person Granada have cast for this role.
She is 16 and 3 years older than the character of Sarah-Louise.
Tina lives at home in Manchester with her mum and dad.
Her previous acting roles include
- The Cops (BBC2, 1999)
- Children's Ward (Granada) as Charlie Harper
- Factory (BBC)
- Clocking Off (BBC 1, 1999)

In a recent interview Tina said
"I find it easy to understand why the likes of Sarah-Louise end up going astray. Everybody hits that stage where the more your parents try to keep you close, the more you want to break free. But I was nowhere near as bad as Sarah-Louise is, although my mum might disagree."

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