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1965 Adoptee Sibling ??? CA
00-00-1965  Birth/mom  Adoptee  boy  Billings,MT 
1965 ? birthmom adoptee boy New Jersey
00-00-65  birthmom  Adoptee  girl  Helena,MT 
1-4-65 Adoptee Birthfamily boy Washington,DC
1-5-65 Birthmom Adoptee girl Salt Lake City, Utah
1-9-65  Adoptee  Birthparents  girl  SanFrancisco,CA 
1-9-65 Adoptee Birthfamily girl Renton,WA
1-15-65 Adoptee Birthfamily girl Bakersfield,CA
1-21-65 Adoptee Birthfamily boy Seattle,WA
1-26-65 Adoptee Birthfamily girl Spokane,WA
2-8-65 Adoptee Birthfamily girl Los Angeles,CA
2-11-65 Adoptee Birthfamily boy Seattle,WA
2-14-65 Adoptee Birthparents girl Ceder Rapids,IA
2-16-65 Adoptee Birthparents girl Cumberland,MD
2-17-65 Adoptee Birthfamily girl Portland,OR
2-21-65 Adoptee Birthparents girl SanDiego,CA
2-28-65 Adoptee Birthfamily girl Kansas City,Mo
3-6-65 Adoptee Birthfamily girl SanFrancisco,CA
3-6-65 Adoptee Birthparents boy Oakland,CA
3-13-65 Adoptee Birthdad girl Berlin,Germany
3-18-65  Adoptee  Birthfamily  boy  Regina Saskatchewan 
3-24-65  Adoptee  Birthparents  girl  SanAntonio,TX 
3-27-65 Sibling Sibling boy Orange County,CA
4-3-65  Adoptee  birthfamily  girl  Indianapolis,IN 
4-9-65  birthmom  Adoptee  girl  Sacramento,Ca 
4-9-65 Adoptee Birthmom girl Erie,PA
4-14-65 Adoptee Birthfamily girl Geneva,NY
4-16-65 Adoptee Birthfamily girl Phoenix,AZ
4-17-65 Adoptee Birthfamily boy Detroit,MI
4-19-65  Adoptee  Birthparents  girl  LosAngeles,CA 
04-22-65  Birthmom  Adoptee  boy  Schenectady, NY 
4-24-65 Adoptee Birthparents girl Albany,NY
04-25-65  birth/mom  Adoptee  girl  Southfield,MI 
4or5-of-65  Sibling  Adoptee  girl  Milwaukee,WI 
5-00-65 Sibling Adoptee boy Murfreesboro, TN
5-9-65 Adoptee Birthfamily girl Indianapolis
5-11-65 Birthmom Adoptee girl Cheyenne, WY
5-17-65 Sibling Adoptee girl Columbia, MO
5-20-65 Adoptee Birthparents girl New York
5-24-65 Adoptee Birthparents girl Pompton Plains,NJ
5-27-65 Adoptee Birthparents boy Helena,MT
5-29-65  Adoptee  Birthparents  girl  WayneCounty,MI 
6-7-65  Sibling Adoptee boy Grand Prairie, TX
6-9-65 Adoptee Birthparents girl New York
6-15-65 Adoptee Birthfamily girl Calgary Alberta, Canada
6-16-65 Birthmom Adoptee boy Oakland, CA
6-23-65  Adoptee  Birthfamily  boy  Riverton,WY 
6-25-65 Adoptee Birthparents girl Sanford,FL
7-2-65 Adoptee Birthfamily girl Brampton,Ontario, CA
7-3-65 Adoptee Birthfamily girl Buffalo,NY
7-8-65 Adoptee Birthfamily girl Manhattan,NY
7-9-65 Adoptee Birthparents girl Arlington,VA
7-13-65 Adoptee Birthfamily girl Walla Walla, WA
7-14-65 Sibling Sibling boy Maine
7-15-65 Adoptee Birthmom boy Pheonix,AZ
7-18-65 Adoptee Birthfamily girl Edmonton Alberta, Canada
7-18-65 Adoptee Birthparents boy Milwaukee,WI
7-18-65  Adoptee  Birthfamily  girl  Lackawana,NY 
7-24-65 Adoptee Birthparents girl New York City,NY
8-1-65 Adoptee Birthparents girl Springfield,IL
8-2-65 Adoptee Birthparents girl Santa Clara,CA
8-11-64-65  Sibling  Adoptee  girl  Muncie,IN 
8-13-65  Adoptee  Birthparents  girl  shreveport,LA 
8-17-65 Adoptee Birthparents boy Terre Haute, Indiana
8-23-65 Adoptee Birthfamily girl Erie,PA
8-24-65 Sibling Adoptee boy Providence,RI
8 or 9-65 Sibling Adoptee boy Sandwich,IL
9-2-65 Adoptee Birthfamily girl Brighton,CO
9-3-65 Adoptee Birthparents girl SanFrancisco,CA
9-8-65 Adoptee Birthfamily girl Southern Maryland Prince george County
9-15-65 Sibling Adoptee boy St.Petersburg, FL
09-17-65  Adoptee  birthmom  girl  Tampa,FL 
9-21-65 Adoptee Birthparents girl Torrance,CA
9-21-65 Adoptee Birthmom girl Burbank,CA
9-22-65 Adoptee Birthparents boy Montreal,Quebec, Canada
9-22-65  Adoptee  Birthparents  girl  SanDiego,CA 
9-27-65 Adoptee Birthparents girl Milwaukee,WI
10-9-65  Adoptee  Birthparents  girl  Sandusky,OH 
10-12-65 Adoptee Birthparents girl Greenville,SC
10-17-65 Adoptee Birthmom boy Brooklyn,NY
10-23-65  Adoptee  Birthparents  girl  Pointe Claire,Quebec 
10-24-65 Adoptww Birthfamily girl Ft. Worth, TX
10-27-65 Adoptee Birthfamily girl Ojai,CA
10-28-65  Adoptee  Birthfamily  girl  Dubuque,IW 
11-4-65 Adoptee Birthparents girl Vancouver,BC
11-15-65 Adoptee Birthparents girl Biddeford,MA
11-17-65 Adoptee Birthparents girl W.Palm Beach,FL
11-23-65 Sibling Adoptee girl Carmel,CA
11-26-65 Birthparent Adoptee girl Miami,FL
11-30-65 Adoptee Birthparents girl Newton,NC
12-14-65 Adoptee Birthfamily girl Pittsburgh,PA
12-15-65 B. Cousin Adoptee girl Toronto,Ontario, Canada
12-16-65  birthmom  adoptee  boy  SanDiego,CA 
12-17-65  Adoptee  Birthparents  girl  Toronto,Ontario 
12-20-65 Adoptee Birthfamily boy Philadelphia,PA
12-21-65 Adoptee Birthparents girl Columbus, Ohio
12-30-64 Adoptee Birthfamily girl Sudbury, Ontario Canada

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