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141st Pennsylvania

Volunteer Infantry

Company E

Alaskan Home Page



Here you'll find information not just on the 141st, but lots of info about the Civil War in general.

 This website is dedicated to all of the soldiers who took part in the Civil War, and especially to those who fought in the 141st Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers. Anyone who would be willing to share old photos or memorabilia pertaining to the 141st, which I could post on my site for others to enjoy, please contact me by e-mail below. My goal is to build a nice web memorial to our brave "Boys In Blue."


 Experiences of the 141st Penna. Volunteers

 141st PVI Reenactors

 Unit Roster

 Photo Gallery

 Ancestors in the War

 Strategies and Tactics

 Other Civil War Sites



Visit them to find some great Civil War Clip art for your page!



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