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This photograph of Bessie Worden along with her girlfriend Ruth (Marcy) Snyder was taken in front of the Snax Shop. This photograph was taken circa 1941.

This is a photo of Julie's grandparents (Anna and Cliff Sr.), her two aunts (Pat and June), and Julie's father (Cliff Jr.) This photo was taken about 1937 in Wellsville, New York. Julie's dad says that this was the first time he'd ever worn a tie ... and he was standing on a stool!

This is a photo of Julie's father and grandfather (both standing behind the couch). Julie's two aunts (June and Pat) along with their husbands are seated on the couch. Two of Julie's cousins (Rick and Patti - at very young ages!) are seated with their mothers. This photo was taken about 1948 in Long Beach, California.

Julie's dad thoroughly enjoyed deep sea diving during his youth. This lobster was caught off the Laguna Beach coastline in Southern California in 1953. The lobster weighed in at hefty 12 pounds! Just try to find a lobster THAT size there now - good luck!

Here's Julie's dad holding a VERY LARGE lobster and a very young Julie. They both weighed in at 13 pounds each!

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