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This 248-page biography has 15 chapters and over 100 illustrations.
To purchase this book, visit The Life and Times of Mary Wikoff Oliver 1861-1896


Abraham Morris Oliver, born 1808 in Inchera, Limerick, Ireland, died Aug 4, 1851 Ruins of Old Abbey on Little Island, County Cork, Ireland

Algernon Hardy Oliver, Commander, born Sep 24, 1855, died Feb 21, 1934

Alice Marianne Oliver, born 1810, died Jun 7, 1860. I believe she died unmarried.

Alicia Oliver, born Mar 15, 1762 in Ardagh, Ireland; she was married to Viscount Lifford and died Mar 15, 1845.

Alicia Susanna Oliver, born about 1814 in Rockmill, Cork, Ireland; she married St. Leger Aldworth in 1835 and died Nov. 23, 1874

Anna Maria Oliver, born 1815; she married James William King Disney in 1841 and died 1884

Anne Oliver, she was married to John Aldworth and died 1845

Anne Oliver, born 1765 in Ardagh, Ireland; married to William Disney in 1804 and died 1848

Beatrice Oliver, born Oct 12, 1882, died Apr 10, 1965 in New York City; she died unmarried.

Bridget (parents: Charles Oliver and Elizabeth nee Smyth)

Catherine Oliver, born Dec 30, 1847, she died unmarried Mar 2, 1930. Her parents were John Dudley Oliver and Mary Susanna (nee Green).

Cecil Ryder Oliver, born Feb 11, 1887; his wife’s name was Ruby Eleanor Coningham; he died July 20, 1961.

Charles Oliver, born 1646; he married Elizabeth Smyth in 1670 and died Apr 13, 1715

Charles Oliver, born Sep 18, 1816, died Aug 21, 1821. His parents were John and Sarah Catherine (nee Baxter) Oliver

Charles Aldworth Oliver, born Sep 10, 1889 in London, England; married Lucy and died December 25, 1970 in Paris, France

Charles Augustus Oliver; he was one of four children of Richard Aldworth Oliver and Flora (nee) Bellasis

Charles Deane Oliver, born 1771 in Ardagh,Ireland; married Sarah Roberts circa 1804-5 and died Feb 15, 1829

Charles Deane Oliver, born 1861; married Maria Charlotte Litton in 1889 in Cork

Charles Dudley Oliver, born 1821, died suddenly of heart disease in 1854 in Tangier

Charles Silver Oliver, born 1763; married Maria Elizabeth Morris in 1805. He was MP in Ireland 1798-1800, MP in Westminster for Co. Limerick 1802-1806 and died 1817

Charles Valentine Oliver, born Mar 9, 1836 in Ashby de la Zouch, England, died unmarried Oct 10, 1880 in Kandahar, Afghanistan

Christopher (parents: Robert Oliver and Valentina nee Hamilton)

Dorothy Elizabeth Oliver, born Oct 27, 1940. She was one of four children of Herbert Mortimer Oliver and Maye (nee Matkin).

Dudley Oliver, born Feb 10, 1821; married Anna Marie Steill in 1857 and died Jan 19, 1894

Edward Dudley Oliver, born Jun 25, 1837 in Ashby de la Zouch, England, died Aug 1, 1865 in Murree in the Punjaub, India

Edward Graves Oliver, born Aug 26, 1866 in Mauritius (island in the Indian Ocean); he married Flora E. Ingle in 1891 and died Nov 22, 1938

Eliza Oliver, born Mar 19, 1814; she married Chambre Townshend and died Aug 1907

Elizabeth Oliver, she was married to J. Hill and died 1887

Elizabeth Oliver, she married Charles Coote in 1775 and died 1820

Elizabeth Oliver, born 1770 in Ardagh Ireland; she married Robert Rogers Aldworth in March 1793 and died Nov 10, 1842

Elizabeth Oliver, born 1808, died unmarried in 1867

Elizabeth Oliver, born 1819, died 1846. Her parents were Robert Dudley Oliver and Mary (nee Saxton).

Elizabeth Catherine Deane Oliver, born 1895. Her parents were Charles Deane Oliver and Maria Charlotte (nee Litton).

Ellen Oliver, born 1831; she married Jonas Morris in 1857 and died Feb 28, 1913

Flora Oliver; she married H. W.Grove in 1893. Her parents were Richard Aldworth Oliver and Flora (nee Bellasis).

Frances Alice Margaret Oliver, born Jan 17, 1895. Her parents were Edward Graves Oliver and Flora E. (nee Ingle).

Frances Georgiana Oliver, born Jul 22, 1842; she married Frederick Lewis Roy in April 1868 and died Feb 17, 1906

Frances Mary Oliver, born about 1665. She married Thomas Sadleir about 1665 in Sopwell Hall, Tipperary Co., Ireland

Godfrey Charles Saxton Oliver, born 1901. His parents were Godfrey Ryder Oliver and Blanche Cicely (nee Falkener).

Godfrey Ryder Oliver (parents: Richard Aldworth Oliver and Flora nee Bellasis). He married Blanche Cicely Falkener in 1900.

Hans Mortimer Oliver, born Dec 7, 1843 in Tigroney, County Wicklow, Ireland; he married Harriet Cobb in 1885 and died Sep 25, 1915

Helen Mortimer Oliver, born Sep 26, 1903 in Hastings, Nebraska, died 1973

Henry Oliver (parents: Robert Oliver and Valentina nee Hamilton)

Henry Herbert Montague Oliver, born 1897; he married Elizabeth Jones

Henry James Oliver, born Jul 5, 1838; he married Frances Martha Graves in 1864 in Malta and died Apr 12, 1879

Henry Ryder Oliver, born Apr 14, 1818, died Apr 16, 1821. His parents were John Oliver and Sarah Catherine (nee Baxter).

Herbert Mortimer Oliver, born Aug 28, 1868 in Dublin, Ireland; he married Elizabeth Bedell in July 1900 and died Dec 18, 1941 in Houston, Texas

Herbert Mortimer Oliver, born Oct 3, 1904; he married Maye Matkin and they had 4 children.

Isabella Oliver, born 1819; she married Henry Murray in 1840 and died 1870

Isabella Jane Oliver, born 1809; she married M. Du Chable and died 1897

James Hewitt Oliver, born 1823, died Sep 8, 1902

James William Oliver, born Dec 7, 1850, died Dec 24, 1914 in Old Currarevagh, Oughterard, Galway Co., Ireland

John Oliver, born 1720; he married Elizabeth Ryder in 1761; they had 10 children and he died Nov 23, 1778

John Oliver, born 1763; he married Sarah Catherine Baxter in 1807 and died Jun 16, 1832

John Oliver, born 1809; he married Emma Matilda Morgan in 1837 and he died 1887

John Charles Arthur Oliver, born Apr 22, 1871, died Feb 4, 1875. His parents were John Ryder Oliver and Georgiana Fanny (nee Harrison).

John Dudley Oliver, born Jul 23, 1809. He married Mary Susanna Green in January 25, 1834 and died Dec 18, 1870

John Ryder Oliver, born Dec 16, 1834, died Feb 10, 1909

Kathleen Maude Deane Oliver, born 1897. Her parents were Charles Deane Oliver and Maria Charlotte (nee Litton).

Lucy Oliver (parents: Philip Oliver and Lucy nee Gray). She married W. Maunsell in 1780.

Margaret Silver Deane Oliver(parents: Charles Deane Oliver and Maria nee Litton)

Maria Oliver (parents: Charles Silver Oliver and Maria Elizabeth nee Morris)

Maria Elizabeth Oliver; she married Godfrey Baker and died 1901

Mary Oliver, died 1870. Her parents were Charles Deane Oliver and Sarah (nee Roberts).

Mary Oliver, born 1815, died 1834. Her parents were Robert Dudley Oliver and Mary (nee Saxton).

Mary Beatrice Lucy Oliver, born Apr 3, 1883 in Canada

Mary Dorothy Oliver, born Jan 13, 1896 in Hastings, Nebraska and died Apr 28, 1972 in Los Angeles, California

Mary Ellen Oliver, born Dec 5, 1928; she married Robert T. Martinez

Mary Theodosia Oliver, born Jul 4, 1841; she married Henry Hodgson on July 1, 1865

Nancy Maye Oliver, born Jun 24, 1930; she married Ray M. Hilton

Nathaniel Wilmot Oliver, born Apr 1779; he married Eliza Susan Baxter in 1811 and died Jan 10, 1854

Oswald Oliver, born Oct 15, 1849 in Ireland and died Aug 30, 1928 in La Jolla, California. Julie Claydon has written a 248-page book with 15 chapters and over 100 illustrations about the life of Oswald's wife, Mary Wikoff Oliver.

Philip Oliver; he married Lucy Gray in 1748 and died 1769

Richard Oliver, born 1776, died 1791. His parents were John Oliver and Elizabeth (nee Ryder).

Richard Oliver, born Jan 21, 1812, died Jan 7, 1822. His parents were John Oliver and Sarah Catherine (nee Baxter).

Richard Aldworth Oliver, born 1811; married Flora Bellasis in 1852

Richard, born circa 1833, married 1st Jane Richardson and 2nd Miss Harris, died 1918

Richard Charles Deane Oliver, born 1821; married Katherine Hawtayne in 1859 and died 1880

Richard Edward Deane Oliver, born 1890. His parents were Charles Deane Oliver and Maria Charlotte (nee Litton).

Richard John Deane Oliver, born 1863. His parents were Richard Charles Deane Oliver and Katherine (nee Hawtayne).

Richard Phillip Gascoigne Oliver, died 1851. His parents were Charles Silver Oliver and Maria Elizabeth (nee Morris).

Robert Oliver; he married Jane Katherine Silver in 1734 and died 1745

Robert (Captain Oliver, aka Robin Rhu), born about 1593

Robert Oliver, born Oct 10, 1914 and died April 1973. His parents were Cecil Ryder Oliver and Ruby (nee Coningham).

Robert Oliver, born 1671; he married Susanna Knight in 1705 and died 1738

Robert Dudley Oliver, born Oct 31, 1766; he married Mary Saxton in 1806 and died September 1, 1850

Robert Dudley Maunsell Oliver, born 1852. His parents were John Oliver and Lucy Diana (nee Maunsell).

Robert Ormsby Oliver, born 1902. His parents were Godfrey Ryder Oliver and Blanche Cicely (nee Falkener).

Robert Saxton Oliver, born 1807, died Jan 4, 1827. His parents were Robert Duley Oliver and May (nee Saxton).

Robert Wilmot Oliver, born Dec 6, 1844 in Avoca, County Wicklow, Ireland, died Oct 16, 1911 in Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska

Sarah Agnes Oliver, died 1886. Her parents were Charles Deane Oliver and Sarah (nee Roberts).

Shirley Jane Oliver, born Apr 3, 1935. She married Robert V. Foretich

Silver Oliver, born about 1720; he married Isabella Sarah Newman on February 4, 1759 and died 1799 in County Cork, Ireland

Silver Oliver, born 1778 in Ardagh, Ireland and married Alicia Maria Madden in 1823 and died 1844

Silver Charles Oliver, born 1800; he married Ellen Cochrane in 1800 and died Jan 12, 1878

Susan (parents: Robert Oliver and Jane Katherine nee Silver)

Susan Catherine Oliver, born 1813; she married William Hall, Esq in 1843 and died 1867

Susanna Oliver, born 1764 in Ardagh, Ireland; she married H. Hamilton in 1801 and died 1819

Susanna Eleanor Oliver, born Jul 11, 1840; she married John Woollam in April 1866

Theodore Oliver, born May 8, 1846, died May 20, 1846. His parents were John Dudley Oliver and Mary Susanna (nee Green).

Thomasine Oliver; she married Benjamin Jacob and died 1888

Valentine Blount Oliver(parents: Robert Oliver and Valentina nee Hamilton)

William Disney Oliver, born 1817, died 1883. His parents were Robert Dudley Oliver and Mary (nee Saxton).

William Dudley Oliver, born Aug 14, 1867; he married Eunice Wilson on Nov 24, 1920

William Silver born circa 1837, died 1908


Richard Oliver-Bellasis, born 1900. His parents were Richard John Erskine Oliver-Bellasis and Gwendoline Mary (nee Woollcombe-Adams)

Richard John Erskine Oliver-Bellasis, born 1854; he married Gwendoline Mary Woollcombe-Adams in 1899


Catherine Oliver-Gascoigne, born 1818; she married Henry Moore Sandford in June 1780

Elizabeth Oliver-Gascoigne(parents: Silver Oliver and Isabella Sarah nee Newman)

Elizabeth Oliver-Gascoigne, born 1812; she married Frederick Mason Trench on February 10, 1852 and died Feb 23, 1893

Isabella Sarah Oliver-Gascoigne(parents: Silver Oliver and Isabella Sarah nee Newman). She married John Waller

Jane Oliver-Gascoigne, born about 1758; she married William Sandford in 1789 at Castle Oliver, Limerick County, Ireland

Mary Isabella Oliver-Gascoigne; she married Frederick Charles Trench-Gascoigne on January 16, 1850 and died Oct 25, 1891

Richard Philip Oliver-Gascoigne; he married Mary Turner in 1806 and died Apr 14, 1843

Richard Silver Oliver-Gascoigne; his parents were Richard Philip Gascoigne and Mary (nee Turner); he died unmarried Dec 25, 1842

Richard Silver Oliver-Gascoigne, died 1889; his parents were Robert Oliver-Gascoigne and Sarah Shepley

Robert Oliver-Gascoigne; he married Sarah Shepley and died 1834

Robert Edmund Oliver-Gascoigne(parents: Robert Oliver-Gascoigne and Sarah nee Shepley)

Silver Oliver-Gascoigne, died 1834 in Vienna

Susanna Oliver-Gascoigne (parents: Silver Oliver and Isabella Sarah nee Newman)

Thomas Oliver-Gascoigne, died unmarried Apr 24, 1842

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