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This 248-page biography has 15 chapters and over 100 illustrations.
To purchase this book, visit The Life and Times of Mary Wikoff Oliver 1861-1896


Click here to see a listing of my Oliver ancestors.

Julie has researched her grandmother's maiden name, OLIVER, back to her 7th great-grandfather, Captain Robert Oliver(shown on the left), who was an officer in Oliver Cromwell's army in 1649. One of his wives, Valentine Hamilton, was a descendant of British Royalty including King James II of Scotland (her gr-gr-gr-grandfather) and Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland (her 8th great-grandfather) who was portrayed in the movie "Lionheart". Captain Oliver's son, Charles Oliver (shown in the middle) was High Sheriff in 1692, a Member of Parliment for County Cork 1695-99 and County Limerick 1703. Shown on the right is Charles Oliver's son, Colonel Robert Oliver. He was elected Member of Parliament for Kilmallock in 1703 and also for the County Limerick in 1715. All 3 of these original portraits are presently hanging in Blarney House, County Cork, Ireland.

A visit to Ireland in 1997 gave Julie and Mike the opportunity to visit Castle Oliver - home to the Oliver family for more than 240 years! Castle Oliver is a 16th century medieval castle located about 30 miles north of Cork in the Ballyhoura Hills, Limerick County. It has 54 rooms (of which 41 are bedrooms), many large staterooms including 2 ballrooms, a dining hall, library, sitting room, servants quarters, and stables. It reportedly has the largest wine cellar in Ireland.

This is Anne Mortimer (Julie's great-great-great-great-grandmother). She died in December 1778 in Derbyshire, England after the birth of her 14th child.

This is a copy of a portrait of Mary Susanna Oliver (Julie's great-great-grandmother) and the oldest of her 13 children, John Ryder. This portrait was painted in the late 1830's. Click here to learn about the fascinating life of Major-General John Ryder Oliver. And click here to read about his younger brother, Major Charles Valentine Oliver.

Here's a photo of Julie's great-grandparents, Oswald and Mary Oliver. Oswald was born and raised in Ireland, immigrated to America about 1869. In 1881, he married Mary Wikoff and they settled in Hastings, Nebraska. Oswald was a City Councilman in Hastings from 1874 to 1887.

Julie Claydon has just published a book describing the life of Mary Wikoff Oliver. This 248-page biography has 15 chapters and over 100 illustrations. Visit here if you're interested purchasing a copy of this book.

Did you know that the great American actor, Vincent Price, was also a member of the Oliver family?

Click here to read about the world famous Lola Montez (1818-1861). She was the single most talked about woman of her time, gracing the pages of every newspaper of the day the world over. Her father was reputed to be a member of the Oliver family.

Click here for a personal tour of Castle Oliver. A book has just been published which describes the painstaking restoration process on Castle Oliver.

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