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Here's a few of Mike's favorite photo's from his photo album.

This is the thatched-roof cottage in Cheveley where several generations of Claydon's lived. Julie has been into genealogy since 1995. She has traced Mike's family back to his great-great-great-great-grandparents, Thomas and Martha Claiden, who lived in Cheveley, near Newmarket, England. Click here to visit a listing of Claydon ancestors that Julie's researching.

Click here if you'd like to read more about the village of Cheveley.

Julie is also researching Mike's grandmother's maiden name, DEWSBURY. Elsie Dewsbury was the 7th of 9 children born to Henry James and Mahalah Dewsbury. Elsie was born October 31, 1893 in Barraway, Soham. Click here to read more about Dewsbury.

Here's a picture of David Horwill and his lovely wife Brenda. David and Mike are second cousins. David's great-grandmother (Mary Ann Claydon, born 1851, died 1932) and Mike's great-grandfather (Robert James Claydon, born 1859, died 1929) were siblings. This picture was taken in August 2000 during Julie and Mike's visit to England. Click here to read more about David's ancestors that he's researching.

This is Beryl and Keith Baker. Beryl and David Horwill are second cousins and Mike and Beryl are third cousins! Beryl says this is one of the few pictures of both her and Keith. They don't have alot of pictures of the two of them together as they both have their own camera and are always taking pictures of each other. Click here to read more about Beryl's ancestors that she's researching.

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