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Welcome to MY world! My name is Erin. You might know me by Cinnamon, Major_Cinnamon, or Major Erin just to name a few screen names I use (this does not include all the nice nick names that my friends have come up with). I am a graduate of Carthage Central High School in New York. I FINALLY graduated on June 25, 2000. I am going to go to college up at University of Alaska - Fairbanks. I like to read. SCI-FI, Historical Fiction and Fiction are my favorites. I love Star Trek. I don't have a favorite series, just favorite characters. I am ADDICTED to role playing. It is so much fun. I go into RP chat rooms, AD&D and LARP. My favorite foods are ice cream and chocolate. Oops, sorry.  I'm messy with chocolate. I still like Winnie the Pooh. I also like Disney movies. I have ICQ and AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). If you don't have either of them I would advise you to get at least one of them. My ICQ # is 11725468. My AIM name is Major Erin. Sickos need not try to contact me!!! Before you leave please sign my NEW guestbook *beats down her old lost one, glaring at the place she got it from and puts her NEW one up*. Hope you enjoy my page. Remember to always SMILE!!!! :)

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