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THS 1999-2000 Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders

The 1999-2000 Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders Taleshia Crystle Tricia Jessica Jamie Robin Brittany Brandi Shedera Ashley Ashley sponser- Terry This is your 1999-2000 Tunstall Cheerleading squad! Come back to see results of our basketball games! The THS Varsity Basketball cheerleaders recentley attended an NCA camp. Our squad won 6 blue ribbions and did outstanding in our home routine. The squad won the herky team award and the spirit award. Their wonderful coach also won the coaches award. There were four outstanding cheerleaders who got nominated for all american tryouts (like an all star cheerleading squad) they were with why they got nominated: Jessica- jumps Brittany(me)-jumps Crystal-dance Brandi-Dance All american tryout were the last day of camp. Only two people made it out of the four. I am going to hold a pole and let you decide who you think made it! Hope you enjoyed my page! Please come back! love ya! I would like to thank Chad for helping me make my page! I would also like to thank my little cousin Trampas for sitting long hours and waiting for me to finish! Ya'll are the greatest!!
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