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My Virtual Photo Album


Welcome to my online photo album.

My Home

View of the pond in the front yard in front of my home. I had a wooden deck built across the front and just touching the edge of the pond so that we are able to sit out and watch the fish jump and listen to the waterfalls, also to feed the fish from this spot, so when the small kids come along they will be protected from falling into the pond when they want to feed the fish. I am also close enough to be able to reach over and scrub down the waterfalls when they get an algie buildup.


These are "Attraction" waterlillies.
They are planted in dishbasins and are left in the bottom of the pond all year. Keeping the dead ones cliped back, and fertilizing throughout the blooming season.

In the background you will see the Water Iris in pots which can be near the top of the shelf, as long as their roots are in water. I have them in yellows and a beautiful purple.


These are beautiful flowers that are tropical and I have them potted, so that I can bring them into the house and keep them throughout the winter. They are seen in abundance down south all over the houses and fences.

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