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Grandad Joseph Wood and Grandma Alice------Joyce and mother "Sis" Florence Morgan with Grandma Alice Wood and her mother Emily.


Born near London England, at 55 Westmorland Place, Registration District of Shoreditch, sub-district of Hoxton New Town in the county of Middlesex. on Feb 28th, 1882, died March 14, 1954 in Chatham Ontario, buried in the Maple Leaf Cemetary. For many years he was forman at the Dominion Sugar Beet Co.

His father was a George Wood, (a bottler by profeshen) and his mother was Henrietta Angelina Wood (formeraly Mundill)

married in August of 1902 to
ALICE MARIA ATKINSON, born in Surray England Aug. 11TH, 1878, and died December 3rd, 1945 in Chatham Ontario, with cancer. Buried in the Maple Leaf Cemetary.

Her mother was Emily Georgina Jackson,(Atkinson, Garlick.) and died in Chatham Jan 31, 1939 and burried at the Maple Leaf Cemetary

Emily Georgina Jackson (Great Grandma)(little Granny as she was called) born Feb 27 1858 in Lambeth, London England. She had been married to a John Atkinson June 14, 1874 at St.John Church, Walworth, London England. and then a William Garlick ?

Great Great Grandma Emma Lloyd was born abt 1834 in Ipswich, Suffolk England. and married (July 23, 1855 in St Saviour Church, Surrey, England.) a William Jackson born about 1831 in ipswich, Suffolk England.

The first picture is of the Wood Grandchildren in earlier years and the second one is about 1945

Jack Wood at 9 years old. Grandad Wood out in his garden.


Josey, Chester Carey and Alice Carey (Wood)--Wood brothers and sisters, Joe, Josey, George, Florence and Jack Wood.

------------George ------- Joseph ------- Jack

Aunt Sis, Josey, Lally Alice) Wood

They had 6 children 3 girls and 3 boys.

Granny Alice Wood Baby sitting at the beach.

#1 "Lally" Alice Margaret Wood born Feb. 21, 1906,in West Ham, London England. and died Oct 3th, 1966 in Chatham Ontario, and burried in Maple Leaf Cemetary.

Alice married Chester William Carey on May 18th, 1926 at the William St. Baptist Church, Chatham Ontario. born Sept 20, 1902, died Dec 31, Chatham Ontario.He worked at the Union Gas Co. for many years.

They had 5 children.
A= Barbara Carey = born Aug 13, 1928, in Chatham Ontario

She married a Harry Douglas Campbell, Feb 24th 1951 at First Presbyterian Church, Chatham Ontario.

B=Donald Shirley "Red" Carey born= Dec. 19, in Chatham, 1926, died Nov. 9th, 1996, and burried at the Maple Leaf Cemetary.

On Oct 8th 1949 in Chatham he married Pauline Louise MacMillan,
On June 18th 1971 he married Ruth Marie Hammond in Chatham.

C=Douglas Chester Carey= born March 8, 1932 in Chatham and died Sept. 6th 1997 in Leamington Ontario. He married Marlene Joy Carder on April 10th 1976 in Leamington Ontario

D=Richard Lloyd Carey=born Oct.19, 1942 in Chatham Ontario, and married Mary Anne Susan Smythe (born Feb 25th, 1945 in London Ontario, on Aug 13, 1966 in the St. Phillips Church, Petrolia, Ontario.

E=Elizabeth Alice Carey born Dec 10th 1946 in Chatham, Ontario, and married a Ronald Edward Alderton on Aug 16, 1969, in St. James Presbyterian Church, Chatham, Ontario,

#2 "Sis" Florence Ellen Wood= born in Chatham on May 24, 1909, and died April 11, 1991.

married Victor Morgan, and had 2 children

Victor and Florence Morgan with Ronald and Joyce,---Joyce, mother Florence "Sis" and Ronald Morgan

A=Ronald Morgan and

B=Joyce Morgan who married Reg Hollis

Joyce and Reg Hollis and Aunt Sis Morgan

#3 "Jossey" Josephine Emily Wood = born in Chatham Feb 3, 1908 married Walter Calver and they had two boys Ken and Donny

Mavis and Don Calver

#4 John Henry Wood born June 24, 1911 in Chatham and died April 21, 1981 from cancer. He was buried in Maple Leaf Cemetary.

He married Doris Alma Anakin, born Feb. 26, 1913, and died July 5th, 2000.

Doris and Jack Wood and Jack and Doris with Carol

They had 6 children 3 boys and 3 girls.

"1"=Carol= born March 27th, 1933,in Chatham Ontario. married Ken White born April 4th 1932 who died June 10th, 1995.

Carol at 18 months in back yard.

Carol as a teenager.

Carol and Ken White with the 4 children in Brigden Ontario.

A= Deborah Lynn White, born June 14, 1954, in Chatham married Daniel Brush, They had 3 children "1" Curtis Danielle Brush, born June 18, 1977 in Wallaceburg Ontario. "2" Jennifer Anne Brush, born June 10, 1979, in Wallaceburg Ontario. "3" Graham Webster Brush, born Aug.5, 1981 in Wallaceburg Ontario.

Deborah's 2nd husband is Kenneth Wayne Wright, born May 18, 1946.

B= Randell Kenneth White, born Oct 10, 1955 in Chatham Ontario. married Wendall Haden Brabaw, born Oct 15, 1957 in Wallaceburg Ontario.

They had 2 children Ashley Rheanne White, born July 3, 1982, in Wallaceburg Ontario. and Kyle Alexander White, born Marach 14, 1985 in Wallaceburg Ontario.

C= James Patrick White, born March 1st, 1958, in Chatham Ontario. married Peggy Brignall, born Feb 18, 1959 in Chatham Ontario. They have 2 girls Michelle Lynn White, born Jan 22, 1986 in London Ontario. and Holly Anne White born Dec. 27, 1988.

D= Robert John White, born April 26, 1960. in Chatham Ontario. Married Lisa Jay Robert, born Nov. 28, 1963 in Chatham, They had two children =Nathan Andrew White, born June 2, 1988 in London Ontario and Lauren Nicole White born Sept. 9, 1990 in London Ontario


"2"Robert Wood= born Oct 2,1936, in Chatham Ontario, married Shirley Sharp born Dec 6, 1937

children=#1 Lori Anne Wood, born Aug 5, 1960 in Chatham.

Lauri and Henry's Wedding
married Henry Psenicka, born March 14, 1959
their children are Sara Catherine Prenicka, born May 25, 1991.
Mathew Psenicka born Aug. 14, 1954.

#2=Robert Gordon Wood, born April 21, 1965 in Chatham. Married Cynthis Louise McDonald, born Aug 9, 1967.

children are "1"= Amanda Jane Wood born May 21, 1991, "2"= Justin John Wood, born April 6, 1993. "3" Eren Wood, born October 12, 1996.

#3=Jack William Wood, born Jan 18, 1939 in Chatham. Married 1st wife Diann Haskell, their children are #1 Christiford Wood born June 9, 1963 in Wingham Ont.,He married a Linda, children are Sarah Rachel Wood born March 17, 1999.#2 Michael Christopher Wood, born June 8, 2000.
Jack's 2nd wife is Carolyn Fry, born Feb 17, 1942 in Windsor Ontario.

#4=Leslie Gordon Wood= born Dec 7th 1941,in Chatham Ontario. married Karen Elizabeth Robertson, born Oct. 27, 1946.

> Children are "1" Mark Joseph Wood, born May 14, 1969, Chatham Ont. married Claire Louise Hallam, born May 14, 1966. Son Michael William Wood, born Nov. 9, 1992.

"2" Brian James Wood, born May 29, 1970. "3" Matthew Jason Wood, born July 13, 1974. "4" Mary Elizabeth Wood, born Nov. 21, 1979.

#5 Nancy Eleanor Wood, born Nov. 12, 1947 in Chatham. married Dennis Wayne Wiseman, born Feb 2, 1947 =

#6 Vivian Joyce Wood, born Feb 22, 1955, in Chatham Ontario. Married Robert Chambers, born June 2, 1955. Children are "1" Tina Lynne Chambers, born March 9, 1973, married John Stefina, born Feb 26, 1966.

Mom,= Doris Wood, Tina Stephina, Vivian Chambers

Tina, baby and Vivian

"2" Steven George John Chambers, born Sept 8, 1975 in Chatham Ontario. "3" Colleen Margret Chambers, born July 3, 1980.

#5 Joseph Robert Wood= born Sept 11, 1913, died Dec.4th 2003 in Chatham and was married on April 7, 1937 to Enid Copland born January 8, 1916 from Scotland. They had 3 children

David Allen born March 3rd, 1939, died July 9th 1949 drowning at Rondoue Park at a plant picnic.

Michael Wood born June 5, 1947

Michael and brother Alan ----mother Enid Wood and Michael Wood in 2000

Heather Cecile= born April 29, 1950

#6 George Albert Wood= born in Chatham on May 11, 1916. in Chatham Ontario. He served in the second World War. Died in London Ontario.

This is George with his parents Joe and Alice Wood. (knoted the shortness of grandma and grandad)

This Uncle Georges first wife Purl Molley who still lives in town. and the second wife Edna.

Front row is Patsy, Marylyn, Kim Wood. Back row is Edna and George Wood. taken in 1972

Sharion Wood with new husband and Doris Wood greeting them.


Florence Shulver a second cousin decendant of my grandmothers sister Margaret.

Aunt Josie, Jack,(Dad) Aunt Sis

Grandad and Grandma Wood back in England before they were married???

Grandad Wood Red Carey, Ken and Don Calver with Grandma Wood.
1st row=Doug Carey, Barb (Carey) Campbell, holding Joyce (Morgan) Hollis,Carol (Wood) Keck, Ron Morgan.

Grandma Wood and her mother (Little Granny)and Carol

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