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Photo's By Barb Robertson

These are photos taken by our good neighbour "The Shutterbug" who just loves to walk arround our park snapping pictures of every flower she can find. She was also good enough to take some pictures for me for my other page of "Chatham The Maple City"

Thames River

This is the scene at the mouth of the Thames River of our usual ice jam that sometimes flood our farmland and towns.

These are some owls that we saw up at Lambton Heritage Museum near Grand Bend when we went for a trip to see the White Whistling Swans. Non was there but saw thousands of them the following week down here near home.

Michelle Wrights Rose Garden

Michelle is one of our local celebrity's from nearby Merlin and has made it big in Nashville.


This is such a beautiful sight to see the "Tundra" or "Whistling Swans" fly over our house in March. They will arrive here the first week in March from their wintering grounds in Chesapeake Bay in Maryland which they say only takes 24 hrs to get here. The last of them we will see the first week in april heading for their 3 month trip up to the far Canadian North West Territorys. If you would like to see more pictures and information please go to my other Link in my index "Whistling Swans".


These were my beautiful Clematis last year.

This was my red Hibiscus

Yellow tulips and dafodills in my garden last year


Fushia Bougavelia

Water Lillies

Purple water Iris and Waterhyasin