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This event got started because "NERD" had challenged a co-friend from Candid "Bubblehead" to a marathon and Doug asked how about having it in Burlington and they took him up on it.

On July 28th and 29th we held a FUNFEST in Burlington Iowa for caregivers to get away and have a little break from their LOVED ONES.
The event was to help raise money for the Alzheimers Society, and the Pick's Disease who had hoped to raise enough money to have some booklets printed to give to the caregivers of Pick's Disease, and also for the Paddlewheelers CB Club who did all the manpower jobs along with Doug who organized the whole event. The club buys xmass baskets for the needy familys at Christmas.

On Saturday was the Bathtub Race where each team had 4 people. One to steer the tub and 3 to push. They were timed going arround the course while other participants bought water balloons and threw them at the runners. We also had a bingo going on in the Port building (which we had to rent, and the parking lot to put the event on) and sold pizza and pop. There was a Chinese Auction and clowns running arround entertaining the younguns. There was a entertainer to play and sing for us. The local radio station supplied the sound system and DJ to announce the events. The firetruck and ambulance were even there and helping out (until they got called out for a call). The boyscouts were there to help cleanup the broken balloons.

On Thursday, Janet, Darlene, and Joyce, and Christina, helping Doug and I, from the Paddlewheelers filling the water balloons

On Friday night some had arrived early and we went out for supper for our hot wings at Gators Restraunt. Above is Mattie "Mary", with Mark, and Becky, Bubblehead's family, and Doug and I .

Doug Keck thanking everyone who came to the festivities and introduced the Mayor of Burlington (who read a proclamation declaring this a funfest weekend for caregivers,) and Edith Ann "Bubblehead"

"Bubblehead" Edith Ann Knox making a speech that she wished that the portion go to the local Alzheimers society instead of the research that she had originally asked for. She had taken care of her Mother In Law in Her home until last year when she passed away.

Doug getting his table all organized to sell t-shirts and all the containers for the different events.

Bubblehead and her daughter Rebecka

Doug registering everyone and selling the tickets for the balloons to throw at the racers.

Carol manning the Pizza table

This is part of the fleemarket tables with Dougs daughter Carilyn and his daughter-inlaw Sue.

This is the beautiful view that we saw of the Mississippi River while we were getting ready for the bathtub races. You will see a tow boat pushing a long barge down under the Great River Bridge, joining Burlington with Gulfport Illinois. Steven lining up the course for the bathtub races and under the canopy to the right is D'Allen Rice, a entertainer who donated his services, preparing his sound system.

Bubbles getting ready for her race.

Bubbles in tub driving with Becky, Tim and John pushing

Becky driving with John, Bubbles and Tim pushing.

One of the clowns that entertained the crowd

Doug one of the participants in the Dunk Tank

Doug enjoying the dunking as it cooled him off on the hot day. Dougs grandson with balls to dunk him but look what Bubbles and Becky have WATERBALLONS. That wasn't in the rules.

Bubbles receiving her certificate of Participation in the Bubbleheads Walk for Dementia. She is refreshing herself with watermellon part of the fruit that was donated to the cause and after there was submarines for 100. You will see Bubbles holding her left hand up as she found a friend that landed on her hand and would not leave for quite a while, she had to eat with the butterfly on her hand. In the background you will see the Crapo Park Shelter House that we had to rent for the event. We would like to thank all the caregivers that donated to the event. If not for them this would not have been able to come off.