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My Anakin Family Tree Album



WE have now been able to trace our family back to 1560. Beginning with.

#1 George Fogawhite 1560 from Coxwolds Yks, who married Agnita ANNIKIN and she had a son
Ouswould ANNIKIN born 1580.

#2 Ouswould ANNIKIN born 1580.
Married Francis Marshall.
Children = (i) William ANNIKIN b Nov. 13, 1613,
(ii) Francis Annikin b Sept. 1616.
(iii) Jane Annikin b Jan 07, 1609.
(iv) Myles Annikin b 1611.

#3 William ANNIKIN born Nov 13, 1613, died Oct 8, 1655.
Married Margaret Widow in 1633,
Children = (i)William ANNIKIN b April 1, 1634.
(ii) Elizabeth Annikin b June 13, 1633.
(iii) Ralph Annikin b Nov 24, 1639.

#4 William ANNIKIN born April 1, 1634 in Farnham Yks d May 29, 1694. m Isabel Piper. Nov 27, 1661 in Scotton Yks.
Children = (i) Ralph ANNIKIN B Dec. 20, 1667.
(ii) Jane Annikin b Dec 6, 1665.
(iii) Thomas Annikin b March 03, 1671.
(iv) William Anakin b 1674.

#5 Ralph ANNIKIN born dec 20th, 1667 Ferrinsby Yks. Died 1719,
married Judith Robinson 1711,
Children= (i) Francis Annikin b July 25, 1714,
(ii) Judith Annikin b April 17, 1712

#6 Francis ANNIKIN born July 25, 1714, died 1758.
married Jane Remmer on Aug 22, 1751.
Children = (i) William ANNIKIN born 1732,
(ii) Esther Annikin b May 16, 1741.
(iii) Francis Annikin born Feb 3, 1742.
(iv) Elizabeth Annikin born Oct 10, 1746.

#7 William ANNIKIN born 1732 in Brampton Yks. Died March 18, 1817.
married Mary Thornton Nov. 24, 1760. in Kirby Hill Yks.
Children = (i) Esther ann Annikin born March 18, 1763.
(ii) John Anniken born Sept 23, 1761.
(iii) Ann Annikin born July 1, 1765.
(iv) Jane Annikin born Feb. 27, 1771.
(v) Elizabeth Anniken born July 17, 1773.

#8 Esther Ann ANNIKIN born March 18, 1763,
married Thomas Mitchell Jan 14, 1793. at Kirby Moor Yks.
Children = (i) John ANNIKIN born June 6, 1788
(ii) Leanard Anakin

#9 John Anakin,born June 6, 1788 Budwith Yks. Died May 31, 1867.
married Elizabeth Statersdale, born 1790 died, April 20, 1872.
they were married April 23, 1812 in Budwith Pockington Yks .
Children (i) Charles ANAKIN Born April 8, 1812.
(ii) Eleanor Ellen Anakin born March 24, 1817.
(iii) Esther Annakin born June 18, 1815,
(iv) Rhoda Anakin born August 21, 1814.

#10 CHARLES ANAKIN, born April 8, 1812, in Thorton York, England, died Oct 25, 1906
married Rhoda Ezard, on March 5, 1836 she was born Oct 1, 1809 at North Burton England. Charles children were =
(i) Elizabeth "Eliza Jane" ANAKIN Born May 27, 1834, in York County England. Died June 5th 1911 in Walkerville Ont. and buried in Chatham Ontario.
Married= Richard Ernest Cape on Oct 4, 1855 born Sept 13, 1837, died March 15, 1896 and buried in Chatham Maple Leaf Cemetary with wife.

Richard and Eliza Jane Cape's stone at Maple Leaf Cemetary
They had 8 children.

#11WILLIAM ANAKIN b July 16, 1839 died Nov 12, 1925
married #1, wife Ellen Griffiths Aug 13, 1861, died after 2 yrs.
married #2, MARTHA Maria Birchal May 26, 1867 in Liverpool Englnd.
She was born 1835 in Liverpool England
and died 3 days after GREAT Grandad November 15, 1925
and they were burried together on the 17th.

GREAT GRANDAD was a mariner and had his 1st and 2nd mates papers, on several whaling ships until he broke his leg in 1868 and opened his first of a chain of fruit markets, known as Greengrocers back then. The business grew and was passed to a couple of sons until it was sold.
Great Grandma and Grandad had moved to Canada and lived here about two years in Chatham and then went back to England.

This is one of the oldest pictures that I could find of my great Grandparents taken at the wedding of Emily Maud Anakin and Alfred Green.
Back row from left to right=Great Grandad William ANAKIN, Great Aunt Emily and Great Uncle George ANAKIN.
Front row left to right=Alfred Green, Emily Maud ANAKIN (eldest daughter of George William and Emily Rose Anakin) and my great grandmother Martha (Birchel) ANAKIN.

Stained glass windows that were unveiled and dedicated on Nov 28th, 1926 (one yr after My Great grandparents died) in honour of William and Martha Anakin in the St. Margaret's, Anfield Liverpool Church. They are no longer there as a German bomb distroyed them in the war. But the church has been rebuilt.

Children of William and Martha ANAKIN

This is one of the many greengrocery stores that was in the William Anakin family. This one looks like it was John Charles Anakin Store, around 1900.

(i)JOHN Charles ANAKIN, born 1874 died 1951
Married Emily Porter, born 1902 died 1945

(ii)RHODA ANAKIN, born 1876 died 1897
married Charles Kendell

(iii)MARTHA ANAKIN, born 1878
married Frank Nelson Hustwick , and moved to Chatham Ontario Canada
CHILDREN=Frank Hustwick, born 1901, his daughter is Joyce Trambley of Tilbury Ontario, Georgina Huswtick, Gwendelyn Hustwick, born 1903, Florence Hustwick, born 1906, William Hustwick, born 190, Earl Grey Huswick, born 1915, Alfred Reginald Hustwick, born 1912, Arthur Ronald Hustwick, born 1920,

(iv)WILLIAM ANAKIN, born 1880
(v)ALICE MAUD ANAKIN, born 1881 died 1932
married George Alexander Palmer, born 1879 died 1960
Children=Rhoda Palmer, Doris Palmer, Alex Palmer, Reg Palmer, Charles Palmer, Bert Palmer,
Florence Marion(Marie) Palmer, born 1905 died Aug 11th 1983. married George Norris, born 1903 died July 11th 1975. They moved to Australia,
Marie's Children =
Brenda Norris, born Nov 18th 1932, married Fred Tull,
( I have been intouch with Brenda over the years since the 40's.)
Their Children are=
Collin Tull, born Dec 11th 1954, Ian Tull born June 22nd 1959.
Margaret Norris, born Dec 11th 1936, married Allen Leedham.
Janet Norris, born Feb 15th 1947. married Jan Sterch, their children are Susan Sterch born Feb 28th 1971, Troy Sterch, born September 22nd 1973
Raymond Norris, born Feb 23rd 1930 died Dec 10th 1943.
Valerie Norris, born May 31st 1942, died Jan 12th 1946.

(vi)RICHARD EARNEST ANAKIN, born 1882 died 1883
(viii)GEORGINA ANAKIN, born 1887

(ix)GEORGE WILLIAM ANAKIN, born 1872, died 1948
married Emily Rose Burkinshaw, born 1872 died 1958

Their children are
EMILY MAUD ANAKIN, born 1894, died 1978
ARTHUR WILLIAM ANAKIN, born 1895, died 1958

GEORGE SAMUAL ANAKIN, born 1897, died 1978
married Dorothy Caton, born 1901, died 1983
George's children are
married Marjorie Pulford, born 1923. Their children Susan Hillary ANAKIN, born 1951 married Ray Smith, Jane Hellen ANAKIN, born 1961, and Simon Nickalas ANAKIN, born 1955. his children are Richard Neil ANAKIN born 1985, David John ANAKIN, born 1987, and Christopher James ANAKIN, born 1991


WILLIAM ERNEST ANAKIN,(My Grandfather), born 1884 in Liverpool England, died Aug 30th 1966 in Chatham Ontario. Married Eleanor Mather, born 1885 in Liverpool England an died Febuary 24th 1969 in Chatham Ontario.

Their Children were
(2)LESLIE ANAKIN, born 1905 died 1994
first wife Mary Louise Thomas, born 1904 died 1948 mother of their two children.
2nd wife Tina Tulp

This is Doug ANAKIN right hand side, front.

His Children
DOUGLAS THOMAS ANAKIN, born November 6th 1930, (He won a gold medal in the 4 man bobsled race in the 1964 OLIMPICS) married Mary Jane Mosker, born Dec. 3rd 1939

There Children are
Bridget Susan ANAKIN, born Feb 5Th 1968
married Sherman Kwok born Nov 11th 1958, child Sydney Jane Kwok, born Sept. 5th 1999.
Megan Grace ANAKIN (kept her maden name ANAKIN), born March 30th 1966, married Daniel Wright, born May 12th 1964, NEW SON Dillon Taylor ANAKIN, BORN Nov 12, 1999, So we finally have a boy for the generation on this side of the family,

"Bud" and Shirley (Anakin) Templeton born March 3, 1935 (a teacher by trade) they have 2 children Randy and Elizabeth


This Picture was taken at my Grandparents 60th Wedding Aniversary. William Ernest ANAKIN and Eleanor (Mather) ANAKIN. Married Febuary 7th 1903. Their first move to Chatham Ontario Canada was in 1904, where he got a job in the paint shop of the Wagon Wheel plant which later was sold to International Harvester Truck Plant, where he retired from, along with the three sons and son-inlaw.

The Anakin sisters in their sunday furs in early 1920's top left to right Irene, Doris, Eleanor

Children were

#5 Doris Alma (Anakin) Wood born Feb 26th 1913 in Liverpool England. Died July 5th, 2000. Married John Henry Wood on September 5th 1932, he was born June 24th 1911, died April 21, 1981 in Chatham Ontario.

#1 William (Bill) ANAKIN born October 22nd 1903 in Liverpool England. Married Hilda Warren. children ,

Florence Elizabeth (Betty) Anakin and Albert Edward (Burt) Stonehill married April 24, 1954
Their children are Robin b 1955, Julianne b 1957, Susan b 1960, William b 1964

(ii) Doreen ANAKIN, b 1932, married Richard James Wilton m Oct 6th, 1956 and had 4 children
Heather b 1958, Deborah Anne b April 1960, Richard b 1964, Scott b 1966

Pictured above is Debbie, Richard and Heather Wilton.

(iii) Robert ANAKIN b 1934 and married Carilyn Guyit on June 25, 1955, with one daughter Cherie Lynn b 1967 Cheries children are

#3 George ANAKIN, born 1907 died Aug 31st 1986,in Chatham Ont. married Lavern Farby, born 1910, died 1987,in Chatham Ont.
children= George ANAKIN, born 1931 died 1958, William (Bill) born 1930 died 1976 in Chatham

#4 Irene Dorothy ANAKIN, born June 22nd 1910 in Chatham Ontario , died 1992 in London Ontario, married Harold Mason, born Aug 15th 1911, died ?in London Ontario,
children =(i) Edward (Ted) Mason born March 30th 1936,

Ted and Donna Mason

(ii)Donald Mason,
(iii) Nancy Eleanor Mason born June 13th 1949,
(iv) Richard (Dick) Mason.

#6 Eleanor Frances ANAKIN, born Dec 10th 1916 in Chatham Ontario, married Walter Sleeman, born June 28th 1911, died Oct. 19th 1989, at Lake St. Peter. Ontario. Children=(i) John Wayne Sleeman, born April 13th 1947,

(ii) Victor George Sleeman, born April 11th 1952.

This is the family of William Ernest and Eleanor ANAKIN

Back row George, Leslie, Doris, Bill
front row Grandad Anakin , Irene, Eleanor, Grandma Anakin

Left to Right
William Ernest "Bill" Anakin & Hilda
George & Lavern Anakin
Leslie & Tina Anakin
Harold & Irene Mason
Jack & Doris Wood
Walter & Eleanor Sleeman

Uncle Less Anakin with his 3 sisters Eleanor, Doris and Irene.

Aunt Eleanor, Uncle Less and Doris


This is a before and after picture of my grandparents cottage on the Dyke Road, where we used to spend our summers, and all the family would get together. In the left picture you will see all the sand on the beach with the dock going out in the water where we would play and dive off and swim. The right picture shows what it looked like after the big storms took the beach away. Many a summer my father would pour cement accross the front to save the cottage from the lake, but each year we would go back out and find that the front had sunk down in the sand, and he would start all over again. It was a timeless job trying to keep cement and rocks built up across the front. The lake took many cottages out, after my grandparents passed away my mother bought the cottage, but soon it was to hard to keep up so they sold it. The cottage is still standing the latest owners had started reconstructing it, have all kinds of supplies inside not finished, and they havent been to the cottage for years. So there it sits until another big storm, takes it out into the lake.

Anakin Cousins family reunion in November of 2000


This is mom and dad at about 9 yeas old

Mom and Dad in the early 1930's


This is a picture of My mother and father Doris Alma (ANAKIN) Wood, and John Henry Wood.
Their children are #1 Carol Illeen (ME)(Wood) White, born March 27th 1933. married Kenneth Gerald White, born April 4th 1932 died June 10th 1995.

My children =(pictures can be seen on previous pages of my children and grandkids )(i) Deborah Lynn (White) Wright. born June 14th 1954, married now to Kenneth Wright.
(ii)Randell Kenneth White, born Oct 11th 1955, married Wendell Brabaw.
children Ashley, Kyle.

(iii)James Patrick White, born March 1st 1958. married Peggy Brignall.
children Michelle, Holly.

(iv)Robert John White, born April 26th 1960, married Lisa Robert
children Nathan, Laurne.

#2 Robert George Wood, born Oct 2nd 1936, married Shirley Ann Sharpe, born Dec 6th 1937,
Children= Lori Anne Wood born Aug 5th 1960,

Robert Gordon Wood, born April 21st 1965,

#3 Jack William Wood, born Jan 18th 1939, married to Carolyn Fry,
His children == Christiford Wood, born June 9th 1963,
Pamila Wood, born November 12th 1967

#4 Leslie Gordon Wood, born December 7th 1941, married Karen Elizabeth Robertson, born Oct 27th 1946,

Children==Mark Joseph Wood, born May 14th 1969,
Brian James Wood, born May 29th 1970,
Mathew Jason Wood, born July 13th 1974,
Mary Elizabeth Wood, born November 21st 1979,

#5 Nancy Eleanor Wood, born November 12th 1947,married Dennis Wayne Wiseman, born Febuary 2nd 1947,
Children ==Dion Wiseman, born Dec 4th 1971,
Sonja Wiseman, born May 31st 1977.

#6 Vivian Joyce Wood, born Febuary 22nd 1955, married Robert Chambers

Children= Tina Lynne Chambers, born March 9th 1973,
Steven George John Chambers, born Sept 8th 1975,K
Colleen Margret Chambers, born July 3rd 1980

Doris "mom" with Tina and Vivian Chambers


Carol, Jack, Vivian, Mom, (Doris ANAKIN) Wood Leslie, Nancy, Bob


These are 40 of the Anakin cousins that were able to make the reunion in Chatham in November 2005. They came from as far as Peterborough, Oshawa, Richmond Hill, Keswick, Dorchester, London, Windsor Ont.

It was a interesting day with everyone looking at old pictures and showing off their grandchildren pictures.

Ted and Donna Mason from Dorchester Ontario with two of their daughters and 3 grandchildren

Nancy and Ken Ross from Keswick Ontario

Allen "Dick" and Fran Mason from London Ontario

Don and Trudy Mason from Peterborough Ontario

Shirley and Bud Templeton

Betty and Bert Stonehill

Bob and Carolyn Anakin

Aunt Eleanor (Anakin) sons Wayne and Victor,and his wife Regan and their two kids Victoria and Brandon Sleeman.of Richmond Hill and Whitby


This year we had 50 cousins that came from Windsor to Peterborough, Koho Hill, Keswick, London, Sarnia and Windermier BC. It was held at Leslie Wood's house and garden in Chatham. It was held the same week that Doug Anakin got inducted into the Chatham sports Hall of Fame where he showed off his gold medal from the 1964 Olympics for the 4 man bobslede in Innsbruck Austria.

Victor, Aunt Eleanor(Anakin) & Wayne Sleeman, back row Victoria, Brandon,Regan Sleeman

Dion, Nancy, Dennis and Sonia Wiseman,
in front Bradon and Madison

Nancy (Mason) and Ken Ross

Dick (Allan) Mason and Fran Mason.

Don and Trudy Mason

Ted and Donna Mason and family

Betty (Anakin)- and Bert Stonehill from London Ont.

Bud and Shirley (Anakin) Tempelton, Doug Anakin, in back row daughter Elizabeth Postma and daughter Katrina.

Vivian (Wood) Chambers, Carolyn and Jack Wood

Deborah and Ken Wright

Shirley and Bob Wood, and Carol (Wood, White) Keck

Bob and Carolyn Anakin,Sherie Alexander

Bob and Shirley Wood

Shirley and Dick Willton

Don and Trudy Mason& Dick Mason's back.

Doug and Carol Keck

Kay and Les Wood

Les Wood's backyard fishpond, where the party was held.

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