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Michael 3


Dear Michael, I appreciated your letter very much. You have shown yourself humble, appreciative and acute.

I did not mean to show any disappointment with you, Michael. If I like and respect a person, and I see something I'm sure is wrong, I attempt a correction and to do such I dig a bit under the surface so as to extract the defect from its roots. Digging under the surface is somewhat painful but if there is no pain involved, the defect will not be loosened from the roots.

In my harshness concerning your mode of speaking of the Holy Presence, I designed my phrases in such a way that you will no longer be able to hear the term 'Shechinah' without remembering my words. It's a study I received from the Tzadik Haim, to be used only with someone for whom I have respect. I was 'harsh' because of the 'level' of the error but I attempted (successfully, Baruch HaShem) the correction because I respect you and I imagine that whatever words I say, you will listen to understand them. Otherwise, I wouldn't do such, as it states in Proverbs 'if you rebuke a fool, he will hate you but if you rebuke a wise person, he will love you and add to your lessons'.

Or perhaps you thought I was disappointed in you because I expressed doubts about your being able to, let's say, come into the fold of the Donkeys. This was of course a doubt expressed with the hope that it is not so. My doubt, Michael, was not spoken, however with any disappointment for this fact. I know the reality of living in the traditional halachic environment and of trying to walk constantly within the 4 amot of the halacha. It is extremely hard to come to terms with the Ge'ula Sheleima from inside that traditional position but it is not impossible. I'll come back to this point.


I appreciate your words


I only seek the truth. I remember you writing that you do not replace the Halakha for those who go by the Halakha. So excuse me if I continue in my own donkey way! according to the Mishneh Torah and Shulchan Aruch. I totally sympathize with your work. Truth has an uncanny way of winning in the end.


This truly encourages me. I believe in the sincerity of your words. And I also know the power of our texts because they speak the truth, not a truth that comes from us but the truth of HaShem of the promised Ge'ula ha-Sheleima, as has been revealed from the Kingdom of Heaven in merit of the chosen Goel Haim. We few Donkeys have been following these Completed Signs for 24 years now and we know that they are perfect. All this is the revelation of the third name of 'EHEYE ASHER EHEYE' which as known contains the Historical Design of three exiles and three redemptions. When HaShem Baruch Hu chooses the Final Goel, the third name, the final 'EHEYE' 'proceeds' with the New Revelation.

The New Revelation is thick with New Things that are unknown to traditional Judaism, as it states there (Isaiah 48) 'do not say 'We have known them and we have heard them' – you have not known them and have not heard them' etc.

This is the point, Michael. Until now Judaism has received its exiles and its redemptions from the first two names. It has not yet received, obviously, the New Tradition of the Ge'ula Sheleima, reason for which that prophecy, with immense force (if you study it closely), exhorts the nation to receive the New Tradition and to understand that these are New Things that the Jews, including the talmidei hhachamim of the present and of the past, have not known about and have not heard of.

Whoever is wise will understand that ALL these NEW THINGS are not in counter position to the Revelation and the Tradition of the past! God's Triple-Name of the Design of the Redemption is, in truth, one name, of the same One Living God. He does not contradict Himself. The NEW THINGS are not in contradiction to the Tradition of Israel.

This must be understood. They are, in truth, New Things, but they are not in contrast to the truth of the past. The prophecy, however, comes with great force, in the full realization that at that time in which these New Things will be revealed, it is anything but an easy task for the traditional Jews, of whatever genre they belong to, to hear about these New Things and not to suspect that they are in contrast to Tradition. The prophecy comes to lighten the burden. Do not be afraid, these are New Things that God sends for the Ge'ula ha-Sheleima. These are New Things from God Almighty that you do not yet know and that you have never heard of. They are not 'revealed' in the Torah or in Prophets or in the Halacha or in sifrei kodesh, otherwise you would have already heard of them. - As said, the prophecy comes with a tremendous force because of the tremendous difficulty, in the beginning, for Jews to accept or even listen to New Things.

Therefore, Michael, the mere fact that you are trying to assimilate the material on our Site that relates to the New Revelation received by us few Donkeys (this I say, aside from your stupendous salvation, thank God, from the terrible idolatrous sin of the Last Days of Exile, and that also Camillo helped you in this), is extremely significant. The fact that you can even appreciate our speaking about Yeshua demonstrates an open-mindedness and a spirit of individuality that are absolutely necessary for receiving these New Things.

One must empty himself in order to receive new things. Many people are afraid to empty themselves, as if they are losing their past by such an emptying. This, however, in truth, is foolishness. You lose nothing of your past; you empty yourself now of all pre-concepts in order to receive the new things on the new basis that are given. Afterwards, when you have assimilated what is being said of the New Things and the New Basis on which they are constructed, you can compare them to all that which you know or have heard of in the past. Receiving new things does not take anything away from you; in truth, they add to any knowledge already acquired.

So too the New House of Prayer of 7 Floors and Thirteen Altars, as received in the Completed Signs, does not come in contrast to the Traditional Synagogue. The Traditional Synagogue continues in time on its historic course. That the New House of Prayer is said to be an alternative to the Synagogue allows a Jew his personal preference. You must remember that most Jews in the world today are hardly Traditional Jews! Thus, whereas Jews who already follow the halacha and are part of the Traditional Synagogue may well continue on that path, there are many Jews, even a majority, who will wish to participate on the Altar of Judah in the New House of Prayer.

For example, our friend Moshe Bardi in Bersheva uses the New Rite at home and the Traditional Rite in Beit ha-Knesset, sometimes shahhrit at home and mincha-maariv in Beit Ha-Kenesset and sometimes vice versa. There's no contradiction. Moshe, a religious Persian Jew,  believes in the coming of the Goel Haim and in the Completed Signs and in every aspect of the Ge-ula Sheleima. He even loves Jesus as well. He understands the Universalism of the Final Redemption and has widened his horizons 100 fold compared to the traditional ideas that he was used to before. He, of course, doesn't speak of the Ge'ula Sheleima except to close friends and some relatives. He speaks out against the Zohar and against Habad, however, on every occasion and he's great at tearing down posters of the Lubovitcher Rebbe.

In this period, one has little choice. It's almost impossible to speak to anyone in eretz Yisrael about the Redemption. There are no ears to listen. There will be in due time but not now. Therefore you too, Michael, if you would become a Donkey would be more like a secret-agent Donkey than an Announcer of the Final Redemption for now. And there is no contradiction to your remaining in the Synagogue and following the halacha.

There are, however, some extremely important points to consider, to understand and to take into account. I told you in my last letter of the dream I had in Israel in 2003 in which I announced that it was now not possible to announce the Redemption in Israel because the concepts regarding the Messiah are so erroneous and distorted that it's impossible to speak. The Final Redemption will be announced later on in this Fourth Generation.

     This fact cannot be overlooked. Once you've understood that there are no contradictions between the Synagogue and between the Redemptional House of Prayer, you will have no difficulty in understanding the necessity of the New Rite and the New Law etc. etc. So too will you understand that the Final New Pact of the Ge'ula Sheleima is not in contrast to the Torah but a Completion to the Tradition which is from the Torah.

The problem is the messianic one. Here it is not enough to accept the New Things and to correlate them to the midrashim and aggadot and popolar traditions concerning the Messiah ben David. Whereas all other aspects of Jewish Law are true and remain in their place, all the ideas concerning the Messiah are 'erroneous and distorted'.  They are, as the Great Eagle, the Rambam, peace be upon him, wrote in hilchot melachim, 'only speculation on the verses' and nothing more. They are 'not Kabbalah'; there is no Traditional Reception concerning these things. These are 'hidden things which the Prophets themselves did not know' etc. 'Only when' the time comes and 'these things are revealed will all be understood' and the words of the Prophets will be clarified once and for all.

I have, thank God, written a book for Sefer Mishnat Haim called New Light to the Rambam (this title was given over in a dream 23 years ago to our friend Sarah Marcus – from Hadera –living for the moment in Calgary, Canada). I explain in this book these famous two last se'ifim of hilchot melachim, with the obligation of reporting and explaining all the New, True Kabbalah of the Third and Complete Redemption in merit of the chosen Goel Haim, born in Saana, Yemen. Eventually, God willing, this text, written in Hebrew, will be on the Site. You will swim in it with such great pleasure when you study it that you will not want to leave the sea. Have patience, everything is coming in due time.

What is it in the, let's say, traditional views of Messiah ben David that is so erroneous and distorted? I'm making a molehill out of a mountain but for the sake of seeing the mountain. The Initial Universal Signs, taken on by Jesus and used in his messianic and redemptional mission, went out for the nations by way of Christianity. Those Universal Signs, even though they became corrupted and turned into idolatry in Christianity, in their Source (the Initial Signs themselves) were not only not idolatrous; they are an INTEGRAL PART of the Messianic and Redemptional Tradition needed for the Final Ge'ula Sheleima.

The two main Initial Signs of which we are speaking are the Sign of the Kingdom of Heaven and the Sign of the Resurrection. In Judaism, the Kingdom of Heaven is not properly a Kingdom and the Sign of the Resurrection of the Dead refers to the final culminating result of the return of the Just to new bodies in this world. That virtually cosmological event in which the remaining part of humanity is already on such a high level of righteousness and closeness to God as to receive the Resurrection of the Dead is well after the generations and centuries of the Ge'ula Sheleima. The Tzadik Haim would say, 'That time is very, very far away; HaShem Baruch Hu alone knows when that will be'. Then he would sometimes add, 'Ha-hhachamim, zichronam li-bracha, got very confused (nitlabtu) in this matter'. 

What is needed historically is the SIGN of the Resurrection and the Sign fulfills the many historical phases of the Resurrection until that time, that God alone knows, of the Resurrection of the Dead. And the Sign needed two historical phases to be completed, the Initial Sign of Jesus's Resurrection and the Completed Sign of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim.

These are completely New Things, never known or heard of before. It is part of the incredible Design of God Almighty in bringing the Ge'ula Sheleima to mankind. We have, of course, 'stolen back' the Initial Sign from Christianity and reproportioned it into its true context.

In Christianity, also the Sign of the Kingdom of Heaven was an integral part of the Initial Messianic and Redemptional Signs. Jesus was placed by traditional Christianity as Christus Rex in the Kingdom of Heaven after his Crucifixion, and, of course, because of the deification, everything was distorted into an idolatrous cult. The Initial Sign itself, however, is a true Messianic and Redemptional Sign. The chosen Tzadik Haim, after his death and resurrection, is found as the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven.

We, of course, 'stole' the Initial Sign back so that it be reproportioned in the true Tradition of Israel. You see, Michael, 'not for naught has his name been called Jacob and he has taken me in these two times'. These two essential redemptional Signs had to be taken out of Esau's hands because, in truth, they belong to the blessing reserved for Jacob. It is well known that Esau is Edom and represents Christianity. The blessing, however, in Esau's hands would become arrogance and idolatrous. Therefore must it 'return' to Jacob.

So was it designed by God, Blessed is He and Blessed is His name forever. But why such a complicated history in order for Jacob to receive the blessing? Wouldn't it have been much easier had only Jacob been born!

God's Design of the Complete Redemption, however, is with great mercy on all people, on the great human race created by God, all children of Adam and Eve, as the words of the Goel Haim (in the dream of Adam Kamkhaji) as he embraced the men and women of the nations with heart-felt love and said to each one, "We are all of the same flesh". This is in general; how much more so Esau who was the first-born son of Yitzhhak and Rivka and grandson to Abraham and to Sarah. He had no small yihhus.

The reason, Michael, is because Esau's head, cut off by Hhush ben Dan, rolled into the Machpelah. The head of Esau represents those Christians who are good, loving people with a good heart, with respect for others and with good deeds and who walk in the fear of sinning against God inasmuch as their knowledge allows them. Also these must be saved and redeemed for the completeness of the Final Redemption.

There is in connection to this an extremely pertinent fact. I had received this knowledge previously from the Hidden Tzadik Haim; afterwards it was revealed in the Completed Signs. Most of the neshamot of the Ten Lost Tribes are found in Christianity. These neshamot were present at Sinai and they were among Jews of the Ten Dispersed Tribes. By God's Providence, they have been born into Christian families in all these past centuries. The reason was to circumscribe them from falling prey to the many other completely pagan religions that have reigned throughout history. Even though Christianity had too its pagan idolatry theology, it was, nevertheless, the great vehicle of the Bible for the world, making it known God's choice of the Patriarchs and their history, God's choice of Israel and of the redemption from Egypt at the hands of Moses, of the revelation of the Ten Commandments at Sinai etc. etc.

Aside from this there have been millions of Christians throughout the ages (not Popes, Priests and Theologians obviously) who have taken extremely important moral lessons from the words of Jesus reported in the Gospels. They learned humility from Yeshua, not arrogance; they learned to have a serious attitude towards life, not to be frivolous; they learned honesty and sincerity from Jesus and the merits of tzedaka. Of the millions of good folk I speak, not of Popes, Priests and blood-thirsty anti-Semite Edomites!

Amazing, nevertheless, is the prophetic statement of Jesus, 'I have not come except for the salvation of the lost sheep of the house of Israel'. Christianity has represented that partial salvation which for those neshamot was a necessary elevation in order to be 'prepared'  for the time of the Final Redemption.

 'Your thoughts are not My thoughts and your ways are not My ways' says the Almighty Designer of the Ge'ula ha-Sheleima.

These are all New Things, unknown and unheard of before. In all the many prophecies that speak of Judah and Israel or Judah and Efraim or sometimes the house of Jacob and the guarded ones of Israel, these all allude to the Jews on one hand (those who have kept their identity) and those of the Ten Tribes who are found in Christianity (and who have lost their identity as Jews but their souls are intact), on the other hand.

Those are the prophesied tears of Rahhel Imeinu who cries for her sons because they are not, and the prophesied answer of God to hold back her tears and crying and be consoled because her sons will return unto the confines. – These are the souls of the Ten Tribes called in the name of Yosef who have lost their true identity in Christianity but who in the end re-find their roots in Israel and return within the confines of the True Tradition. For this return of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel to the Confines of true Judaism is designed the Altar of Efraim. This is a Jewish Altar, as the Altar of Judah, but certain laws are rendered easier, taking into consideration that these Lost Sheep have been shorn of their true wool for centuries. We did not design it. Merciful and magnanimous is the God of Israel who established the paths of salvation throughout history in order to redeem the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel in the end, as it states, 'ki ben yakir li efraim' – 'for Efraim is unto Me a precious son'. And without them, there is no Redemption.

So if I didn't love you, Michael, would I tell you all these marvelous, newly revealed 'secrets' of the Final Redemption! Hee-haw, Hee-haw!

Since, however, you have always been a non-conformist and an individualist (just like me), you will not throw away a once in life-time chance of knowing all the truth about the Completed Historical Messianic and Redemptional Signs in merit of the chosen Goel Haim. I'm sorry, Michael, but your neshamah is searching for the truth, so you will not be able to get out of this one. Hee-haw! Unless you decide that the truth is too big for you and you prefer to remain content with less truth.  Haw-hee! Free-choice is not taken away from anyone. Hee-haw, hee-haw, hee-haw!!!

If you see enough of our writings and testimonies, you will not be able to get out of its redemptional truth on every question.


This relates to a drastic form the realization of which will cause tidal waves of mental changes to sweep through large portions of humanity. Equally drastic will be the consequences of the Jewish realization that the Doctrine of Emanation is a terrible idolatrous infiltration that has blinded the eyes of talmidei hhachamim in these past four centuries. When this fact will become clear to true Torah leaders (who will hopefully get there soon), a great avalanche of thick snow will fall upon the Jewish mind and the heart will seek a ray of sunlight to melt the cold snow and to illumine a path of truth. Then will they know that Camillo was a helping hand in bringing on the snow and they will say, 'Let us seek further the words of this Site, perhaps it contains a ray of sunlight to illumine us in the darkness. Even many worthy Torah scholars have not led us to it. Let us hear what these Donkeys have to say.'

"Here is the truth" say the Donkeys. "The Final Goel whose name is Haim ben Moshe, originally from Saana Yemen, has been chosen by the One Living God of Israel and of the universe. This is a one-time happening in history. It never happened before and will never happen again. The Tzadik Haim, after a long and terrible sacrificial malady for the sake of expiating a decree of worldly devastation, died and was resurrected into the Kingdom of Heaven in the position of Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven. He is not the Messiah ben David. He is the chosen Final Goel of the Ge'ula ha-Sheleima.

Herein lay the truth of the prophecy, 'behold, he shall come immediately into his palace-chamber the Adon that you are seeking. – The underlying tone is 'this  is the one that in truth you are seeking, not the one you thought you were seeking. I give you a sign, nevertheless, to recognize his coming. When he will be chosen, he shall immediately come onto his Chamber in the Palace of the Kingdom of Heaven – and it is from there that he will become known to you. – 'and this the angel of God whom you desire' – this refers to the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning. The Signs of the ge'ula Sheleima are the Heredity of the Prophet Elijah and these are the Completed Signs that are revealed with God's choice of the Goel.

The Goel is in the Kingdom of Heaven but there must be a Mission on earth to receive the Final Redemption and the Completed Signs and to prepare them for being received in the world. The 'secret' of this mission is there in the prophecy of Zaccariah of the just one who is poor and comes riding on an ass and on a donkey son of female-asses. This alludes to the Mission of the Donkey who Eats the Bread of the Ge'ula ha-Sheleima. And he ain't no one donkey either 'cause it don't say just donkey but 'on a donkey and on an ass son of female asses'. In this way, it won't go to no donkey's head! Not to speak of White Horses and the Tail of the Donkey and the Mane of White Horse and some other Animals as well. Maybe you want to come to visit our Stable, Michael.

So tell me, Michael, if the Final Goel has been chosen and he represents the salvation and redemption of the Ge'ula Sheleima and the Donkey Mission is on earth, is then the Donkey Mission not Messianic? Messianic means that it brings the salvation of the Final Redemption in merit of the Final Goel to the world.

The Donkey-Mission is basically two-fold in scope: Sacerdotal  and the extension of the Final Redemption. When the House of Prayer of Seven Floors and Thirteen Altars of Prayer will be established as the Third Temple, the Seventh Floor contains the Altar of the Anointed Priest. The Donkey of this Altar must be born Jewish and must some Davidic or at least Tribe of Judah credentials. This is a Messianic Prieshood position. The Anointed Priest on the Altar of the Anointed Priest is under the Priesthood of the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heavem, the Tzadik Haim.

On the Fourth Floor of the House of Prayer is the Altar of the Great Israel which is also the Altar of the Donkey who eats Bread. This is the Altar which pertains to the diffusion of the Final Redemption on an international level and to the many tasks and commissions that Donkeys will have in those times. Also the Head of this Altar must be a born-Jewish Donkey so as not to completely delude the halacha. You understand, Michael, it is not the Donkeys you are seeking but the chosen one of God who is now the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Be logical. If the announcements of the Final Redemption cannot be made now in Israel because the Jewish concept of Messiah is so erroneous and so distorted etc., it follows that the Completed Signs of the Ge'ula Sheleima bring with them the 'remedy' that has the power to eventually break down those erroneous and distorted concepts. Compared to the Messiah ben David idea that you had, the Messiah is a Donkey but compared to the true level and true power of the, in truth, awaited Goel, that which you attributed to the Messiah ben David is on the level of a Donkey. Let the one who has Donkey-Ears understand.

Waiting to hear from you