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Ester11 chapter 8


I am imagining that a Habadi saw our document Behind the Iron Gate of 770 and has taken it to heart. He then studied the dreams and comments in Resurection1 and after this he began to study the Five Tablets of the Pact and the Hherem Mi-Deoraita and became totally convinced that the entire doctrine of Emanation is pure idolatry. He is now planning his strategy for leaving the Habad Yeshiva (he would do it immediately but he foresees negative repercussions and is taking heed to protect himself first before officially making the step).

He has written to me, in my thoughts only, a rather long letter with a question. I paraphrase and sum up the contents in a few lines. - I've seen this fabulous Camillo Site and I have, thank God, understood the entire matter, the Root-Sin of Emanation, the false Kabbalah, the Hassidic ramification and the false messianism of Habad. I am also amazed by your notes on the Final Redemption and especially by the solidity and force of the spirit behind all your words. I am, however, not allowing myself for now to enter its realm. I am not up to it at this point in my life and I am taken up now with my breakaway from Habad and from, as you call it, the Four Generations of the Idolatrous Sin of the Zohar. This has also caused me, you can well imagine, to reflect lengthily on Jewish history and, unfortunately, on a darkness and the obscure covering that has permeated it. It is something that you do not glean easily, if at all, from, let's say, the traditional way of viewing Yiddishkeit. It's hard to sum it up. It's something like, ok, we've been praising our great privilege to be Jews in all these past centuries; when is it that we will began to search out our errors and to start correcting them? I was struck by a word of yours to the effect that the expression sinat hhinam (unwarranted hatred) used to define the general sin that caused the destruction of the Second Temple, be-avonot ha-rabim, in the end tells you very little etc. - - My question is this: I have in the past 6 years with Habad been studying Torah, Mishnah, Talmud, Halacha etc. that is, aside from the other things, Hassidut, Sihhot etc., which I now realize, Baruch HaShem, is all off course. I've been studying the very same things that all Israel studies, le-shem shamaim, be-yirat shamaim etc. What worth do these studies have seeing that I studied them within the false framework of Habad?

Shlomoh Brenderbush, Miami Florida


Dear Shlomoh, I congratulate you first of all. My happiness at your breakaway from Habad is indescribable. I can well understand your not feeling ready yet to affront the Final Redemption. Certainly also the children of Israel when they were liberated from Egypt were quite satisfied to get out and yet still quite removed from any idea of the extremely frightening Revelation at Sinai that was awaiting them.

Your question is not an easy one and it requires the exposition of certain principles concerning truth and justice. As you have obviously understood from the Five Tablets and the Hherem Mi-Deoraita, we are speaking here of a true Hherem, the Hherem which is found internally in the Second Commandment. In truth, the Hherem comes to protect those who have not fallen into the abyss of the entire gamut of the Idolatrous Sin of the Fourth Generation. The Hherem defines the sin and closes it off from the true faith of Israel.

Those who have fallen into it, if they come to know of the Hherem and they heed it, are still in time to get out of it. In any case, in general, the Hherem closes off the Idolatrous Sin, from the Sin of Fathers to the Sin of the Hated Fourth Generation. In general, therefore, we do not speak of the Hherem as being around specific Institutions but rather around the Sin. Concerning the Hated Fourth Generation to that Sin, however, two Institutions have been cited around which the Hherem falls, Habad and the School of Kabbalah of Ashlag (study Ester 3 in English dedicated to this last part of the Hherem). Thus, in these two cases, those who are part of those Institutions fall, unfortunately, under the Hherem Mi-Deoraita.

In general, the Sin of the Hated Fourth Generation contains in itself the Sin of Fathers, Sons, Third and Fourth Generations and the worst manifestations of the Sin come to the fore in the Fourth Generation reason for which the word le-sonai (Exodus, 20, 4) comes immediately after reviim (Ibid).

All that which is inside the Hherem is Passul (invalid) and Assur (prohibited) and nothing of it is permitted to be used for any benefit. For example, you cannot use the Tefillin straps of tefillin written and made by a Habadi for other Tefillin. They must be destroyed or buried. The paper of the pages of the Zohar and of all the hundreds of Kabbalah books based on it cannot be sold for recycling purposes. They must be burned or thrown away or covered in a pit. Since the Sin itself has been closed off into the Hherem, all those Sfarim and Siddurim that use the False Kabbalah are completely invalid until they have been cleansed of all traces.

The Hherem is made in conjunction to the Higher Tribunal. There is a difference in justice between a Jew brought unwittingly to read in the Zohar etc. and a Jew who has become part of Habad or part of the Ashlag School of Kabbalah. The Habadi or Ashlagi is, unfortunately closed into the Hherem. The fact of our specifying these two Institutions is important, as said, to minimize the damages. But it is historic as well. The Hated Fourth Generation has been completed in this period of history, time of the revelation of the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption. This is similar to 'the fourth generation will return hither because the sin of the Emorei is not complete until then' (Genesis, 15, 16). The living examples of the full-fledged idolatry of the Sin of Emanation are completed in this Fourth Generation (of 65 years which begins officially in April of 1983). In the generations coming these two Institutions will be remembered as Symbols of the Idolatrous Prostitute who cunningly derailed the true faith of Israel in the suave manners of her philosophy.

This is not in contradiction to what we have had to explain, unfortunately, concerning this same Hidden Sin of Emanation that represented the most internal reason for the unspeakable decree of the Shoa. Those responsible for the Jewish people had placed 'other faces' on the God of Israel, unwittingly covering over the true Countenance of God Almighty. This further caused hester panim at every level of the Jewish people. The Cord of Jacob's Sanctity had been cut off by a Pantheon of Divine Emanations recently come. And since its terminology was new, having come recently, in the 13th century, at the hands of Moses de Leon, the Fathers, that is the Rabbis and Sages of the Torah who base themselves on the teachings of the Fathers, were unable to measure it. Therefore the people here is called 'without God' and they are punished by Goi Naval, a base and iniquitous nation, Nazi Germany.

That decree, however, is not the decree of the Fourth Generation but the decree of Ahharit Ha-Yamim (the End-Time of Days) for the Jewish people. Indeed, Israel's Resurrection as a people and a nation begins three years later in 1948. Israel died but it was resurrected and it began a new life.

In terms of the Four Generations of the Sin of Emanation, however, that was still the end of the third generation. There is a reason for this. If the Hatred, God save us, against the Sin of the Zohar had reached its peak in that epoch, the decree, God save us, would not have been only on the 'bodies' of 6 million Jews, but, God save us and protect us, on their souls. It would not have been a decree of death but of extirpation, HaShem Yatzilenu.

Thus the main Hatred behind the Shoa was for that Sin but it fell on their bodies only because the entire sin was not perpetrated intentionally. The heads of the people had fallen into a terrible and insidious trap by error be-shogeg, however, not be-meizeed. It is essential to understand this. Most of the 6 million killed died with Shema Yisrael on their lips. The cries of their suffering and the anguish of their death rose before Him, Blessed is He and Blessed is His name in eternity. Israel's death was taken as a sacrifice before God Almighty and that sacrifice gave way to the merit of Israel's rebirth in the land of Israel in 48 and the prophecies of the ingathering began.

Therefore Ha-Kadosh Baruch Hu brought the decree of Ahharit Ha-Yamim while the Sin of Emanation was still within the framework of its third generation and not yet called Complete. This was mercy from the Holy God of Israel. When the Hated Fourth Generation of that sin would be complete, the Jewish people, as a whole, would be after the Shoa, after its sacrifice, on the side of merit, with the State of Israel on the prophesied side of its never again being destroyed.

Most assuredly this does not mean that everything becomes easy. 1948, as received in the Completed Signs represents the beginning of the Historic Period of Yemot Ha-Mashiah (the Messianic Days) which lasts for a hundred years until 2047. It represents a period of great confusion for Israel but it also has its positive sides and most often from each level of confusion there comes in the end a level of new clarification which allows for more just institutions. The Israel of today has a thousand different social strands with social upheavals at every level; and yet the progress of unification is forming its roads, even if often, they are not easy to discern on the surface.  

From 1983 begins the Period of the Final Historic Period of the Fourth Generation. This is not called the Fourth Generation of Israel. Ahharit Ha-Yamim were the Last Days of Judgment for the children of Israel which ended with the Shoa. So have we received it in a Sign that Israel is exempt from the harsh judgment of the Fourth Generation because they have already paid in the Shoa. We have said in some places that the Shoa was the particular Fourth Generation for Israel because for Israel it represented the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord, but here I am clarifying it even more. Ahharit Ha-Yamim refers to the Jews. The Fourth Generation refers to the world. The Idolatrous Sin of Ahharit Ha-Yamim was in its third generation. The Fourth Hated Generation of that Idolatrous Sin begins in 1983.

Therefore the fact that Habad and Ashlag's Kabbalah School at Jerusalem are specified before the Higher Tribunal in the Hherem Mi-Deoraita actually safeguards the great majority of Jews from the harsh judgment of the Hherem. That Sin will no longer cause any decree to fall on the Jewish people as a whole. It does impede the Redemption and increment darkness and make victims but its evil has been circumscribed in the Hherem Mi-Deoraita. So too will it be thrown down and destroyed and purified from all Israel because the Hherem is Torah and it has behind it the true force of the Torah and the true force of the Higher Tribunal.


These facts together can help us understand the conflict that arises between the high evaluation given to many great Rabbis and Sages of the past four centuries and between the fact that many of these same were believers in the false kabbalah of Spain, Tzevat, Hassidut etc. And yet they were rabbis and sages of the Torah. Their entire lives were spent in the study of Torah and in complying to mitzvoth. How was the judgment concerning their Torah and their mitzvoth?

There was, however, no Hherem Mi-Deoraita yet in the world to circumscribe the Sin in that Hherem. And those few rabbis who were against the Zohar, such as Ari Nohem, were not heeded but their expositions were also not completed. Only the Hhacham Yihhye ibn Shlomoh ElGafeh explained fully the true culprit, the doctrine of Emanation itself. But his book was put into 'Hherem' by the Kabbalists so as to suppress its diffusion. That sefer did contain and bind the prophecy in haazinu and was worthy to be a valid warning for all Israel 10 years BEFORE the Goi Naval surged up against the Jews. Its being suppressed and prohibited and decried by the Kabbalists only exacerbated the terrible decree that was brewing. That sefer was truly prophetic but once again the Prophets were not listened to and unheeded.

Also Milhhamot HaShem, in any case, was still in the third generation of the Sin, as explained. The author could not yet bind the Sin to manifest Institutions such as Habad or the School of Ashlag. I was therefore ordered by the Tzadik Haim to write Supplements to Sefer Milhhamot HaShem Haim (which became the Text of the Five Tablets of the Pact and the Hherem Mi-Deoraita). Also our explanations of the Four Generations of the Idolatrous Sin of the Zohar were completed and further elucidated, even though all the basis are found in Sefer Milhhamot HaShem.

The parameters of the Hherem Mi-Deoraita were established in the Five Tablets and not previously. Those great scholars of Torah, notwithstanding their belief in the Zohar and the entire gamut of the false Kabbalah did not lose their Torah or their mitzvoth. The loss was in precious time when they read and studied those Kabbalistic Texts that could have been used in studying true Torah. And certainly when they arose from this world they found nothing of those matters. Not so the Torah they studied, Mishnah, Talmud, etc. What they obtained in this world was with them in the next. They also did not come to know the truth of this matter. It was separated from all, a 'secret' above, until the time would come for its revelation.

I understood this better from a dream-vision in which I had the privilege to meet with Yisrael Baal Shem Tov. (see documentation) I asked him if it was true that he had spent much time in reading the Zohar and he answered, "Yes, it is true. We did not know or even suspect all the things that you are explaining". I also asked him if it was true that he was 'called' to form a new movement. He confirmed this and explained to me a few things about the situation that gave rise to such etc. At the end, the Tzadik said to me, "Work quickly on your explanations because when they are completed I will have permission to reveal them here. - -


From that meeting I learned that the Sin of the Zohar was not yet revealed to anyone above (except to those few Yemenite Jews who had had the privilege to believe in Rav El Gafeh's Milhhamot HaShem). Nevertheless, the Yisrael Baal Shem Tov was a Tzadik and he had his high standing above, as can be ascertained here by the fact that it was he who would have permission to reveal it there in the other world. One thing did not interfere with the rest.

This is as we have explained concerning the error of Aaron ha-Cohen. He had not realized the nature of the idolatry that was involved in the Golden Calf and even thought that it could perhaps be included in service to God and so he declared 'hhag le-HaShem mahhar' (a feast unto God tomorrow) (Exodus, 32, 5). The High Priest Aaron was not tainted by that sin and remained perfect and to him was given the High Priesthood etc.

So too the Hachamim of the last centuries, if they were true Hachamim and true yirei shamaim with true derech eretz, received their rewards accordingly. There was a difference, nevertheless between the so-called Hasidic camps and the mitnagdim. The great majority of the mitnagdim did not indulge in Kabbalistic or Mystic matters and this was to their advantage. The Halacha there remained on the level of Halacha. In the Hasidic camps also the Halacha became 'Mystified'. Aside from this, the honor given to the so-called Hasidic Rebbes had an extremely negative side to it and the manner in which they virtually 'worshipped' him was outside of the true measure of kavod for Talmidei Hhachamim. This too brought down the entire framework-level of the Hasidic world.

Let us, however, remember well that the simple very poor Jewish woman who made a warm sweater for her neighbor, another elderly woman who was cold and had not what to put on, received a higher place in the other world than King Solomon in all his glory. We must speak of generalities for the sake of comprehending various concepts of truth and justice but every individual is judged on an individual level and the Great Judge of all His creations need not ask advice for His judgments and His is the freedom of choice above all human comprehension. He is the Merciful One and the Bestower of Kindness. He is the Compassionate One above all human compassion. No one can tell Him what or what not to do. And the servant and the master are equal before Him and there is no favoritism in His sight.

Such is the truth and it is not ours to question. We, nevertheless, as Jews commanded in God's Law, are obligated to try to understand justice and judgment as much as possible. Therefore are we probing the realm of justice within the framework of a Jewish world unwittingly immersed in errors resulting from the difficult hester panim of exile. In June of 1982, with the final suffering and sacrifice of the Tzadik Haim, the newly revealed truths of the Final Redemption began to descend by way of the Completed Signs into the world. In the beginning there was an attempt to open the Final Redemption for the world. There was not yet merit enough to keep it on an open level, however, and already in the fifth and sixth years we were forced to channel the news into the writings and work from the inside. From the seventh years onwards it was the turn of Israel but we were given by the Signs to create the Hidden School of Ester and to prepare the writings inside the Palace. There was not sufficient merit yet in Israel to go out publicly.

The essence of Judgment has, of course, not changed, but the spectrum of Judgment has been enlarged. The Shema Yisrael declares God's Oneness and this is true for all times but the spectrum of the Shema Yisrael is enlarged so that its meaning reach out to many nations. Hear o Israel, the Lord our God, God is One. O Israel, chosen nation upon whom the Lord has become its God and placed His name upon it, allowing Himself to be called the God of Israel, He is the only true Living God who in the end becomes the One true Living God of all mankind. Hear, then, o Israel, if we are sons of Abraham we are sons to the prophesied Father of a multitude of Nations who will eventually find and know and readapt to the true monotheistic faith of Abraham, our father. Hear o Israel, we are all of the same flesh. Hear o Israel, God's redemption and salvation extend to the far extremities of the earth in the Final Redemption. Hear o Israel, a New Pure Tongue comes which explains and clarifies the truth of God's Oneness to a multitude of nations. Hear o Israel, in the first redemption I redeemed you from Egyptian bondage and from Egyptian idolatry. In the Final Redemption I redeem all mankind from the throngs of idolatry and bring them to the true knowledge, God is One.

As a people chosen by God, we must now become wise to the new reality of the promised Final Redemption. The Torah itself becomes enlarged for the world. The Laws of the Torah, by way of the New Law of the FR, are extended to a multitude of nations. This is a new reality. It did not exist before, except in certain verses from Prophets and Psalms. In those verses it existed but not in the Jewish heart and mind. Now it is the impelling obligation of the Final New Pact to make known the new reality of the Final Redemption. The purpose of the FR is to serve Him unitedly, all those who receive the New Pure Tongue. To this purpose, a House of Prayer is needed to accommodate all those ready to call in the name of God and to serve the One Living God together. God redeemed His chosen people from Egyptian bondage. Now He is redeeming His chosen mankind from all idolatry. A great new reality has come and it is working on the formation of a great new reality for the world. Hear o Israel, the Lord, our God, God is One.

Israel's selection is for all times and it will never go away, even when all the nations enter the Final New Pact. Mankind's selection, however, represents a final purpose in Israel's selection. 'It is too small a thing for Me that you make return the tribes of Jacob and bring back those guarded in exile; I will make you a light unto the nations so that My salvation reach the extremities of the earth.' Hear o Israel, the Lord, our God, God is One. He is not only our God. He is the God of every person in the world. To us He has shown great closeness but we have sinned and we have repented and He has forgiven us and again shown us great closeness. If you have sinned, your sin was smaller than ours since you were not commanded as we. Understand now and repent and you will find that God is close to you. For He is the God of Israel who loves the closeness of every heart that calls to Him in truth and with sincerity.

Hear o Israel – you must hear it first o chosen Israel. You have been chosen to carry on throughout history His Holy name and to make it known to the world at large. Otherwise, you will remain with small things and you will not be given to participate in the New Spirit and New Heart of the Geulah Shleima. Therefore the chosen Goel Haim embraces all people from all peoples and declares with heartfelt love "We are all of the same flesh". This is the New Reality of the Final Redemption. The Torah and the Tradition of Israel are not diminished in its New Light; they are enlarged in it and they are completed in it. Israel is loved in it as it has never been loved before. The Torah is loved in it by a multitude of nations who could not appreciate it before. Israel, therefore, is enlarged in it as more and more people come to acknowledge Israel's selection. Hear o Israel, the Lord, our God, God is One. This is the Great Israel of prophesied times ahead.

Thus God's Justice does not change but His Justice is enlarged for the world. Be then wise, o Israel, for the judgment of one's heart is at hand. If you were just in your isolation you must be more just in your extension. If your looking askance at the goiim was tolerated in the past, it is not tolerated at the time of the Final Redemption which is the realization of the Prophet Elijah's mission to bring the Reconciliation. Beware, a multitude of nations is now taking cognizance of the truth and they have loving hearts and they are loved by the God of Israel no less than you and even more. For there is no favoritism before Him. Hear o Israel, the Lord, our God, God is One. He loves a heart of flesh and not of stone.

A heart of flesh is loving and compassionate. Wake up, o Israel, to the new reality. The prophecies are in course. Nations will receive the New Pure Tongue and the true faith and all the new faith of the Final Redemption. And if as a Jew, you do not receive the New Pure Tongue and you do not take up the great and marvelous new testimony of the Final Redemption, you will be diminished in Judgment and you will remain inside your smallness and the redemptional and Messianic prophesies will find no place to reside in you. In truth, He is the God of all nations and there is no favoritism before Him. Look in the mirror, o Israel, and see if, in truth, you are better than someone else!

Here then is New Justice in the coming. As when Moses, our teacher, received his commission from God in the burning bush and brought the news of the Redemption onto the children of Israel. Time was given and time was allotted to the children of Israel to take on that faith and to receive it with humility as they were reminded of God's promises to the Patriarchs that were now coming to realization. Before that moment of the Burning Bush, God's justice did not require that such a new reality be taken on. And since His Judgment would require it, He sent 10 great plagues against Egypt and He distinguished between the descendants of Jacob and between the Egyptians. Then was it required of the children of Israel to believe in that new reality, to follow God and to believe in God's choice of Moses to guide them. They had seen enough to believe but many of them, perhaps 3 out of 5 did not believe and were not redeemed.

We are now in the new reality of the Fourth Generation and in the new reality of the Completed New Signs of the Final New Pact of the Third and Final Redemption in merit of the chosen Tzadik Haim. The Spider under the skin will surface and will be visible to all as he spins a Web of truth, the Web of the New Reality of the Final Redemption. Blessed is the Lord, our God, who has closed us into the Pact of Truth. Hear o Israel, the Lord, our God, God is One. Blessed is the name of the glory of His kingdom forever.

So then listen, if you hear me, perk up your minds if you seek knowledge in the New Justice of the Final Redemption. Three are the Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and three are the men of the Redemption, Moses, Jesus and Haim. This has been God's choice. We have no say in the matter. All is in place. We have explained it at length and shown the marvelous testimonies of its truth. For the Jewish people especially, it is a New Reality of the Final Redemption that must be affronted, understood and believed. It is an integral part of the Reconciliation brought by the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning. We must reconcile our heart in the love for Jesus, our blood-brother in the flesh, innocent in the accusations of his accusers, a sacrifice to God, the passion of God's messenger in His zealousness, a spokesman for God's love of the simple heart of faith.

Yeshua ben Miriam and ben Yosef is now an integral part of the New Reality of the Final Redemption. The Goel Haim himself announces it, "This is the Star of Christ come in virtue of humility". Jesus had a heart of flesh and a voice of truth and he was taken away because we had a heart of stone and a hypocritical voice of truth. God's Justice is not in the Sabbath for when Israel sins, God says, 'I hate your Sabbaths and your Feasts' etc. (Amos, 5, 21-24), He cannot be fooled, dear brothers of the flesh, He cannot be coaxed by empty actions in a stone-clad heart. We have been lacking in love, not only to the nations but among ourselves.  

The New Reality of the Third and Final Redemption comes to furnish us with a New Heart that is bound in love to that New Reality. Therefore the Holy One Blessed is He has given us a historical ensign that was raised up high among many nations for accomplishing many historical and redemptional preparations that we ourselves should have accomplished by way of the light of the Second Temple but did not merit to it. So was it decreed before Him in Divine wrath that we would have before us chapter 53 of the great Prophet Isaiah for another twenty long centuries after Yeshua's death and we would not be able to understand what was written in it. For 2000 years! In the end, however, it comes to wake us up to the New Justice of the Final Redemption. It comes to wake us up and to kick us out of bed after a long snooze of 2000 years. A New Reality awaits the entire Jewish people so that we might finally understand Israel's true purposes.

By finally loving Jesus and understanding what he did, we will break down the iron doors of distorted history. Therefore in that prophecy it states MUSAR SHLOMEINU 'ALAV (Isaiah, 53, 5) which may be translated 'the moral lesson of our own peace is upon him'. This is the messianic Breaking-down of the historical fences brought by Peretz' excitement to exit and to announce the Final Redemption.

So forgive me, dear ex-Habadi, I could not be honest in writing to you without the enthusiasm of Peretz to announce the New Reality of the New Justice of the Final Redemption. I was so totally happy for your break-away and redemption from Habad that my positive feelings of love for my father Judah and my mother Tamar just had to come out.

May that God Almighty help other Habadiim to break away from all the false Judaism of Habad and bring them back to the Source of freedom with healthy minds and clean hearts and strong health. Amen ve-ken yehi ratzon.

Peretz Green

May 10, 2006– Iyar 12, 5766 – the Battle of the Fish 15, 3959.