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Ester Eleven

Chapter 2



Gnomen 51 – DIARY: Sunday, July 24, 2005; Tamuz 17, 5765; Kingdom of the Giraffe 5, 3958; Inzago: School. We studied the 8th commandment, ‘do not steal’. I spoke too of the Correction completion of the Reform in Judaism. Anna completed the revision of Ester 4. At Napoli, some said that they saw the Madonna become flesh, a sign that the Logos has touched ground and decrees will descend. At the same time Simon ben Loulou (the correct name of him to whom I sent the letter placed in Ester Ten) says that the din against me is Tzoa rotahat, boiling excrements, hhass ve-shalom, because we follow the teaching of Rav ElGafeh against the false kabbalah of the Zohar.


gnomen 52 – Note that if someone speaks against the Torah, this hardly upsets the lovers of the Zohar. It is only when you speak about the Zohar and the kabalistic chain that followed that they become scandalized, angry, arrogant and filled with curses. It is similar to certain Catholics; if you speak to them against belief in the Trinity or the Deification of Jesus, they don’t get upset. They do not agree with you and that’s it. But if you speak to them against the cult to the Virgin Mary, this they cannot support and it makes them angry as if you had cursed their mother. The idolatrous Logos and the idolatrous doctrine of Emanation are touching the point of their culmination so that judgment against them be completed in the world.


gnomen 53 – Put this together with the very difficult Correction of Jewish arrogance and ‘pure blood’ etc. and look at the words of this Zohar lover:


Your arrogance belies your incredible lack of knowledge. If you want to educate yourself, go to Moshe millers site where he dispels so much of the misinformation regarding the Zohar. Please don’t invoke the name of The gaon, the baal shem or the malbim in conjunction with yourself or your false prophet. The aforementioned gedolim ((greats of the Torah)) would not qualify you as even being kasher la’edut ((able to give testimony)). You all are malign on divrei chachamim ((the words of the Sages)) and your din ((judgment)) is tzoah rotachat ((boiling excrements)).

You have no emunah ((faith)) in the hashgahcha ((Providence)) of klal Yisrael ((all Israel)) refer((ing)) to the statement of Hillel “im lo neveim hem, bnei neveim hem” (assuming of course the unlikely, that you ever learned any Gemarra).

If anything will get burned beahrit hayamim ((the End of Days), it’s the copies of your uneducated rabbi’s book and any memory of his impunity.



gnomen 54 – He obvious wanted to write impurity but by mistake he wrote impunity.

Why doesn’t he read Sefer Milhhamot Ha-Shem and if he has what to say let him answer to what is being said. He’s only able to throw around names and spit out curses, never answering the true question, namely, ‘who ever permitted such a doctrine of Emanation in the first place’? The Sage and true Hhacham of the very exalted Yemenite Tradition, Yihhye ibn Shlomoh ElGafeh, brings all his proofs from the Torah and from the Tradition of the Sages of Israel. He has not invented an opinion of his own. He too was scathed by the rebuke of the kabbalists in Jerusalem who went to the cemetery barefoot and put ash on their foreheads but they refused to study the book.


gnomen 55 – They yelled and cried and cursed the demon for the terrible blasphemous sin committed to stand up against the Zohar but they answered to none of the pertinent questions asked by Rav ElGafeh all on the basis of Torah and Tradition, Talmud and Poskim.

Look at the vulgar crudeness of his foolish anger. See how he puts himself high and lowers the Hhacham ElGafeh. See how he tries to demonstrate his own level of study and how he tries to knock me down with accusations of ignorance. Notice how his kabbalah mysticism exonerates him from all derech eretz, but it is obvious from everything he says that he has never received derech eretz and doesn’t even know what it’s about.


gnomen 56 – His anger is similar to psychic trauma. The thought that the Zohar and 400 years of kabbalah are false smatters the glass castles that permeate him. If Rav ElGafeh’s book is true, his entire inner life is shattered to pieces. He has no faith to stand on if all this kabbalah is based on an idolatrous doctrine no better than Buddhism. Poor fellow, he believes in all that kabbalah and if you take it away from him, you have destroyed his foundations. With the help of his Rav Nahhman he claims (in his first letter) that the Torah will not be forgotten because the Zohar of R. Shimon ben Yohhai exists. This is pure foolishness. Jews have been studying Torah throughout the centuries without the Zohar and without mysticism.


gnomen 57 – Were they then without Torah all those who have studied the Torah and Prophets, the Talmud and Mishnah, the Poskim and the Mishnah Torah? It is the idolatrous prostitute of the Zohar that has misguided and distorted all normative and normal Judaism for the last 400 years. The Zohar has become the Queen and the Torah her Maid-Servant. If you destroy his Queen, you destroy his kingdom, Maid-Servants included.

The truth is that one’s relationship to the Torah relates to a true bond formed on a true basis. If someone says that he does not believe in Bereishit bara Elohim et ha-shamaim ve-et ha-aretz, you may dislike what he says but most likely you will simply have pity on him, especially if he is Jewish.


gnomen 58 – It will not shatter you. It will not make you lose your bearing. You will feel no walls breaking down inside you. You will not feel yourself bereaved of the foundation of your life. Indeed, it will not touch you at all, except, as said, for pity or for a sadness to the probable judgment of someone who denies the Torah. You will not feel yourself jeopardized by his attitude so that you must defend yourself. There are, unfortunately, Jews who do not believe in the Torah. Nothing new. But more than this you do not feel in any way that the Torah is ‘jeopardized’ because this fellow doesn’t believe in it. If your belief is solidly in the Torah, you know that the Torah can well defend itself without you. It is holy and eternal. And the punishment of those who do not believe is that non-belief itself.


gnomen 59 – It is the inherent fragility of a metaphysical doctrine not mentioned in the Torah or Prophets, or in the Talmud and Mishnah, or in the Poskim or in the Mishnah Torah, or in Rashi etc. that creates the need to defend it. It has no true legs to stand on because it is not rooted in the Torah given by God to Israel. Its false legs, however, have stepped into Ben Loulou’s being, building up great big Glass Castles. If the Doctrine of Emanation is false, all his Glass Castles will be smashed to pieces in an instant, and that faith, having no true basis, will be pulverized and scattered to the wind.


gnomen 60 - Therefore is he so angry. The true Torah is not in him and he therefore doesn’t know the true security of its truth. Inside he is filled with glass castles that will crumble when you demonstrate that they are built on sand and have no foundation. They have taken over and become part of his whole being and if they have no foundation he too will crumble and remain without the existence of his own construction, his inner life and thought and belief. Ben Loulou is not conscious of the fear to lose himself. It is, however, the psychological substance that alarms his defense mechanisms into protecting his castles from falling.


gnomen 61 - So it is in the case of every doctrine of faith which deviates from the truth of God’s Oneness, great glass castles are created. And few are strong enough to affront any contradiction to its veracity with neutral judgment. The falsehood inherent in a false doctrine of the faith creates the fear of the ‘enemy’ who wants to break it down. We can understand this better from the eschatological fear of the Anti-Christ who accepts Christ as a man but who denies his Divinity. Those of us who have the good fortune to know the truth of God’s Oneness can easily understand the origin of that apocalyptic vision.


gnomen 62 – It is itself the falsehood of all Christian theology, the Logos, the Trinity, the Deification of Jesus, that foresees, in truth, its own destruction. It thus envisions its destroyer and in order to save itself orders the destruction of the destroyer. If the Divinity of Christ is true, the Anti-Christ must be destroyed, otherwise the deified Christ would be destroyed. But what happens if the Divinity of Christ is false? It is then the Anti-Christ who is telling the truth and who is justified in waging war against the Divinity of Christ. And yet Christians, especially Protestants, retain the fear of that Anti-Christ who comes to destroy Christ’s Divinity.


gnomen 63 – The Divinity of Christ must be staunchly defended and the Anti-Christ must be destroyed; otherwise all Traditional theological Christianity will fall; and if theological Christianity falls all Christianity falls. For Christianity and its basic Trinitarian Theology has become one and the same thing. Since, however, the Trinitarian theology is false and has no basis, the Anti-Christ is a true hero. He is the positive force of truth that breaks down the glass castles of all Christian theology. It is the basic weakness of Christianity’s false doctrines that makes it vulnerable and frightened of an Anti-Christ.


gnomen 64 – Is there any fear on the part of the Jewish people of an Anti-God? No such fear exists. Is it God who needs to be defended and protected from the Nimrods and Pharaohs of every epoch? He is the Creator of all existence and Satan himself is only an angel created by God. No such an idea exists in Judaism nor does Israel see itself as those who must defend their God from an Anti-God. For there is no weakness in God to make Him vulnerable to the plights of mankind. Nor is there any weakness in the Holy Torah to render it vulnerable to the whims of false interpreters. The Torah remains in time and all false interpretations will vanish in the end.


gnomen 65 – The idolatrous doctrine of Emanation, however, must be staunchly defended by its adherents. The very fiber of the falsified Judaism to which they have become accustomed has come to represent for them true Judaism. It is not true Torah Judaism that represents for them true Judaism. It is a prostitute with whom they have fallen in love because of her great cunning, presenting herself as a virtuous Queen of Heaven who teaches her lovers the Secrets of the Inner Torah. It is her intention that the true Torah be forgotten from Israel, God forbid.


gnomen 66 - And that’s why Ben Loulou cannot read and study Sefer Milhhamot Ha-Shem. This sefer represents true Torah and it destroys hundreds of years of a very foolish infatuation with a cunning prostitute created by Moses de Leon. To study this text with true Torah neutrality means breaking down thousands of glass castles that Ben Loulou believes are true constructions.


We look o’er the brink and await the new dawn. We cover our nudity with fig leaves and await our forgiveness. For ‘His thoughts are not our thoughts and His ways are not our ways’ (Isaiah, 55, 8). There is a propitious moment of His forgiveness as it states ‘for I will forgive their iniquity and their sin will I mention no more’ (Jeremiah, 31, 34).


gnomen 67 – From the destruction of the second Temple áòååðåú äøáéí there has been no true sanctification except for the hidden sanctification of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim in every generation. Those of that elevated sanctity who have known of the error of the Zohar could not speak or write about it. Not all of them knew but at least the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim in every generation for the last 400 years or so knew of the great mistake that had taken hold of Israel but they had no permission to speak. The Tzadik Haim, the last Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim, lived through the time of the Holocaust and, as he revealed to us, the Hidden Tzadikim knew of the decree but there was no permission to enter. It was a decree from God Almighty. No one can enter.


gnomen 68 – Loulou and his likes cannot fathom the seeming impossibility that such greats as the Vilna Gaon, the Maharal of Prague, the Ari, Haim Vital, the Baal Shem Tov, Rav Nahhman and many, many other talmidei Hachamim, could have fallen into a terrible idolatrous mistake. And he thinks that whoever speaks against the Zohar and the consequent chain of the kabbalah will have to answer to these holy Sages and it is as if belittling them, hhalila ve-hass. They do not yet know that those Hachamim, even though their Torah knowledge was immense and they walked in the sanctity of the halacha, were not in any way close to the level of the Higher Sanctity of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim. This is indeed a new category of understanding revealed with the Final Redemption.


gnomen 69 – This fact, that the 36 Hidden Tzadikim were of an entirely separated level compared to all other talmidei Hachamim was an integral part of my formation with the Tzadik Haim. At first he had to break me away from the Rebbe worship of Habad. Obviously all the Rebbes, of Habad and of the other Hasidic movements, were talmidei Hachamim who walked and meditated on the Torah day and night. This had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that they had absolutely nothing to do with the Higher Sanctity of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim. The Tzadik Haim took me through all the hurdles of this knowledge unknown to others.


gnomen 70 – That study was necessary in order that I understand with whom I was walking. Also the Tzadik Haim knew the entire Talmud by heart and so too he knew the entire gamut of the halacha. This, however, had not to do with his being a Hidden Tzadik. That knowledge of knowing the Torah, Talmud, Poskim etc. etc. was of itself for all Israel. For even though there are relatively few who reach such a knowledge, that knowledge itself is accessible to all, if they are reasonably intelligent. It is a question of having the good fortune to know of it, desire it, and to have the Rav to learn it from.


gnomen 71 – Not so the true Hidden Kabbalah of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim. As said, they know as well all the revealed Tradition, the written and the oral Torah, but the Hidden Kabbalah are hidden secrets of the world and are completely detached from any other study. They are not given in books and it is prohibited to speak about or to write them. For they are in the category of the hochmat ha-shamaim (the Wisdom of Heaven) which is distinct from hochmat ha-aretz (the Wisdom of the earth).


gnomen 72 – Even to the talmid of each Tzadik, the ‘secrets’ are not taught verbally except in the form of roshei prakim (lit. the heads of chapters). The main work of the Hidden Tzadik with his pupil is to prepare him in every way to enter into the ‘Sanctity of the Ascent’. Once the pupil is in that Ascent, then, with permission from his Moreh, he will learn the secrets as he makes progress in his Ascent. The 36 Hidden Tzadikim have been the Pillars of the world from the time of Mordechai ha-Tzadik until the Tzadik Haim. They have actually held the world in existence. The solidity of the world’s foundations were upon them, as it states ‘the Tzadik is the foundation of the world’ (Proverbs, 10, 25).


gnomen 73 – They walk in their perfection constantly, protected by the Higher Sanctity upon them. They are above the temptations of the Yetzer ha-Ra. Their every step is a binding between the heavens and the earth. They see and speak to angels. They see and speak to the Ruah of the defunct if they so desire. Their knowledge is the category of ‘nistarot’ (hidden things), as it states, ‘the hidden things (nistarot) are to the Lord, our God, and the revealed things (niglot) are for us and for our children for always’ (Deuteronomy, 29, 28). God Almighty selects those whom He desires to receive those hidden secrets, as it states, ‘the secret of God is to those that fear Him’ (Psalms, 25, 14).


gnomen 74 – The Tzadik Haim taught me to not be confused with the levels of those who have become ‘known’ as Tzadikim and Kedoshim and Gaonim because of their immense and profound knowledge of the Torah. Nothing is to be lessened from them but one must not confuse them with the levels of the Hidden and Suffering Tzadikim of the Ascent. They are two completely different worlds. There is no comparison between them. One is of the level of the heavens and the other is of the level of the earth. This too was secret and I had no permission to reveal it. The requisites of the FR changed that no permission into an obligation.


gnomen 75 – It thus became easy for me not to consider the levels of the Gaon from Vilna, the Baal Shem Tov and the many well known Torah scholars especially of the past 400 years, as being exempt from the error of the idolatrous yet subtle doctrine of Emanation taught by the Zohar. The Tzadik Haim told me that Moses de Leon had written the Zohar, for money, and that it contained a terrible mistake into which all had fallen, even great Torah scholars and Gaonim etc. He did not want to enter into the details of that false theology and said that I would be able to study the details when we would have a copy of the sefer Milhhamot HaShem of Yihhye ibn Shlomoh ElGafeh from Sana Yemen.


gnomen 76 – It took ten years before David Levi was able to find it, by a miracle, and brought it to the Tzadik Haim while he was still in the Hospital after his first operation. Little did I understand then of the redemptional obligation I would have afterwards regarding the Five Tablets of the Pact and the Hherem mi-Deoraita which come as supplements to the sefer Milhhamot HaShem of Rav ElGafeh. This book was a necessity for the Jewish people of the Torah. In this matter it was not sufficient that I simply say, “The Zohar is idolatrous and false and so is this testified to by the Hidden Tzadik Haim who has been chosen by God Almighty as the Final Goel”.


gnomen 77 – For sure this would be sufficient for the great majority of Jews if they believe in all the Marvelous News of the FR. The Tzadik Haim has been chosen by God and every word of his is true and is to be received and studied. Most people will need not go beyond this and they will detach themselves completely from the entire gamut of that false kabbalah. The question, however, required that a true Hacham of Torah, not one of the Hidden Tzadikim, explain the true halacha concerning the faith in the Oneness of God, and that he demonstrate from the sources of the halacha that the belief in the doctrine of Emanation is diametrically opposed to the pure monotheistic faith in which all Israel is commanded.


gnomen 78 – This text had to exist for the sake of the talmidei hachamim and rabbis so that they might see the question from the true and undisputable proofs brought from the words of the Sages in the Mishnah and Talmud, from the Poskim and the Mishnah Torah, the Guide for the Perplexed (Moreh Nevuchim) etc. All those who had fallen fell because the true halacha concerning the doctrine of Emanation was unknown nor had it ever been formulated. The prophetic words of Moshe rabbeinu explain it, (ha-azinu – Deuteronomy, 32, 17) ‘new gods come recently, their fathers could not evaluate them’ – a doctrine with a new terminology unknown to the sages of the past for which reason they were unable to evaluate it.


gnomen 79 – Ben Loulou in his foolish arrogance and thick ignorance of the way of Torah demeans the Hacham ElGafeh and calls him a false prophet and proclaims in profound stupidity that Rav ElGafeh would not be able to understand even one line of the Vilna Gaon’s commentary on Safra d’Tzniuta. Tell me why he should not be able to understand it? Was it written for talmidei Hachamim or was it written for angels?! And if it were written for angels and therefore cannot be understood by human talmidei Hachamim, it is most certainly not Torah! “All this is false”, would say the Tzadik Haim, “the true secrets of the Torah can never be written in books. And this is the greatest of all proofs that everything written in their books are not true secrets and are not true kabbalah”.


gnomen 80 – Ben Loulou says that except for Rav Haim Vital, the other talmidim, who were all talmidei Hachamim, did not understand the Ari. Perhaps the Ari should have called some Jesuits to Tzphat and they would have better understood him. But the Torah is not in heaven, explains Moshe rabbeinu, so that one must arise to heaven to take hold of it. Previously it had been in heaven and Moshe rabbeinu brought it down to earth, laws and statutes and every word of the Holy Torah. But new gods come recently are hard to understand. They are in fact so complex that only the Hhartumei Mitzraim would be able to comprehend them.


gnomen 81 – For whom then was all this mysticism intended, for the field mice or for only a few Initiated individuals called by the field mice Tzadikim. Therefore have I been given by the grace of God and for the love of the true Hidden Tzadik, Haim ben Moshe of Sana Yemen, Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim of his generation, who after his great suffering was chosen by God Almighty as the Final Goel of Israel and of the world, to know the truth of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim and of having the obligation of explaining this matter to all Israel. The true 36 Hidden Tzadikim of every generation have the true Hidden Kabbalah and they have nothing whatsoever to do with all the mystical rubbish that has emanated from the Zohar.


gnomen 82 – Ben Loulou, as thousands of unfortunate cases such as he, wants to feel himself part of the higher echelon Kabalistic Judaism which reveals the secrets of the Torah. True things don’t work like that. It’s a great illusion. That so-called kabbalah is the true Erev Rav of this generation. It is the Great Mixture. It has taken elements from Metaphysics, together with the Zohar’s new Doctrine of Emanation, together with a reinterpretation of the words of Torah and Tradition creating with them a Ladder of Four Worlds the head of which reaches the heavens (Atzilut) and the feet of which reaches the Kabbalists and Hasidic Rebbes so that they be adored by their followers.


gnomen 83 – So have its toes created the false messianic movement of Habad, a Messiah so enlightened by the Divine world of Atzilut that he himself has become ‘omnipotent’ and to him one must make his requests. This is only a manifested form of the latent idolatry which permeates the Emanation Trap. It has nothing to do with the truth. When the hidden prostitute of its essence, the placing of other gods before Him, is revealed, all those millions of words of their books are as offers to the Virgin Mary. Hog-wash has a purpose but the Erev Rav, fallen into the scheme of the Last Golden Calf of History, throws these innocent and unknowing souls into the sin-vortex of this Fourth Generation.


gnomen 84 – They believe they are being fed on the ‘secrets of the higher worlds’. They believe they are reaching high levels. They think that they are the privileged ones who contemplate the Torah in the Light of Emanation. They become extremely religious and as they do so they look down at all others who do not involve themselves with Kabbalah or Hassidut. But when the prostitute is revealed, the Virgin Mary is recognized as an idolatrous cult which impedes the true Redemption. The Logos is destroyed when its false and idolatrous foundation is revealed.


gnomen 85 – The Trinity becomes child-play before Abraham’s smashing of his father’s idols. Even small children will recognize its idolatrous falsehood and smash away its foolish contradiction. The Zohar and its Emanation doctrine will be hated by every Jew and recognized as the worst spiritual calamity that has ever befallen Israel, the most terrible historical realization of the Golden Calf that turned Israel away from its true course in the 400 years of Ahharit ha-Yamim before the Shoa. Then the Ten Emanated Sephirot of the false kabbalah will be smashed to pieces by all Israel and Israel will return to ‘tamim teheye im ha-Shem Elohecha’ (Ibid, 18, 13) – be of a simple heart with the Lord, your God.


gnomen 86 – For there is a propitious moment when the Lord, our God, will forgive our iniquity and no longer mention our sin, after Israel will have received the Message of the Goel Haim of the great purification of Israel in its burning out all traces of the Zohar and the false Kabbalah, as Moshe rabbeinu burnt the golden calf and totally pulverized it in his time. It is coming and it will be so, for as the truth that God Almighty has chosen the Tzadik Haim as the Final Goel, so is it true that all the false kabbalah of the Zohar and the false kabbalah that followed it will be consciously destroyed by all Israel, understood and rejected by all Israel, hated and despised by all Israel. Then the Lord, our God will forgive our iniquity and no longer mention our sin. Amen.


gnomen 87 – We fell in the darkness of galut. We fell in our desire to rise above the worldly plights and anguished circumstances of our mundane existence. We wanted to delve into a higher illumination. Perhaps we were even jealous of the ‘Men of the Ascent’. We sought redemption. We tried to walk in the way of the Holy Torah but so had it always been and it had not yet redeemed us from the bitterness of exile. We prayed for redemption and the coming of the Mashiah and we sought a higher light from God to bring us to our true existence as God’s chosen people. We became tired with waiting and we sought a light that would hasten the end time, the ketz.


gnomen 88 – Ours was to rely on the Lord, our God, for He had promised it and He maintains His promises. But we were of kotzer ruah, an impatient spirit that in its impatience forgets to distinguish. And the darkness of exile shortened our vision and the smallest light shone in our eyes as a mountain of fire. For we were in truth unaccustomed to light and unacquainted with the forces of the spirit. We sought the ketz and the light revealed a messianic vision; the words were delicious and pleasing to the senses and enlightening to the intellect. “Where does this exquisite fruit come from”, we asked. “It’s a ‘secret’ ”, answered the Serpent, “It was written thirteen centuries ago by the great Tana Shimon ben Yohhai.


gnomen 89 – Just partake of it and your eyes will be opened and you will be as gods who know good and evil. - But the Zohar did not bring the redemption; it brought Israel to its Shoa, yerahhem ha-Shem. We ate of it and when we did so it opened our minds to great false lights and we were invaded by a plethora of undesired spirits. And with great enthusiasm we danced around the golden calf and said to the Ten Emanated Spheroth ‘These are your gods, oh Israel, who have brought you up from the land of Egypt’ (Exodus, 32, 4). Pray to them, take hold of them in your spirit, and as you perform the mitzvot, be sure to bind your intentions with the Ten Emanated Divine Spheroth in the unity of kudshe brich hu u-shechintei.


gnomen 90 – Let us rejoice for all this will be gone. Nothing of it will remain in the aftermath of the Fourth Generation. Children, young students of the Torah, will ask their father, “How did it happen? Why did God punish Israel in such a terrible way? What was Israel’s sin that it deserved such a devastating Holocaust?” And the father will explain, “Israel fell into an insidious idolatrous trap, and without knowing it, went after other gods, as prophesied by Moses, our teacher, ‘They sacrificed to demons, not God, to new gods come recently, that their forefathers had not evaluated’ (Deuteronomy, 32, 17). A few illumined rabbis tried to warn them but they refused to listen, until the conclusion of that prophecy of their punishment in the hands of a ‘goi naval’ (Ibid, 21) – an evil and vile nation – Nazi Germany.’


gnomen 91 – “Israel’s terrible punishment, however, became a sacrifice before God in favor of the chosen people in 1948 and He opened the way of the 100 year ‘messianic days’, a time of great confusion but also a time of development and of great changes. After 35 years of the State of Israel, the Tzadik Haim, born in Sana, Yemen, was chosen by God as the Final Goel. That was the beginning of the descent of the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption and that was the beginning of ‘u-va le-tzion goel va-yashev pasha mei-yaacov – ‘and the Goel came to Zion and turned Israel away from its sin’ (Isaiah, 59, 20), And after the Holy Wars against the false kabbalah will be won and accepted by all Israel, then will they be able to receive the Final Redemption. ”.


gnomen 92 – Then will they sing, ‘Rejoice, o daughter of Zion, exalt o daughter of Jerusalem, behold, your king will come to you, a Tzadik of Salvation, he is poor and rides on a donkey and on a wild-ass, son of female-asses’ (Zechariah, 9, 9). Then will Israel in its faith return to the simplicity of a donkey, and no longer will they clamor to know the ‘inner workings’ of the Lord, our God. For no human brain can fathom it and it is prohibited by the Mishnah to seek after such a knowledge. And if one comprehends this truth, he will realize that the very seeking of such is itself arrogance and presumption before the Holy One Blessed is He in eternity.


gnomen 93Israel will become again holy in the sanctification of God’s name and in the comprehension of His Oneness, unlike the Oneness in all other categories of the universe. Not only Israel, for it states, ‘At that time I shall turn over a ‘clear language’ unto the nations, so that all of them call to God and they serve Me united’ (Zephania, 3, 9). So too will they delve into the texts of Sefer Mishnat Haim to contemplate among other things the Design of the Redemption bound to God’s holy name EHEYE ASHER EHEYE. Then will they be astonished by the marvelous Completed Signs of the Final Redemption, in merit of the chosen Tzadik, Haim.


gnomen 94 – The Commandments return and are renewed in the Final New Pact. Noda received in a prophetic dream of a very exalted level: the voice of God from above spoke and said, ‘In the first redemption I redeemed Israel from slavery and from the idolatry of Egypt. In the final redemption I will redeem the entire world from idolatry’. For this reason, the first Petal of Sefer Mishnat Haim must take up the Holy Wars against the false kabbalah and the Fifth Petal takes up the Great Correction of Christianity. The doctrine of Emanation and the theology of John’s Logos represent the two great root-sources of all doctrinal idolatry. Their destruction represents the beginning of God’s redeeming all mankind from idolatry.


gnomen 95 – And when Israel begins to come back to its simplicity, great numbers of people from the Christian world will leave Christianity and will enter into the Final New Pact on the Altar of Malchitzedek. So too Islam will purify itself from its fanatics and there will be peace between Israel and the Arab world. Islam will be cleaned as well from Shiite and Sufi Mysticism which has no place in the true Islam given by God to the descendants of Ishmael. After Israel and the Arab world will be in peace, something will happen in Europe towards Hungary and Romania that will infuriate Israel, perhaps a great assembly of Neo-Nazis who perpetrate assaults on innocent Jews.


gnomen 96Israel will decide to make an all-out attack without mercy on all those who belong to that vicious blood-line of Amalek and they will make of them a river of flowing blood. Then will it be understood that Israel has fulfilled the commandment of destroying the memory of Amalek from below the heavens. The fear of Israel shall then rise because all will see that Israel had no mercy on an enemy hated by all and the entire Christian world will recognize the Biblical prophecy concerning the commanded destruction of Amalek.


gnomen 97 - Then just after the worst part of the Fourth Generation which goes from 2035 to 2041, perhaps in 2042 itself, the Leader of China, immensely jealous for reason of the great fortune of Israel compared to almost all the other countries in the world, will decide to make a great military attack against Israel; for this purpose he will gather together a great coalition of nations among those who still wish to destroy the influence of American ideals. He will be afraid, however, to attack the United States and he chooses America’s strong ally Israel. They will come together to begin their attack against Israel, from all directions, by sea, by air and by land.


gnomen 98 – At that moment God Almighty will remember His pact with the Patriarchs and will remember the merit of Moses, and He will perform miracles in the heavens and on earth bringing death to multitudes of enemy soldiers in the prophesied war of Gog of Magog. So great will be the vision of the entire world in seeing God Almighty ‘descend’ to protect Israel with portents and miracles even greater than those of Egypt, that after this there will no longer be any doubt in the minds of all nations that Israel is the chosen people of God.


gnomen 99 - Then will Israel and the world be ready to contemplate constructing the New House of Prayer of Seven Floors, Thirteen Altars and the Carpet of Islam to be built in Jerusalem and at Bersheva. At Jerusalem it will be the Third and Final Temple of Jerusalem but the same New House of Prayer must be built also at Bersheva as received in a prophetic dream of Giuseppe Manigrasso. The Fourth Generation officially finishes in 2047-8. The last five years will be after the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord (which most probably indicates the period from 2035 to 2041). Thus the years from 2042 to 2047 will be in the Sign of the New Construction. It is possible that the Temple will be built between 2048 and 2050, if the Lord, our God so desires.


gnomen 100 – Then will all Israel understand that the Holy Torah itself has entered into the Final New Pact of the Third and Final Redemption, in merit of the chosen Tzadik Haim; and the Great New Sanctity of God, deriving from the final EHEYE of His holy name as Redeemer of Israel and of Mankind, will descend into the Temple of God. All who pray there will feel it and there will be a great new joy of life come into the world which had never been known before. Then will it be understood how the heavens and earth had been renewed and how the redemptional and messianic prophecies had been fulfilled. Peace will abound and the Great Reconciliation of the hearts of fathers to sons and sons to their fathers brought by the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, will shine in the heart of all those who survived the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord, our God.