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Russell Annabel

Alaska's best known outdoor writer, author of over 300 articles, many featuring his most memorable character, Tex Cobb. His articles regularly appeared in Sports Afield, Outdoor Life, The Saturday Evening Post, Reader's Digest, Argosy, True, Field and Stream, Esquire, American Legion, The National Sportsman and other magazines for over 40 years. While mostly fictional, his accounts of Alaskan adventure were based on his own experiences during his early years in the state. They introduced a whole generation of readers to the new northern frontier that was opening up during and after the second world war.

Who was Rusty Annabel?
When did he really come to Alaska?
When did he leave Alaska, and why?
What happened at the Shootout at Goose Creek?
Who were the two women he was married to during his Alaskan years?
Were his stories fact or fiction?
What were the circumstances behind some of his more famous stories?
What is a Toonakloot?
Where are Goose Creek and Denna Lake?
Were Tex Cobb, Starvation Smith, Blind Nick and Wasilla Stepan real?
What's happening today in the game ranges he described?
Are there more stories out there that haven't appeared recently in book form?
What happened to Rusty after he left Alaska?

At this time, I am researching Rusty's history and some of the characters from his stories for a biography of his life. I've made good progress, so far, at least on the Alaskan end.  Several people who knew Rusty are still in Alaska and have been willing to share what they know of him.  Also, I've found a wealth of information about Arthur A "Tex" Cobb.  I'm interested in talking to anyone else who knew Rusty or Tex, or who has any firsthand information about them.
                                                                   Tex Cobb's Friday Creek Cabin

What I particularly need is information on the 25 or so years that he lived in Mexico.

I'm also trying to obtain copies of every story he wrote about Alaska and Mexico. I have all the stories published in book form over the years, and about 20 more, but know there are a lot more out there. Anyone with stories, or  information can contact me at the email address below.
                                                                            - Jeff Davis, Anchorage Alaska

If you have comments or suggestions, email me at

Tex Cobb and Sport

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