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Caveman Dave's Tribute To Pro Wrestling's Greats


Goodbye WCW?
Apr. 12th, 2001

Dam, it's been a long time since I've updated me humble little page. I've been battling some personal problems at home as well as just getting burned out on the whole wrestling scene. Now with all the players dwindled down to just "one" I'm starting to think that maybe I can enjoy wrestling again. Here's what I think went wrong and what I'd like to see happen in the near future.

First off, there was too much wrestling programming. At one time WCW's Nitro was 3 Hours long and then there was WWF's Raw which was 2 Hours. Both aired on Mondays and if you were like me you watched Raw then caught the repeat of Nitro. Then you had WCW's Thunder on Wednesdays for 2 hours and then WWF's Smackdown on Thursdays for another 2 hours. Then we had ECW on TNN for a hour on Fridays. This leaves out WCW Saturday Night and WWF Heat because I never saw them shows. And if we were really lucky we had a 3 hour pay-per-view once a month from either of the 3 feds mentioned. CAN WE SAY BURNOUT PEOPLE!?!

This how I think the WWF can capitolize on it's situation. First off, the WWF needs competition. If it has to compete with itself then so be it. Competition is good for the industry. Without it we'd still be in the Hulk-a-mania days people. So here's what I think needs to happen on Mondays: a full blown inter-federation war! Constant stealing of superstars by each federation and multiple interfederation angles! The two shows have to act as one and continue to have live simulcasted interaction between the two shows. Next, the amount of pay-per-views need to be shrunk. One a month is just way too much. Limit pay-per-views to one every two to three months with Wrestlemania being a true Wrestlemania where the champs from each fed challenge each other and a single champ is made (for a short while of course).

So with this scenario, I would not be saying goobye to the WCW.