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Caveman Dave's Tribute To Pro Wrestling's Greats


Who Am I?

I used to be one of those guys who used to diss pro-wrestling and always say the line: "Look how FAKE that is!" Well, I finally saw the light back in '87 when my best friend, Marq, made me sit down and watch a tape he had (Saturday Night's Main Event #13 November 11, 1987 in Seattle, WA). I saw a match between Macho Man Randy Savage and Bret "Hitman" Hart. I SWEAR! Randy broke his ankle in this match. He landed wrong on it (I believe, it was a long time ago) and took his boot off and the guy's ankle was swollen like a TENNIS BALL! Randy went on in that match to beat Bret. Earning professional wrestling at least one more dedicated fan. I wish I had a copy of that match but since I wasn't yet into wrestling I didn't bother to tape it. :(

Well, since then I became hooked and continue to watch wrestling loyaly on a weekly basis. I rarely miss a pay-per-view and have a higher than average knowledge on most of the happenings in the business (thanks mostly to the news/rumor sites on the net). However, after awhile I started to get burned out from knowing too much and now mostly watch as just a viewer. I think it's more fun that way. If I go to the news/rumors sites is mostly to get the inside scoop on injuries and possible wrestler moves to other Feds.

I started this site to keep going on a former site me and my friend Marq did called: Point-Counterpoint. On that page we used our e-mailings, slamming each others favorite federation (mine is WCW by the way), as a feature that we thought was funny and entertaining much like the two old grumpy guys on The Muppet Show were. Well, that site is closed due to a new job Marq got and a lack of time being able to upkeep the page. Feeling guilty about not having a computer and unable to help (I use a Sega Saturn Netlink for internet browsing/e-mails) I started learning that I didn't need a computer at all. So here I am giving the internet thing a go. Since I wasn't using a computer, that's what gave me the idea for the site name: Caveman Dave's. I felt like I was doing things so pre-computer that I was building a web site like a Caveman. :)

Hopefully, I can get a few of my friends to pitch in every now and then and post some opinions. Rick, Marq, Spider Monkey, Bill and just about whoever wants to write in I'll probably post it. Hopefully, Marq and I can bring back Point-Counterpoint again one day. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy.