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Tupac Autopsy Photos

This page has Tupac Autopsy photos on it many people may not like what they say but dont tell me to take them off because i will not i have these here 4 people that wanna see them if you do not wanna see a dead body do not go down to tha botom of this page because i do not wanna get e-mails tellin' me that is should not be on tha internet. If you do wanna see this picture go to tha botom of this page and make shere to vote but if you think it will make you sick do not go down because he is cut open and it is really graphic
What do you think
What Do you think

This is not 2pac
I think it is 2pac
I am not shere if this is 2pac

Current Results

If this is tupac where r his tattoos and why is his face of to tha side where we can not see i do not think this is him i think it is some other guy that looked a little like him and why is that tha only picture that i can find of tha autopsy i think it is not real and he is still out there keepin' it real i will never stop belivein' in him if he is dead R.I.P. but 4 now keep it real stay strong.
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