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Current Events

Welcome to the DTDBSB! This is the place for all Backstreet Boys fans to hang out, share stories, view pics, interact and a whole lot more. Enjoy!

The Latest News and Gossip

BSB Break Sales Records
After breaking the record for highest single-week sales with 1.13 million copies of its "Millennium" album sold in its first week, the Boys will hold onto the top spot on next week's "Billboard" album chart. According to sales figures released Wednesday by SoundScan, the Boys sold another 621,000 copies of their sophomore album, bringing the disc's two-week total to 1.75 million.

Backstreet Boys Shoot Sears Commercial
The Backstreet Boys recently shot a Sears commericial. According to Sears, they want to promote Sears as a fun and compelling place to shop. Sears has also announced that they will be sponsoring the Backstreet Boys Into The Millennium concert in the US and Canada.

The Saturday Night Live 1998-99 season finale with Sarah Michelle Gellar and the Backstreet Boys attracted over 8.3 million viewers.

What Does "I Want It That Way" Mean?
The Hit List (YTV Canada) recently had an All Access show with the Backstreet Boys. According to AJ, "I Want It That Way" is about someone being in a relationship and one person wants it one way, and the other one wants it another way.

Backstreet Boys On Cover Of Teen
The Backstreet Boys are currently on the July 1999 issue of Teen Magazine

BSB Go Home With Two Blockbuster Awards
The 1999 Blockbuster Awards were recently taped and the Backstreet Boys went home with Favorite Pop Group and Favorite CD.

The Backstreet Boys' latest album, "Millennium" has hit platium in Canada! Congratulations Boys!

Tour News
The Backstreet Boys recently held a press conference to kick off their new new album, "Millennium." They releaved that their tour will kick off on June 2 in Belgium. The Boys will be moving across Europe until mid-August then they will be taking a break for a couple of weeks, then launch their US tour in September. The Boys announced that the tour will be performed with a stage in the middle of the arena giving fans on all sides an unobstructed view and will feature a few atmospheric stunts with the Boys flying out over the crowd of various points. The US portion of the tour will be sponsered by Sears.

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