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Welcome To Ann's *Alaskan* Homepage

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I Live in Chugiak,

"Ann" Cresap
College Student
Mental Health Associate
Pro Dog Groomer
address: Aurora Borealis Chugiak,Alaska
e-mail :
updated page: December 22, 2005

page first opened 12-30-1999 ---site started 1-13-2000

site open to public 1-15-2001


For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16


(It tells ya what is new, whats going on, and well just things :o) enjoy..)

New's Flash!! *updated*

Through the years *updated*2-9-02

Alaskan View's *updated*2-19-02

Family Things

Cresap's Talkeetna Cabin *New* *updated*3-1-02

My Best Friend's *updated*2-14-02

Pictures *updated* 1-6-02

Clogging anyone?? *updated* 20-02-2002

Odd Pictures *updated* 1-6-02 Pets *updated*1-3-02 get to know me! *updated* 2-18-02

My House! *updated* 1-6-02

Just Me! :) MY Favorites!! :) *updated* 2-21-01

Ok.. the four links below are my friends, sisters,and brothers homepages!!

Laura's Abode

Kristy's Homepage

Gary's Homepage

Debbie's Homepage

Civil Air Patrol !! (old and boring)*updated*12-31-01

Welcome to my page. Hello I am new at this homepage stuff but some day I will get better. Please sign my Guest Book!! If you want to know what is going on just go to my News Flash link.. thanx luv ya ~Ann~

last updated: Nov-2004

Please Please Sign My Guest book even if you do not know me!!! Thanx for everything bubye ~Ann~ *keep smilling!* :o)

Click for Chugiak, Alaska Forecast

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