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I bet dis iz tha mothafuckin shit all yall niggaz out they wanted ta hear since i started ma othah payge 'n shit. Well, it startz out to back when i lived in . Ma pops, Blunt Cop Killer(Jefferson Bowlan) wuz rollin wit tha mothafuckin 107 Hoover Crips/Criminals clicc up in L.A. Yo ma momz ran out on uz when i wuz born, just plopped me inta ma popz handz 'n jet, fuckin ho i'll blast her mothafuckin ass if i evah see her. Anywayz ma popz decided it wuznt good ta let me grow up in a harsh place like L.A., so we moved ta Canada. He wuz wrong, they iz Crips Bloods, 'n othah street gangz round dis mah-fucka too! When i uzed ta go ta school i would git harrassed by da Delusion Street Bloods, they a SouthSide gang, they used ta kick ma ass all tha mothafuckin time 'n shit. It didn't help when ma popz died soon aftah by lung cancer, yo he just smoke too many bluntz 'n smokez, he had tha street knowledge, he didnt die frum tha streetz 'n shit. Yo, den i had no nigga ta turn to no nigga ta live wit, soo i moved ta da Pristol Projectz wit a group home, datz where i git ta fuck wit dis internet shit.

Just down tha hall lived deze two ill niggaz we called G-Dogg 'n Poonis they be bompin dat NWA shit everyday 'n shit, gettin in shit wit tha houzin order mothafucka. I started rollin wit dem niggaz, hustlin niggaz on tha courtz, 'n fightin wit skinhead mothafuckaz, you know tha local thangz! We started ta git deep inta tha shit wit tha Delusion Street Bloods 'n shit, even doe we live on tha West Side, we would walk down ta tha south side 'n fuck up they shit. They adaptionz started comin aftah us, so i decided it wuz time ta carry tha gat ma popz gave ta me when i wuz a lil nigga. Not too long latah we started sellin dope, u know, slangin dub sackz, 'n fuckin up any nigga dat stepz ta us. robbin niggaz, 'n shit. We wuz a small hustlin crew, den i got beat REALLY mothafuckin bad by sum mark azz Skinheads, so we decided ta form a gang 'n shit.....

Ma popz wuz in tha 107 clicc, so i knew a nigga up on tha 7-4 Hoover hood named O.G. Killah Bull Dogg, he wuz a mad ass nigga. Kinda fat, but he coo. He hooked uz lil niggaz wit gatz, 'n affiliationz, so no nigga would even think a fuckin wit a tru-blue mothafucka like me! know wut i'm sayin! Me 'n tha homiez started puttin in work, 'n leavin our mark (graffiti) everywhere we went, we wuz even in tha papaz a couple timez. Yo we got so deep at least two membaz started gettin jumped in on tha set everyday. Niggaz started one twoin on our shit, ma group home parent (i hate tha hoe) getz punk mothafuckaz ta come ovah 'n talk ta me, bout gettin outta tha gang, they talk t me sayin crippin iz bull-shit, FUCK DAT NIGGA! I'm cuzz, 'n alwayz will be. 187 Thug Crips started out az a self-defence gang but now we got dis city locked down, we got our adaptionz i will list dem niggaz in a sec.

Yo, niggaz ask me why i hav a mothafuckin payge bout ma shit, yo i'm just representin ya know wut i'm sayi cuzz. 187 in tha howze 'n shit. Fuck all slob ass niggaz, 'n skaterz aint shit, fuck em!

I got sent ta E.Y.O.C. (Edmonton Young Offenderz Center) fo dealin dope 'n stealin a ride. I dont live in edmonton. yall niggaz alwayz assume dat i do, but i aint bout ta give out where i live, cuz po-po'z be fuckin thru ma shit. I did 6 monthz fo tha shit, i would of had less but sum punk hispanic mothafucka tried ta fuck ma ass, so i beat em so bad i bet tha nigga cant even walk str no mo. I earned ma name Krazy K on tha streetz once i got out, i aint bout ta make no confession bout how i got dat name either, cuzz!

I tell u dis much, lockin me up aint gonna do no good, it'll just make a nigga like me worse. i mean i feel like i'm locked down, livin in tha mothafuckin projectz, Den tha niggaz lock me up, itz just like leavin me they, aint no thang. Fuck it, po-po think they cin fuck me round like dat, i'll blast any bust azz nigga dat stepz ta me. Yall niggaz dont give a fuck bout me, so i dont give a mothafuckin fuck bout u either nigga, so fuck you, i be sayin ta tha po-po when they step ta me o ma homeboyz. Yo i sed a lot, i will finish dis shit off by puttin on dis mothafucka, tha 187 Thug Crips babiez.


187 Thug Crips (West Side, the daddy a all deze gangz)
187 Gangster Crips (North Side
187 Killah Crips (In Singapore)
Inner City Posse (Central)
4th Street Crips (East Side)
Street Dawg Crips (West Side
187 Mobsta Crips (South Side)
Delusion Street Crips (South Side)
Glock 142 Slob Killaz (North Side)
187 Sniper Posse (East Side)
East Side Militia Crips (East Side)
Ablivion Street Gangstaz (West Side)
Down Town Rip Ridas (West Side)
187 Geurilla Crips (West Side)
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