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WTS - World Travel Services


  1. Options

    Unless confirmed by the specified date, options on hotel accommodation will expire automatically. If no date has been specified, they will automatically expire after 14 days.

  2. Confirmation of bookings

    A confirmation/pro-forma invoice detailing all the services booked, will be issued once our offer has been accepted.

  3. Deposit

    New clients are required to pay a $200.00 deposit either by bank transfer or bankers draft, unless otherwise agreed. Old clients are not normally required a deposit.

  4. Amendments to bookings

    All changes to arrangements booked, whether in the number of pax or services required, will be confirmed by the issue of a new pro-forma invoice.

  5. Cancellation fees

    The following scale of cancellation fees will be applied to hotel reservations:

  6. Balance of payment

    The balance, based on the last-issued pro-forma invoice, should be paid at latest 15 days before departure. Copy of bank transfer order should be faxed as proof of payment.

  7. Vouchers

    Vouchers will only be issued after receipt of proof of payment for those services which have been confirmed and paid for in advance. WTS - World Travel Services should be informed of last-minute changes in numbers, which should also be noted by the group leader on the vouchers before handing them to the suppliers.

    N. B. If the payment is no received before the arrival of the group, the vouchers will be invalidated and services, therefore, cannot be guaranteed.

  8. Substitution of services

    Whilst WTS - World Travel Services will endeavour to provide services booked, if obliged by circumstances beyond its control, it reserves the right to substitute such service(s) with offers of change as higher standard.

    Clients will be notified as and when such changes become necessary.

  9. Complaints

    If the services provided on arrival differ from those booked and confirmed and/or there are complaints about the quality of the service provided, the tour leader should contact WTS - World Travel Services immediately, so that the matter can be investigated and steps taken to rectify the cause. Complaints cannot be considered retrospectively, after the clients have left the accommodation.

  10. Final invoices

    Credit notes or refunds (as appropriate) for unused services will be made when the final invoice is issued after the completion of the tour.

    No refunds can be give if tour leader has not adjusted the vouchers for received services.

  11. If you have any questions about our products, do not hesitate to contact us. Our e-mail address is

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