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Warden's Den

Hello, and welcome to my little online sanctuary. Warden is the internet pseudonym I like to go by (hence the title), so we'll just call myself that from here on in. Well, right now this is just the jumping off point for all my other sites that document my various interests, or at least the ones I'm passionate enough about to share with the rest of you.

A Philosophy for Life: "Just because it's a bad idea, that doesn't mean you shouldn't do it!"

First is my site dedicated to White Wolf's Vampire: The Masquerade. This is the quintessential roleplaying experience.

Next we have my own little part of a Star Wars RPG. It is an online game where we write stories and they are judged for character rewards. I play the part of Warden Grimm, who commands one of the four sectors held by The Smuggler's Band. This is my Bakura Sector site. Last Updated 9/23/99

My other roleplaying passion is SLA Industries, a brilliantly concieved and envisioned game from Nightfall Games. It is finally back in print, so if you are at all interested, I recommend trying to find a copy. Please, take a look at my introduction and the info I am trying to slowly build up. Last Updated: Damn if I remember

I'm also an avid fan of Warhammer 40,000 by Games Workshop. Here is my own chapter of Space Marines, The Wardens.

One of my real loves is writing fiction (though I'm damn good at writing essays too...). This is a Collection of what I've had the time to put up on my site. It also includes stories from the Star Wars RPG and SLA Industries. Hopefully I'll add more of mine and other's writings when I have the time... Last Updated: Hell, you tell me.