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The Voice that passed 
through the body of 
Edgar Cayce, while he was 
in an altered state of 

...stated that the mind 
is the Builder, Jesus is 
the Pattern, and Christ 
is the Ideal that the 
mind may reach through 
its building activities.


Albert Einstein stated that 
Great Spirits have always 
encountered violent opposition 
from mediocre minds.


Sir Isaac Newton's Third 
Law of Motion..."For every 
action there is an equal 
but opposite reaction"


The Voice of Edgar Cayce 
clearly states that the 
development of the mind 
is the most important reason 
for a human being to enter 
into the earth plane.

Albert Einstein clearly 
states WHY that development 
is necessary.

Sir Isaac Newton's Third 
Law of Motion may clearly 
show HOW the mind, as the 
builder, actually works to 
develop itself.


The mind is the builder 
because it moves letters.
Those very letters then 
move the mind.

The mind begins to move 
and build when letters are 
first moved to the mind 
through an outside source, 
such as its parents.  

This simple act actually 
starts the mind to move by 

The human mind literally builds 
itself through the mind-letter 
movement cycle.

When the mind reaches a 
point of self-conscious 
maturity, it literally 
reaches a point where a very 
important decision may 
be made by its own free will.


From birth, the human mind 
begins to build by moving 
letters as its own.

Using letters as its own 
is part of the design 
because it allows that mind 
to FIRST build a  mature 
self-conscious mind that 
has a free will.

This self-conscious built 
mind THEN has the innate 
ability to create a new mind 
out of its very own 
mind by consciously moving 
Letters as His, rather than 
its own.

If the mind is consciously 
willing to move His Letters, 
the self conscious mind may 
literally give birth to new mind.

This is literally the Immaculate 
Conception of the mind.

The Virgin Mary is the pattern 
for the Immaculate Conception 
of the mind, and the Pattern 
that she conceived was the 
Word made flesh, Jesus.

The Immaculate Conception was 
made because Mary knew HOW to 
move His Letters that were 
As ONE with Him in the beginning.

The human self conscious mind will 
eventually build and move itself 
to a crossroad where it may decide 
to move in another direction.

It may continue down its own path 
where self constantly meets self. 
by continuing to consciously 
move letters as its own.....

OR may begin to move His 
letters so that the mind, 
itself, may move to become 
AS ONE with His, instead of 
the mind becoming as one with 

Jesus, the Pattern, went to 
the cross to save the 
soul by showing its companion, 
the mind, the Way.

Let the conscious mind build 
towards the Ideal for which 
it has been designed, not 
for the sake of itself, but 
for the redemption of its 
constant companion, the soul.

God has designed the mind as 
a movable force to allow 
its companion, the soul, 
to return to Him.

The mind, with its free will, 
may literally turn its own 
letters, as stumbling blocks, 
into His Letters,as stepping