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Edgar Cayce, America's greatest 
psychic, did what no other 
human being, in recent history 
has ever done before...

.....He literally altered his 
mind into attunement with 
the Creative Spiritual Force 
that created his body that 
housed the mind of his body.  

The attunement of his mind 
OPENED the passage way for 
the Voice of the Spirit to 
manifest THROUGH his mind and body.  

His mind followed the exact 
same Pattern established 
by the Voice of the Father 
that passed through the 
mind and body of Jesus.

The Voice WITHIN Jesus set the 
Pattern for every mind to follow.

The Voice WITHIN Edgar Cayce 
witnessed and confirmed that Pattern.

According to the Pattern, 
there is a Voice of Creative 
Force within all human beings 
that enter into the earth plane.

This Voice may be manifested 
through a simple attunement 
process by the conscious mind.

The process is based on 
the mind's innate ability 
to Spiritualize the BLOCKED WORDS 
that the mind has learned.

The mind will then follow
as they are re-corded back 
to Spiritual Force within 
the human created body that is  
housing its created mind.

The process is very simple, 
yet it is very profound.
It is sort of like being
born again as a little child
because the mind learns to use
the letter symbols of its 
mind in a new way.

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how the process may work 
for everyone.

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