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Wave Race64


Ride a Dolphin

To ride a dolphin go to stunt mode and choose your racer. Once you have done that go to Dolphin Park Stunt Mode. You HAVE to do these following tricks in ORDER as they appear:
Backwards Spin
Stand with a Back Flip
Flip off of Ramp
Dive off of Ramp
Clockwise Barrel Roll
Counter Clockwise Barrel Roll
And go through all of the RINGS!!
If done correctly you will hear a dolphin squeaking at the end. Quit stunt mode and go to warm up. When you are choosing your racer hold down on analog stick. Then you should be riding a dolphin!!
Submitted by: Jeff Sanford
Change Racer Color and Number

To change your racers color go to choose a watercraft and hold up on the Steering Pad(D Pad).
Submitted by: Jeff Sanford

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