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Mario Kart64

Royal Raceway

You will need a mushroom for this. Just before you go off the big jump put your mushroom on, turn sharply to the left and hit the brake. If done correctly you will land on a patch of track just before the finish line!! NOTE: THIS IS EXTREMELY HARD TO DO. PRACTISE BEFORE YOU DO THIS IN GP!!
Submitted by: Jeff Sanford
Rainbow Road

At the start of rainbow road the is a huge hill. When you are about 1-2 seconds down that hill turn sharply to the left and hit the jump button. (R button). You will see a patch of track in the distance, when you are half way to that track hit the brake button (A Button). If all is done correctly you will land on that piece of track putting you about 30 seconds ahead of where you last were.
Submitted by: Jeff Sanford
Wario Stadium

At the start of the race there is four bumps. Get some speed and on the first bump turn slightly to the left. On the second turn sharply to the left. On the third bump you should be right on top of the bump driving towards the wall. Just before you hit the wall hit the jump button (R Button). You should flip over the wall leaving everyone else in the dust!!
Submitted by: Jeff Sanford

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