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Welcome to Dexter's Lab.  No DeeDee's Allowed!

Welcome to Dexter's Laboratory

Enter at your own peril, past the bolted door, where impossible things may happen that the world has never seen before. In Dexter's Laboratory, lives the smartest boy you've ever seen, but DeeDee blows his expirements to smitheriens. There is gloom, and doom while things go boom, in Dexter's Lab!

Hey! Welcome to my Dexter's Laboratory page. This is totally under construction, but I should be done soon.

This page is usually updated on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays due to school stuff.


September 19,1997

Right now, I am updating the character bios. It should be done pretty soon I hope. Dexter I would also like to mention that if you have any info on Dexter's lab, multimedia, or anything else, you can email it to me and I would be pleased to put it on here. You will get credit for it of course. I should be done with my episode guides soon too. Hopefully this page won't be under construction anymore. I am also making cool graphic text thingys. By the way, more links are being added too. See ya!!!

Updated Stuff

September 20, 1997
  • More Pics!
  • NEWS!!!!!!

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