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?????, 1997.




This is an old interview made in the fall of 1997, by myself, to a very little (and now RIP) Brazilian fanzine. It was forgotten in the dust of the past and now I brought it to life once more because I think it's quite interesting. Have in mind: this is the first time that this interview is available in English and on the Web. Now, enjoy the malignant sentences of VARATHRON's Necroabyssious...

1) What's the latest news concerning VARATHRON?

NECROABYSSIOUS: Well, we will record our new MCD "The Lament Of Gods". Our full-CD "Crowsreign" will be out in the summer because now we haven't free time enough to record a full-album. We want to make a professional thing, not just release another album. Also, Still Dead Productions (Poland) will release a CD "A Tribute To Mercyful Fate" that contains THERION, DECEASED, VARATHRON, MASTER, DEATH, NECROPHOBIC, etc. Also, Cursed Productions released a CD that contains our two old demos + 3 unreleased songs. Watch out!


2) VARATHRON have did many shows?

NECROABYSSIOUS : We have played some blasphemic live-shows and we will be playing some more in a near future!


3) What about your side-project WOLF? What we can expect from it?

NECROABYSSIOUS : Well, about WOLF we will record some good stuff soon! Our music will be a mix of horror-terror soundtrack music and some mystical ritual poems. Watch out!


4) Besides VARATHRON and WOLF, you're the manager of some other bands and you write for a magazine, right? How can you conciliate so many activities?

NECROABYSSIOUS : As you said, besides VARATHRON and WOLF, I'm the manager of SPIDER KICKERS and ENOCH (two great bands in Ioannina), I write in the Mortal Noise Magazine (a great Polish magazine with 100 pages of death/black metal). Also, I have a radio-show with death/black metal. Yes, I have a lot of activities but I have a very pressing time! Why? Because I love music and especially "our" black metal music!


5) Beholding the Greek black metal scene nowadays, is possible to say that it's the same of, for example, five years ago? What's your opinion about it?

NECROABYSSIOUS : Well, the Greek black metal scene was so great and so pure and powerful some years ago. Now, we have more bands, BUT only for fashion and nothing else!


6) In your opinion, that big "explosion" of the black metal in these last years is finally dying and only the true bands are indeed surviving?

NECROABYSSIOUS : I think the black metal will survive through the years! Some bands will still be playing black metal and the most will change! Look through the last 3-5 years! In 1990-1991 all the bands were playing death metal BUT in 1994-1995 all the bands were playing black metal! Change their style only for fashion because their basic believes NEVER changed! In some years, the most of bands will be changing to other kinds of music! Also, we have the thrash attack now, and some bands change almost their music!


7) What CD's/LP's we could find in your home? What's your fave bands?

NECROABYSSIOUS : Well, I have 4000 LP's, 2000 CD's, 3000 demos and 1500 7'EP's! A lot of stuff because I listen to music and I buy records since 1978! So, I have a lot of records and a lot of fave bands! From 60's, 70's, 80's and, of course, some great LP's from 90's!


8) Do you kow something from the Brazilian underground scene? Do you have something to say about it?

NECROABYSSIOUS : I'm a fan of the Brazilian scene since the early years of SARCÓFAGO, NECRÓFAGO, SEPULTURA until the new bands like MYTHOLOGICAL COLD TOWERS, ANGEL OF LIGHT, SERPENT RISE and more! A great scene with a lot of great bands, magazines and faithful fans!


9) Tell us about the VARATHRON lyrics. What about it deals? From where do you extract inspiration to write them?

NECROABYSSIOUS : Our lyrics are all written by myself. I read a lot of books and the main inspirations are: the ancient legends and myths, wars and bloody battles and the mystical nature! Some of them comes from our inner-world, the astral trips and some experiences beyond the graves! My influences comes from the strange world of dreams and rotten reality!


10) Despite the many line up changes, VARATHRON always kept their integrity. From where comes this virtue? And what's the current line up?

NECROABYSSIOUS : The basic reason for the many line up changes in VARATHRON was the obligatory army service. Now VARATHRON have a stronger powerful line up with Pyrphoros - guitars + bass, Bill - synths + violin, Wolfen (Spyros) - drums and me on voices. As I told you, the basic reason for our "changes" was the army but also personal problems like the travel of our guitarrist Jim Necroslaughter to Australia (he lives there with his brother now). Anyway, VARATHRON have been a guardian of the black flame and we'll live forever!


11) OK, I hope VARATHRON keep their reign of chaos! Feel free to say your last words to us...

NECROABYSSIOUS : Thanx for your support and your great friendship! I wish the best for your magazine! I salute you all black hearts and faithful metallers. And I promise: our new "invasion" will rape a lot of mortal ears! Hail and kill!




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