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Interview with



December 20, 1998.




Hailing from the cold Sweden, NEFANDUS is one of the most blasphemic and brutal Black Metal acts from that country. Their powers can be checked in the debut album, released in '96, "The Nightwinds Carried Our Names" - a raw unholy torrent of chaos. This interview was done with vocalist Blackwinged.

1) OK, tell us the NEFANDUS origin.

BLACKWINGED: As stated in our biography, NEFANDUS was formed by myself and Belfagor in '93. Our intension back then was to spread our antichristian beliefs. We found music to be an suitanble medium for that cause. Our intensions now are not all that different... though we may have become a bit more manipulative and dubious in our cast.


2) What's the reasons for the lineup changes?

BLACKWINGED: Back then we were looking for people who wanted the same things as we do and had the same goals as we do. Time only showed that they were not who the say they were... that being the reason they had to be eliminated. One individual had to removed from the band for another reason though, his inability to play music... at all (no names mentioned). We have had quite a few problems finding people who are indeed equal to us, and truthful to themselves. They are only a handfull and very few of them play music... Those that do, are already playing in other bands. So for now, it is back to the original line-up, consisting of me, Blackwinged, and my brother at war, Belfagor.Blackwinged


3) Since now, are there already new songs awaiting for the next release?

BLACKWINGED: A while back we had alot of new unreleased material ready for recording but we decided to trash that material, the reason being that we decided to take a new approach with the next release. As of a few weeks ago, we have started the makings of the next release. Primaraly the album should be released sometime by the end of next year. We may or may not release something before that time, so our brothers can be tortured by us during the long wait.


4) The ex-MARDUK Devo Andersson helped NEFANDUS in the past. How was it? And what about the link between NEFANDUS and MARDUK?

BLACKWINGED: Just about the only thing that Devo helped us with was to make sure our debut album would suck alot because of the shitty sound quality on it. I don't really want to discuss the details in this manner due to the simple fact being that I get so upset. As far as our link with MARDUK concerns anyone else, well, let us just say that we have had quite a few "encounters" with the leader in the band, namely Morgan "Evil" Håkansson.


5) The cover artwork of "The Nightwinds Carried Our Names" looks really great. Who is behind it?

BLACKWINGED: The picture was taken from a history book I think (I don't remember) and I don't have the faintest clue who painted it. My thanks to him anyways. The layout was put together at Cold Meat Industries.


6) Give an example of what your lyrics are like.

BLACKWINGED: Let's just say that they all concern satanism and it's worshipance. All the lyrics are included in the booklet, so for those who are interested, get the cd.


7) NEFANDUS have performed shows?

BLACKWINGED: We have not really had a chance to perform live yet. The reason being that we have never had a line-up that would allow us to give a great liveshow. We have allways been 2 in the band, well 2 plus an imbecill for a period of time. We have discussed this matter internally and we may just have a solution. More on that later.


8) Tell us about HELLSENT.

BLACKWINGED: Hellsent was just a side project featuring myself and Belfagor. We had some good ideas that would not fit into NEFANDUS in any way, so we recorded the stuff on a portable studio and labeled it Hellsent. A perverted demotape that was never released because of too many delays. The "old school" genre had already Belfagorbecome a trend when we could have released the tape, so we decided not to become "just another amongst many". Had we been in time with the release, it could have been something extra. But shit happens.


9) What's your thoughts about Christianity/Satanism? How serious are you regarding Satanism?

BLACKWINGED: I believe that Christianity plays a huge part in Satanism since Satanism is based on the bible as well as Christianity. You'd need to know that for every light, there must be a shadow, for some deed to be considered as good there has to be one, considered as evil, for life itself would not exist without death. I see it as life having to roads to follow, one of heavenly light, one of eternal darkness, and I have been placed on the dark one. I also believe that there will never be a great conflict between these two for in order for one to exist the other one must be present. So I am dead serious when it comes to my religion. Orthodox.


10) What's your outlook on death? What is the best way to perish?

BLACKWINGED: Death is something that open the door to eternal torment and pain for my part. I shall forever be tortured and burned in HIS honour. Death is something that comes to me when HE believes that I can no longer serve HIM in earthly ways. The best way to perish... anyway that Satan decides, whatever way it will be. This may sound very depressive to some but I am truly honoured to be apart of his creation as I am honoured to return to his kingdom.


11) There are a lot of Nazi-Black Metal bands around the underground scene today. What do you think about the connections between Nazism and Satanism? Is it possible?

BLACKWINGED: Highly possible. Just think about the amount of jews that were killed during WW2. Many considered the nazies of being satanist back then. After all, they did murder God's chosen people. I think the connection is quite clear. I do not consider myself as being a nazi, however I do support them. They brought alot of destrution and disorder to earth during WW2 and they may some day do that again (in a greater extent). I support alot of different acts that are concidered evil and sick.


12) The NEFANDUS' look in the photos is quite shocking. How important is the image for a Black Metal band in your opinion?

BLACKWINGED: I'd have to say that "Image" has really nothing to do with true Black Metal. You would'nt want to be someone you're not and claim to be a Satanist, playing in a Black Metal band. As long as your beliefs are "right", It don't really matter what the fuck you look like or what you are trying to look like. Surely there are some "guidelines" of what is accepted and what is not. The photos you are relating to, are just a reflection from within ourselves. It is not an "Image" as you would put it.


13) NEFANDUS was formed in '93. What motivates you to keep the blasphemies through the years?Blackwinged

BLACKWINGED: I have to say that we have not been actively rehersing since we lack a place of our own to chant at. This most certainly limits our possibilities. So for now we are writing all the material at home and syncronising it with each other. My discust against wannabe bands motivates me to write music that I can listen to. Music with the right feeling, the right state of mind. If I listen to a band that I know nothing about and I think it sounds good, I try to find out more about them. If they turn out to be total idiots, the music also sound worse in my ears. When I listen to a band that I know are extreme people with the right minds... I shiver during every tone.


14) We are just one week of the Christmas eve. What do you think about this date?

BLACKWINGED: Christmas eve has no special meaning to me at all. It's just another day as any other. Most surely I will get drunk and do alot of stupid things but It's all in a days work.


15) Well, it's all for the moment. Please, your final words...

BLACKWINGED: Yes! Beg for them!!! Keep an eye out on zines and the homepage for updates. I'm guessing alot will happen in 1999. Awe Satani.






If you know how to contact them, please, tell me. All their old e-mail addresses are currently defunct and so does their official homepage...

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