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December 20, 1998.




AVERSE SEFIRA have becoming, day after day, one of the most prominent new American Black Metal bands. The perfect mix of philosophy and literature with the most extreme Black Metal turned in something really very interesting and original. This interview was done with the two only members of the band, Wrath and Sanguine.

1) Greetings! First, tell us the AVERSE SEFIRA's biography.

WRATH: We formed in 1996 after Sanguine and I had a sucessful metal radio show for a few years together. The first songs the band ever wrote were the ones featured on our demo. Since then the name has gotten much more recognition and we've received lots of positive exposure in the metal press.


Averse Sefira


2) The debut CD of AVERSE SEFIRA will see the light of day (or darkness of the night) very soon, right? What you can say since now about it?

SANGUINE: The album is called, "Homecoming's March" and it's seven new songs that will leave those familiar and unfamiliar with us into our ongoing sagas relating to the tribulations of the sefiroth.
: For my part, the production far exceeds the sound of the demo! We have learned a lot about what we do in a short time, so the new stuff is much more advanced. I think people will be surprised.


3) AVERSE SEFIRA have played with a drum-machine in the past. It will be used once more? Already exists a real drummer in the band?

WRATH: Until a permanent drummer is found, the drum machine will be used as needed. For the most part it's not a problem, though since we're relocating to Rochester we hope to find a drummer there.


4) The AVERSE SEFIRA lyrics looks like very different of the common Black Metal band's lyrics of today. Who is behind the lyrics and what about the album lyrics will deal?

SANGUINE: We both contribute to the lyrics as the story develops. The lyrics on the demo are different because that was a concept story that needed to be dealt with. All the lyrics we write are different for specific reasons. As a Satanist, I found it somewhat insulting to see bands who write lyrics where every other word is "SATAN!". The way I saw fit to approach songwriting is to ultimately spread the same kind of message but through metaphor or parable. As has been said by others, saying "hail Satan" in every line is just a good way to look silly and cartoonish.


5) AVERSE SEFIRA have performed many shows? Describe AVERSE SEFIRA live.

WRATH: We've only performed about ten times. Where we lived in Texas made it hard to play as metal wasn't too popular. AVERSE SEFIRA live would have to be described as raw. We have very few stage props. All it is is just the two of us in our paint and armor and we play as hard as we can. Perhaps in the future we'll have more visuals, but ultimately I think it's important to give the most intense performance possible.


6) How'd you come up with the great name AVERSE SEFIRA? And talk about the occult meaning of this name.

SANGUINE: The choice of the name came as one of those happy accidents in life, the ones that seem like they could be important, and then ultimately turn out to be one of the best things to happen. In the Q'uaballah there are twenty angels emanating out of the right and left hand of god. They are the Sefiroth. Sefira is the singular of this word, and an AVERSE SEFIRA would be one such of the unholy. We have taken these angels and extrapolated them as narrative vehicles for our tales of mythic irony.Wrath


7) What about the side/related projects?

WRATH: There are none. This band is what takes up our time because we spend all of our energy trying to perfect it as much as possible.


8) AVERSE SEFIRA came from Texas. I was curious to know your opinon about ABSU (also from Texas)?

SANGUINE: ABSU has long been a halmark of Texas metal. They have also done a great deal ensuirng that people outside the US will keep their eyes trained upon us.
: They're great and I think they get better with each release. "The Eyes of Ioldanach" (the latest one) is incredible!


9) What about the American Black Metal? Is it possible consider the American scene as strong as the European scene?

WRATH: The US scene has a lot of growing up to do both muscially and ideologically before we can truly compete with Europe. It's true that US bands are far more brutal than most of the European bands now, but there has to be a better sense of control with that brutality to make the music worthwhile. I like to think that AVERSE SEFIRA has a lot of that raw brutality coupled with an epic scope more common to European acts.
: There is certainly a flourishing of bands here, but if things do not change soon, there is going to have to be a systematic "slash and burn" program enacted to ensure the vitality of the scene.


10) Do you consider yourself a Satanist? What's your thoughts about Satanism and the American Chuch Of Satan?

WRATH: If you mean that I pursue my own beliefs and goals outside of a Christian framework, then yes, I'm a Satanist. I think that Satanism is deriving power from the self and knowing that you gain strength and accomplish life goals by looking to yourself, not a higher power. I think the problem is that people assume when you claim to be Satanic is that you worship the devil or are implicitly evil. I don't actually think of myself as an "evil" person. I just do what I do as I see fit. I try not to harm others so long as they don't harm me.
: Yes, I am a Satanist. I believe that both good and evil reside within the shell of man and more often than not, the evil side wins out. That's what I have faith in ultimately. The vast majority of people that I have come into contact with believe in their hearts that the good wins out, but I feel that they are some of the most vile and twisted creatures that walk the earth. Most of the the "evil" people I have met turn out to be some of the nicest. But aside from that there is also a belief in the self and the power of the will that the individual is the ultimate master of his/her life and that not enough people take advantage of this. Also having a strong sense of humor, I believe in delivering hatred with a smile.


11) Christianity... something to say?

SANGUINE: Christianity is a crutch for people who are too weak and afraid to take control of their own lives. As I said above, they are some of the most vicious, petty and evil creatures to plague this land. It is like a virus, a socially transmitted disease.
: Plenty to say! The fact is that I used to get so mad when I considered Christians and how they ruin everything- especially in America! While I am still commited to fighting them, I have grown to realize that they aren't even a worthy adversary. Sometimes it's easier to laugh at them than let them get to me.


12) If AVERSE SEFIRA lyrics are stories, I would like to know what's your fave writers and books? Are they sources of inspiration to you?

WRATH: "Paradise Lost" by Milton is a great piece of literature. I get inspiration from that. Most of what I read has nothing to do with our music. I also read some magickal texts for inspiration, particularly ones dealing with Enochian magick. Actually, the Old Testament of the Bible is inspiration, only because it portrays god and the angels as destructive and terrifying. I like that.
: My favorite authors at the moment would include Poe, Lovecraft, James Ellroy, and Hunter S. Thompson, though I gain no influence from them. The works of Arthur Edward Waite I guess would be more "inspiring" as well as William Blake and Charles Baudelaire. I recently the art of Wayne Barlowe and Zdzislaw Beksinsky have piqued my interest.


13) There are a lot of National-Socialist bands in the Black Metal scene today. Is it possible, in your opinion, a connection between both philosophies?

SANGUINE: No I see it as somewhat contradictory that people are linking national-socialism and satanism together, although it seems that most of the NS bands are dumping their Satanic roots. Adopting National-Socialism seems like a last ditch shock tactic.
: All I can say is that AVERSE SEFIRA has nothing to do with any of that. We have been called "black metal philosophers" by some, and I think that's appropriate in that we aren't very reactionary in what we believe. A lot of thought goes into our music and what we say and do surrounding the music and life in general. There's no real need to actively affiliate ourselves with an organization like that when we're used to spreading our message on our own.


14) Is the music one of the most important things in your life? And what do you like to do in your free time?

WRATH: I think it will always be very improtant to me. If it wasn't I wouldn't be able to give this project such devotion. I like watching movies, reading, mostly typical hobbies. I also go to live shows whenever they occur.
: Yeah, music has always been a main aspect in my life. As of late I've been trying to delve more in my occult studies.


15) Within a week, will be the Christmas eve. What do you think about this date?

WRATH: It doesn't bother me, really. I think it's so funny to see Christmas become a holiday very removed from religion, and of course many Christians just hate that! I actually exchange gifts with friends and family at Christmas simply because I like it. It's also a good excuse to have parties and get a couple of days off to just relax.
: Christmas should be called Capitalism-mass. It has no deeper significance to me on that day than an exchange of gifts. I observe the winter solstice, but I don't let any implied "christian" overtones ruin the day for me. It's more like a wake for the end of the year.


16) OK, my friends. This is the end. Thanks for the attention and, please, your last words of wisdom...

WRATH: "Homecoming's March" is coming soon, I promise! We need a drummer! Contact Thanks for the interview.
: Take the proud by war!!! Thanks!





P.O. Box 4934
Austin, TX







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