Christina's Pre-Vet diary

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Well, one year after I attempted to start this page, I decided I don't WANT to be a vet (isn't it ironic?) If you still want to read this mess, go right ahead. I dont know how you even FOUND this site, but um... yeah...

Hello everyone! For starters, I would like to summarize my first year of College. (blah blah, add some stuff, blah blah) (list classes) (clubs)

I am only taking 12 credits this semester, because... I'm a slacker! That and I had a really hard time finding classes that fit. The result: 4 classes from Monday to Thursday and 3 DAY WEEKENDS! HA HA! ...Here is a list of my current classes and activities:
Honors: Livestock Nutrition This class meets Tuesday and Thursday for lecture, Tuesday for lab, and Wednesday for the special honors discussion section. There are only about 10 people in the honors section, and the professor (Dr. Saylor) has never taught an honors course before. This has made for a laid back and very fun class! 3 credits
Honors: Wildlife Conservation This class is interesting, but certainly depressing. All the talk about extinction and stress on the environment makes me want to curl up in a ball and hide! Dr. Carron is the professor, and he's cool. I had him last year for Entomology. He pops some jokes and cute comments into his lecture, which is really nice. His tests are REALLY hard though because they are all fill ins and it's difficult to figure out what he's asking. Lecture meets Monday and Wednesday. 3 credits
Nutrition of Horses This has to be the easiest class I have ever taken (other than gym and ceramics from high school, but those arent real classes!). The more difficult material is covered in much greater detail in the Livestock Nutrition class, and other than that its all memorization. The teacher is nice, and he likes me which is good because he'll decide wether or not I can get into Horsemanship, which is a high demand course! Class meets Monday and Wednesday for lecture. 2 credits.
Organic Chemistry Ah, the worst for last. OrgChem is a nightmare, though its not going to badly, and with some work I could still pull an A or A- (maybe) The teacher is.... well, he's a lot of things. The first is essentric... he likes to beat the chalk board. And this has caused a great deal of pointing sticks and metal rods to be... well, destroyed. One day there were 3 new sticks in the room, and he proceeded to test their strength... and ended up snapping the first two in half! He's given me a few "I know it all" lectures when I went to him for help, and in the process made me feel dumb and so I ran off without getting the help I needed. That wasn't good. Lecture meets Tuesday and Thursday. My lab is on Thursday. 4 credits.

Animal Science Club My favorite activity I must say. We meet every Wednesday, but have activities on most weekends. I am the chair of the Pre-Vet Committee, which is interesting, yet fustrating! Web page address to follow (I should be co-webmaster, more on that later). APVMA- National Pre Vet club. The animal science club belongs to this organization.
Chinkotan Karate Club Karate is great. On Tuesday and Thursday (assuming I go...) I get to actually exercise! (Wow, real exercise!) The instructors are great, and I have lots of fun.
Equestrian Team Last year I was in a few shows, and was the webmaster for the team's webpage, but since then have had a falling out. They have refused to allow me to be the webmaster this semester, BUT no one has touched the webpage! (Funny, really) I'm going to move on now :)

Weekly Entries:

11/04/00 This week was rather interesting and very busy. I had a ton of reading to catch up on for Wildlife, a lab for LN that I did NOT understand, and a paper due for Honors LN about our field trip to the Herr's Food Factory and farm. The ANSC club meeting didn't go over so well. My committee's guest speaker did not mention a single thing about vet work or being a vet or becoming a vet! She didn't even say the word vet! So there I was, chair of the Pre-VET committee, feeling REALLY dumb. What a disaster! More of my committee members are emailing me with ideas for our projects, so that is a plus. Over the weekend, I went to Punkin Chunkin, and if you've never heard of that check out That event is a 15 minute drive from my house.

11/28/00 Due to Thanksgiving break and other stuff, this update is a wee bit belated. Election Day was Tuesday the 7th, but I skipped class the Monday before so I could have an extended weekend and vote at my designated area. Interestingly enough I had a Nut. of Horses Quiz, and Wildlife Exam that Monday! So I convinced both my professors to move the exams to Wednesday. On Thursday the 9th I turned in a whole bunch of stuff to the Study Abroad office (I'm going to New Zealand from Jan 4th to Feb 4th! WOO HOO!) and then went home with my best friend Mal. Not much happened the week of the 12th to the 18th. I was SUPPOSE to be studying for my Livestock Exam, but of course I didn't! I did turn in my Chemistry report about Phenylbutazone- a drug used on horses (and dogs). On the 20th I had yet another Nut. of Horses Quiz, and had to turn in my 1st draft of the letter assignment for Wildlife. We have to write a politician about a current wildlife issue, I picked the NJ bears. Tuesday the 21st was the Livestock exam, which I think went well. On the 25th, I volunteered with SDTRHR (Southern Delaware Theraputic and Recreational Horseback Riding), which I do as regularly as possible. It's really interesting; I get to help children and even adults, and at the same time work with horses. Yesterday, the 27th, I finally decided on what classes to take next semester, I just hope I get them! I was up until 2 AM in a massive cram session for Chemistry (NEVER should you expect to get work done on holidays, it doesn't happen!), after which I got up at 6:30 AM in order to finish cramming. I think I did well, and since I got lots of sleep over the holiday (I was sick!) I'm not too tired as I write this at 5:45 in the evening. But I ought to hit the dinning hall soon and see what they are offering as food this evening. (Yippie...) Oh, tomorrow will be fun, the Honors section of Livestock is going to the Zoo! Philly or D.C., not sure which. Update on that next week.

12/5/00- So, the semester is coming down to the wire! Tomorrow (Wednesday) is the last day of classes. My Wildlife exam is on Monday the 11th, Chemistry is on Tuesday, Nut. of Horses on Wednesday, and Livestock Nut. on Thursday. After that I'll be freeeee! FREEEE! So what have I been up to? The Zoo trip to D.C. last Wednesday was jolly good fun. Well, some fun... We got to see the elephants and hear about them, and then we got to see the empty panda exibit (Pandas were still in China) and even walk where the Pandas would soon be walking! I have a pic I might put up later of the class in front of the Panda's grotto. Our tour guides, though nice, tended to repeat everything 3-7 times. Not b/c they were dumb, but b/c they really liked what they were doing. So we learned all about Panda nutrition and a bit about elephant nutrition, and then we finally got to go tour the zoo on our own. We saw some primates and large cats, and the regular zoo stuff. When we left, Dr. Saylor decided to take a short cut through D.C. and we got lost for over an hour. The TA who was reading the map claimed "We cant be lost because we know where we are" but then again he couldnt figure out where we were part of the time since the map was so non-detailed. So we finally got back and I missed Wildlife class and was in a sour mood so I didn't go to Animal Science Club, which was bad since they were making wreaths for a fundraiser that night. Thursday was uneventful, and on Friday I went to see a Dr. Lasher, who is actually somewhat famous among certain circles. He helps poultry industries come up with solutions to problems and so forth. So he and his associate talked with me about things I could do over the summer, and I told him my top secret research project that I wanted to do over the summer, and maybe I'll be able to do it on the UD Georgetown poultry campus (That's 30 minutes from my house, an hour closer than Newark). Then he took me to see another Doctor, who gave me a brief presentation on vet schools and also listened to my top secret idea. He didn't seem as interested though. :\ On Sunday I asked Derek to help me with my Wildlife presentation on cheetahs, and that was fun. Then I had a special "Holiday Dinner" with other people who live in my dorm. It was YUMMMMMY :) Yesterday I turned in my letter writting assignment and did my cheetah presentation. I really didn't want to get up in front of the class but then Dr. Caron picked me to go first! Ack! I lived though. Today I had to turn in a take home quiz for Livestock Nut. and I got my Chemistry Exam back. I looked at it, and saw a sticker first. "That HAS to be a good sign," I thought. I looked at my grade- a 91!!!! That's an A! So now my average in Chem is about an 87, which is an A- I guess and all I have to do is get a good grade on the Chem final. I got a 94 on my Livestock Nut. exam, so I'm doing really well in that class too, and considering I'm only taking 12 credits I had better get a killer GPA :) So that's about it. I have Karate Club soon, the last meeting of the year. The next entry will be when I and all my stuff are home! Yippie!