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NOTICE: All these pictures belong to me. You may not copy, download, or otherwise reproduce them without my consent. Thank you, please enjoy.

Page two of the Guinea pictures

Aren't they cute? This picture was taken when they were less than a week old! The keets with the "chimpmunk" or striped heads will become pearl guineas and the keets with the white faces and wings will become royal purple guineas... these two colors will be compared at the bottom.

Now if you dont think that this is cute then I dunno what is! :) This is a royal purple keet as you can see by his/her markings

This is a pic of Emu, the keet's father, running around in the ferns... this is like the biggest pic cuz it also shows my backyard... sorry!

And here is Emu and Rebel (she's the mother of the keets) right in front of the coop. Now, Emu, on the left, is a royal purple guinea, and Rebel, on the right, is a pearl guinea.

For those of you who have never had a chance to get a good look at a guinea's head, this pic's for you :) This pic is also of Emu, he's very photogenic. (Maybe I should remind you at this point NOT to copy my images! LOL! But seriously, if you wish to use my pics email me and let me know why and all that...)

This is my cat Calico checking out the keets and vice versa. The reason my cats and guineas get along is mostly due to the fact that when I first got a batch of keets last year I also obtained a chicken to care for them and the cats didn't dare attack the keets! So the hen and keets would walk right past the cats without a care!

Here are my keets on Nov. 21st checking out something to the right.

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Page two of the Guinea pictures

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