So, I scanned some pics, and unfortunately I couldnt find one of Sue, but maybe she'll think thats a good thing after seeing these. Keep in mind scanning does wierd things to colors, like making one's face extra red instead of medium red... The first pic is of Becca:

Okay, don't ask me why I took this picture, but I did. I think the less I say about it, the less Becca may wish to kill me :) Moving on...

The next picture is of Laura, a rather nice one I think:

I think she looks spiffy :) Moving on again...

Next we have none other than Mike (and I):

Don't get me started on Mike, but doesn't he look so cute? mmm... MOVING ON!

A few more shots of me from Kentucky, the first is me and Monty Roberts, after he signed my book "The Man Who Listens to Horses" Ya'all shoulda heard of it, it's a NY Times bestseller. Check out my hat. Is that not cool or what?

The next picture is me (In my spiffy hat- it's an Aussie hat, I got it for New Zealand!) riding a champion Kentucky racehorse (haha):

And that about wraps it up, except for this really good story I put together about Ang. I call it Little Red Riding Ang: A novel about a psycho child and her black and yellow banana. So do ya like the title? I know, it sucks, but whatever- CLICK HERE!