Okay, so she's not little, she's not red, and she isn't riding anything; however, she's got this great red(ish) towel on her head. When Ang puts red stuff on, something happens to her, dont ask me... For example, the human poncho. And now this:

It all started innocently enough. Ang came down, her hair very wet and covered in a towel.
"My what a nice towel you have," I commented, wanting to be nice.
"Ya like that?" She replied in typical Ang fashion.
"Yeah, sure, ya look like Little Red Riding Hood or something," I stated. I didn't mean anything by it, but that's when she began to transform.

She clenched her fists together and got this glazed look in her eyes. She began muttering something that I couldn't comprehend, but I caught a few words like "Grandma" and "I must leave this place" and "Where is my banana!?" Well by the time she started talking about the banana, I was getting frightened. So I grabbed one of Julie's bananas in an attempt to appease her. As I handed it to her, she jumped up and grabbed it out of my hand. I dived out of her way as she went toward my door, but she stopped and grabbed my shower tote. She stopped again at the door and spun around.
"Uh, why are you taking my shower tote?" I inquired.
"This is MINE! I must take my basket to grandma, she needs her herbs!" She burst out. I suppose she was referring to the Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner, but I could tell she'd lost it.
"You've lost it," I commented.
"NO!" She protested. "You will see! Mr. Banana believes in me!" And with that she cradled the banana next to her body.
"Uh, okay... well..." I stumbled for the right words, but I was totally at a loss. "So you'll be bringing my stuff by later, right?" I asked hopefully. At this she cackled:

Well now I was becoming frightened again. "You can keep the nasty banana, but I want my tote back," I said firmly. I needed to regain control of the situation quickly.
Ang responded by pointing the banana at me and stating, "Are you calling my banana NASTY?" she demanded.

By now I realized I had no control over the situation. "Dude, just chill, it's only a banana!" I said with a quiver in my voice.
"NO ONE TALKS ABOUT MR. BANANA LIKE THAT!" She yelled. "You are like that evil wolf! I won't let you eat me!" And the last thing I remember was her rushing at me. I haven't spoken about that day until now. It was so traumatic! *sobs*

Okay, I hope everyone enjoyed that, and Ang, you are too funny, I need to get more pictures of you being crazy :)