Trit's insane story

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Okay, the story is split into nifty little parts and here they are... If you want to see the WHOLE thing on one page (or at least all of parts 1 to 8 if I dont update it when I update the other page) its still right here


Trit (Aly)- Main character, great martial artist, loves green tea...
Zena- Aly's younger cousin, also a great martial artist... her and Aly's entire past is a "long story"
Leo- Prince of Er-sha, also Sabin's student along with Aly and Zen, lover of lions
Len- Granddaughter of Tim the wise, obsessed with cows
Tri- Old friend of Aly and Zena
Isk- Mysterious chico
Worm- Soldier who went awol (absent without leave)
Nick- Tavern owner and beer lover
Jacob- Gets attacked by the Griffins
Also: Baha (dragon) and Shadow (panther), Aly's and Zen's companions

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